Communitas International Church, Riga

Communitas International Church, Riga


Lets pray tonight at 2100hrs Latvia time via facebook Page Lenah Oa.God is doing something in Latvia Revival is about to hit the land like never before please help us share.
Hi All, :) I appreciated how Mark reminded us today that God is drawing us to Himself in all circumstances. I read a book several years ago that helped me grow in my closeness with God. It's one of my top 10 reads that have helped me in my connection with God. Here is a link in case you are interested:
Sunday Morning Service
Hello, we would like to ask for practical help. We are very fortunate to have bought a new house, but it's unfortunate that we need to move our stuff over. I will be taking a day on Tuesday, Dec.17 to get the work done. Any help with carrying boxes, bigger furniture items would be very much appreciated. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you can help.
Hey, guys! There are still some tickets left for the GLS conference. Just a reminder - the conference is in English, with Latvian subtitles. Anyone else who wants to go? Or maybe you know someone outside this group who wants to go?
28 October 2018
28 October 2018 This girl right here needs your prayers. I met her almost 4 years ago in Iowa and today I found out that she had an horrible accident couple days ago. Thank you very much!
Please tell me the source of this interesting quote. Thank you

A multi-cultural community of Christians who worship together using the English language. Check here for activity information and discussion on topics.

A multi-cultural community of Christians who worship together using the English language. Check here for activity information and discussion on topics.

As always, pressing on on Sunday mornings. Countdown starts at 10:28. Keep connected!

Communitas Service 03.05.2020

[05/03/20]   Good Morning! Get ready to connect with Communitas soon for worship and Word!

A relationship with God: the fine print.
Read Exodus 21-23 and join us as we consider the details of obedience. Countdown begins at 10:28 Sunday morning. Music and Word all ready for us!

Communitas Stories | Anette

We continue to share amazing stories from Communitas about God's love changing lives

A reminder not just of the truths we have looked at but also the people who have been in our lives, until we see one another again . . .
Thanks, Anastasia, for this use of your gifts.

🇷🇺Мы только иногда те, кем должны быть. Бог всегда Тот Кто Он Есть.
Знаем ли мы сами, кем мы должны быть? Задаём ли себе этот вопрос?
И как не обмануться с правильным ответом?
В общем, я про искренность. Это качество определённо божественное. Очень трудно человеку не врать, даже самому себе не врать. Или, в первую очередь самому себе...

🇺🇸We are only sometimes who we ought to be, God is always Who He Is.
Do we know who we ought to be? Are we asking ourselves this question?
And how not to be deceived with the correct answer?
In general, I'm talking about sincerity. This quality is definitely divine. It’s very difficult for a person not to lie, not even to lie to himself. Or, first of all, to himself ...
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Communitas Service 26.04.2020

You can stay in bed AND join us at 10:30, right here!

In case you have lost track, today is Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday. Remember to set your alarm so you can join us at 10:30!

Questioning the rules: Everyone does it, don't they? Is it okay?
We will take a look at the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 and try to answer a few questions about them.
Join us right here at 10:30, Sunday morning. You will be glad you did!

Representing God

Communitas Podcast | Episode 3

Episode 3 of Communitas Podcast - How can we reflect God's view of people?

Communitas - International Church, Riga Episode 3 - Reflecting God's view of people Mark Sandberg

Communitas Service | 19.04.2020

Countdown to worship and word via video begins at 10:28. Or connect a little earlier via Zoom for worship, word, AND community.
It all happens right here! We would love to see your face . . .

Check back here Sunday morning by 10:30! Communitas will provide several ways for you to connect with your community and connect with the Word. Hope to see you!

What Skeptical Scholars Admit about the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

Follow up to Easter:
If you are interested in a perspective on the resurrection of Jesus being historical. The historical evidence is clear: Those who claimed to see him risen must have seen something.

Is This the End?

Communitas Stories | Dulanjan

There are a lot of beautiful stories of God's love changing lives. Here is one of them!

Communitas Easter service, part 1

Communitas Easter service, part 1

Communitas Easter service, part 2

A moment we, and the whole universe, has been waiting for. Some fresh things lined up for us.
Join us right here right at 10:30.

[04/11/20]   Communitas Easter service, part 1

Right here. 10:30 Easter Sunday morning.
Resurrection comes!

Learning Curve

Communitas - International Church, Riga

Keep up with what's goin' on!
Tomorrow, Good Friday, Zoom Lord's Supper celebration. Join URL:
Meeting Password: Jesus
Easter Sunday, 10:30 service via FB live. International Church, Riga

Communitas - International Church, Riga

Join at 10:45 to greet your friends before our 11:00 Good Friday Lord's Supper Zoom celebration. Remember to have your bread and wine ready.
Sunday--EASTER SUNDAY--at our regular 10:30 service time. Tell your friends!
Join URL:
Meeting Password: Jesus International Church, Riga

5 April 2020

[04/05/20]   Here is a final sermon preparation activity. Like last week, spend some time reading and reflecting on Psalm 46. What does it look like to "Be still, be quiet, and know I am God"? Why is that important especially at this time?
Remember, sermon right here at 10:30.


Hey, guys! Before the sermon at 10:30, here is another song to help us focus well on the central things. Take some time to listen and reflect. See you soon!

CHRIST IS ENOUGH - HILLSONG LIVE LYRIC VIDEO | GLORIOUS RUINS 2013 VERSE Christ is my reward And all of my devotion Now there's nothing in this world That co...

Who You Say I Am - Hillsong

Sermon comes live at 10:30, but here is a song that will help us think about important themes for Exodus, and for us!

Lyrics Who am I that the highest King Would welcome me? I was lost but He brought me in Oh His love for me Oh His love for me Who the Son sets free Oh is fre...

Message coming at our regular service time, 10:30.
Some suggestions to help you prepare by engaging with God will be posted earlier in the morning.
See you right here!

Join us here Sunday at 10:30 for this week's message. Keep connected!

This Sunday, sermon comes live at 10:30. Worship suggestions will be posted earlier. Get your coffee and join us!

Dealing with difficult questions

Heart of God

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Communitas Service 03.05.2020
Communitas Service 26.04.2020
Representing God
Communitas Service | 19.04.2020
Is This the End?
Communitas Easter service, part 1
Learning Curve



Akadēmijas Iela 1 (3rd Floor)

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Sunday 10:30 - 12:00
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