St.Joseph's College Scout Troop

St.Joseph's College Scout Troop


During my school time Mr. Dharmalingam was
Our scout master. Its a good rememberance it 60 to 69.
Glad to see 21st Colombo is still thriving. I have fond memories of my Scouting and Rover Scout days. I was a Member of the inaugural Scout Troop about 1950. The Scoutmaster was Francis Sellaway Naidu. Fr. H Schram was the Chaplain and the live-wire in the formation the running of the Troop. Once we hiked up to Pidurutalagala and Fr Schram said Mass at sunrise at the top, during our Annual Camp at Nuwara Eliya.
My best Wishes and Blessings for your future.
Our Clarion Call at the time was:
"Boomalaka, Boomalka, Bowow Wow
Chumalaka, Chumalaka Chow Chow Chow.
Boomalaka, Chumalaka who are we.
21st Colombo SJC."
Cletus Fernando
[email protected].com
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St.Joseph's College Scout Troop is a non-profit organization which gives knowledge, fun and much more...... for the Josephian students.

Operating as usual

Photos from St.Joseph's College Scout Troop's post 18/07/2021

21st Colombo has been selected to compete for The DC's Flag Competition and our group will be going up against The Top Scout Groups of Colombo.
Good Luck to all Singithi, Cub, Junior, Senior & Rover Scouts and to their Leaders & Akelas.


Try and leave this world a little better than you found it.⚜️🍃

Hurry Up & Register Your Self for The Marine Life & Plastic Pollution Webinar of Tears of Life Beneath the Ocean

This is open for both Scouts & Non-Scouts

*Today, 12th July 2021
*Time:- 07:00 P.M- 08:15 P.M
*Platform:- Zoom

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Congratulations !!

Dulanja Perera & Terry Senadeera

Presenting to you the winners of the Senior Section of the Esprit 2.0 – Online Scouting Quiz Grand Finale held last night…

• Winner - Dulanja Perera from 21st Colombo
• 1st Runner Up - Sehath Perera from 57th Colombo
• 2nd Runner Up - Terry Senadeera from 21st Colombo

Congratulations to all winners and a big thank you to all the participants, their leaders, their parents and each andy everyone who supported the Colombo Scout Youth Advisory Group – CSYAG in organizing the Esprit 2.0 – Colombo Scouts Online Scouting Quiz!

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Photos from St.Joseph's College Scout Troop's post 01/07/2021

Membership Programme

After a successful Recruitment Drive, Over 50+ new Recruits joined our Josephian Scouting Family. We had the first session for them on the 18th of June Friday. The session was focused on giving them an Introduction to Scouting. Rev. Fr. Sudam Perera our Vice Rector was also a part of this Meeting.

The follow-up session which happened on the 25th of june was focused on The Scout Promise & Law.

We intend to bring them more and more exciting sessions in the future.

If you are a Josephian from grade 6 to 8, and if you like to join Scouting please feel free to contact,
Mrs. Helen Pinto our Teacher-in-Charge on +9477 2928401

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Photos from St.Joseph's College Scout Troop's post 30/06/2021

Virtual Troop Meetings

We have been conducting Troop Meetings through Microsoft Teams during this Covid-19 outbreak, while time passes we have improved our conduct by given our scouts an entertaining and a good interactive virtual scouting experience.

During June, we had three Troop Meetings and in that, we focused on topics such as Environmental Sustainability, The New Scout Youth Programme, and also The Happy Home Proficiency Badge.
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Well Done Guys 🎉
Good Luck with Finals
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Here is the much awaited result!

The Troop that has won the highest number of Black Belt Certifications (more than 80 marks out of 100) in the Senior Scout Section of the Esprit 2.0 - Online Scouting Quiz is 21st Colombo – St. Joseph’s College Scout Troop. Our congratulations to 21st Colombo Scout Troop which received 4 Black Belts Certifications and all the other Black Belt Winners in the Senior Scout Section totaling to 10 Black Belts.

We thanks the 800+ participants who took part in the Esprit 2.0 – Online Scouting Quiz and the finalists from each Scout Section proceeding to the Grand Finale will be announced soon whereas the other participants will receive their e-certificates based on the belt they achieved within the next couple of weeks.

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The 21st Colombo Scout Troop opens applications for all Josephian's from grade 6 to 8.
We have arranged some exciting activities to be conducted virtually taking the current situation in to notice. When everything is back to normal we intend to go back in to adventures activities as we have engaged in before.

You can now apply by clicking this link

For more details, please contact

Mrs. Helen Pinto our Teacher in-Charge on +9477 2928401

Thank You
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The 21st Colombo Scout Troop opens applications for all Josephian's from grade 6 to 8.
We have arranged some exciting activities to be conducted virtually taking the current situation in to notice. When everything is back to normal we intend to go back in to adventures activities as we have engaged in before.

You can now apply by clicking this link

For more details, please contact

Mrs. Helen Pinto our Teacher in-Charge on +9477 2928401

Thank You
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This virtual session was conducted to share The Christmas Spirit among the Josephian Scouting Family in line with the Troop Activity Competition which was apart of the 55th Colombo Camporee. Also, we are happy to say that we were placed FIRST in this competition from the Safari Sub Camp.


Photos from St.Joseph's College Scout Troop's post


Youth Day @ 55th Colombo Camporee


Troop Inspection


The Virtual Campsite of 21st Colombo Scout Troop at The 55th Colombo Camporee

The Virtual Campsite of 21st Colombo Scout Troop at The 55th Colombo Camporee.
This was made using Minicraft.
We would like to thank Senior Scouts Maneth Senevirathne, Kumal Gammudali, and Hasidu Attygalla, and Junior Scout Senelu Nanayakkkra for doing a superb job in building it.


Photos from St.Joseph's College Scout Troop's post


Vote for the 21st Colombo Scout Troop (St. Joseph's College Colombo 10) in the run to be the most Popular Scout Troop in the Largest Christmas Party at the 55th Colombo Scouts Camporee 2020.

Round 2
26th DECEMBER 2020 from 12.00 P.M. to 12.30 P.M

VOTE by reacting to the relevant EMOJI on the fixture post on the Colombo Scouts page.

Votes are counted only during the given 30mins so keep the time free.

for more info please feel free to WhatsApp
Hansith Perera +94 761366260
Akith Abeywardena +94 71 317 5381


Colombo Scouts

Former Scout Mr. Bathiya Jayakody cordially invites you to have a chat with him during the Camporee Fireside Chat tonight - 24th December 2020 at 7.00pm LIVE on 'Colombo Scouts' YouTube channel!

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Colombo Scouts

Legends of the Camporee - Episode 02

We have the Former National Programme Commissioner and the Scout Leader of 42nd Colombo Scout Group Mr. Rohan Weerasekara with us in the second episode. Watch, React, and Share!

#55thColomboCamporee #Camporee2020 #PathToReinvention #VirtualCamporee #ColomboScouts


Colombo Scouts


All the Singithi, Cub, Junior and Senior Scouts, and Scout Leaders who are willing to take part in the 55th Colombo Camporee can register on or before 4th of December 2020 via this link:

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Get ready for 55th Colombo Camporee 2020..!!!

Register now



Colombo Scouts

Let's find out who has the oldest Camporee Badge with them!

Post the oldest badge you have in your possession down in the comments section 👇Let the games begin 😉

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Colombo Scouts

Camporee is BACK, but this time, in a revolutionary way! Expect the unexpected in the upcoming days!

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Happy Feast and College Day to All Josephiens...

Today is the feast of St. Joseph the patron saint of St. Joseph's College. Watch over us as you have watched over our lord Jesus Christ.

St. Joseph dear we praise thee,
and sing thy wond'rous power.
Oh Never fail to aid us with,
Every needy hour.


St. Joseph's Started its Sigithi Scout Journey....

The first Investiture of Singithi Scouts of St. Joseph's College was held at the Stanley Abeysekara Auditorium.


The Inaugural Ceremony of Sigithi Scout Section held on 4th March 2020 at the College Sports Complex with the Presence of Rector and other Priests, Parents, Scout Masters and Akelas.

We wish all the best for all the Sigithi Scouts on getting invested and congratulations on achieving the Membership of Scout Moment.


Congratulations to Senior Scout Thevinu Senarathne for being appointed as the Troop Leader for the year 2020/2021. We wish him all the very best on his new Posting.

We thank the outgoing Troop Leader Senior Scout Aritha Bandara for the dedication and service he rendered as a Troop leader.


Young Josephian Cub Scouts Celebrates Annual Get together...


Last but least the Josephian scouts left all the foot prints at Thuri Vimana and took lots of memories after 6 days of camping..

Tied scouts yet woke up sharp by 6.00am... thinking to perform the last rights of the Annual Camp 2019. 1st thing 1st the bags were packed and started unpitching the tents. It was a hectic effort to bring down 6 days of camping work in to the bags again... As usual there were many unowned gear, but later the owners were found for many items which was unaccounted. The premises was cleaned and brought it to the condition it was.

Thuru Vimana Camp was one of a remarkable camping excitments as the scouts some what experience many scouting fun, enjoy the nature and shared scouting spirite lately which organized by Josephian scouts.

Antelope Patrol was imaged winners and young Phoenix became runners up.

1st Place Antelopes Patrol - 633.9
2and Place Phoenix Patrol - 528.7
3rd Place Lions Patrol - 403
4th Place Seagulls Patrol - 383.23
5th Place Eagles Patrol - 376.33
6th Place Doves Patrol - 322

There were exceptional performance but few individuals exhibited overall performance.

Maneth Senivirathne was selected as the Best Junior Scout for leading his patrol in all activities, respecting all his mates and owning responsibility.

1st Runners up was awarded to Sangeethma Gunawardena for having good knowledge and being spontaneous.

Jonathan Ganegoda became 2nd runners up for being helpful, respective, enagitic and self confidence.

Any camp would have not being successful without the efforts of seniors.. However the
Best Senior Scout had to be awarded to Isuru Sathsara for his tireless effort to keep all campers fed and manage all QM activities.

1st Runners up was awarded to Thiloj Kobinathan making sure that camp ran successfully with all QM gears.. Special mention goes to Krishi Gautham for organizing a wonderful programme which was eventful.

Special BRAVO to all seniors of grade 10 for being brave making this camp a success..

Finally this camp would have not being possible if we had not got the camping premises by Dr. Jayendra Frrnando and his wife Thivanshi Fernando. Thanks to the manager and the caretaker of the bungalow for the support extend.. Let me thank Rev
Fr. Rector and Group Scout Master Ranjith Andradi for all his kind support.. Our gratitude to Fr. Priyan Subashana for his guidance and instructions. Last but not least to our dear teacher Mrs. Helen Pinto for her caring efforts to make it happen and looking into all arrangements. Let me also thank the Scout Leaders Julian Meurling, Panduka Gajmange, A Jeganatha and all others who came to help.

CHEERS and BRAVO to Josephian Scouts.

Chamika Peiris.
Camp Organizer.


6th and the camp fire day of Thuru Vimana Camp 2019.

Today campers changed their regular morning routine and engaged in a nature watch and a early morning hike up to Kankaniyanmulla Forest Reservation and the lake. The breakfast was taken in the summer hut near the lake and boys relaxed having some fun dancing and singing.

With gloomig weather boys got ready for the much awaited campfire and the BBQ. Managing all circumstances the camp fire and the BBQ was held successfully and everyone enjoyed the BBQ chicken and the food prepared..

The day came to rest hoping that the fun and excitement would continue....


5th Day update from Thuru Vimana Camp.

As usual scouts competed the morning routine and got ready for a special scout programme which was organized by former scout master of St. Joseph's, Jeganathan sir.

Jeganathan sir carried out various activities and scouting skills using different methods which was fun and attracting and all boys enjoyed..

The day came to an end with the evening programme consist campers night which included general knowledge quiz programme.


4th Day of Annual Camp Outing Continues...


4the Day Annual Camp Outing Continues......


4th and the outing day of Annual Camp 2019.

All campers welcome the much awaited outing day with excitement and looking forward for a relax time..

After the regular morning proceedings all got ready to go to the NDC Export factory, a coconuts based products manufacturing plant.. 21st Colombo scouts were welcomed warmly by NDC staff and gave a very good presentation and a factory tour and boys got to know how important the coconut tree can be. The tour ended with a snak arrange by the NDC officials and a group photograph was taken to remember the event. Our Gratitude to Mr. Mangala, Chairperson of NCD Exports for allowing Josephian scouts to see the premises..

The outing continued as scouts were taken to 2 historical important Buddhist worship places in Dambadeniya..

The 1st stop was at Muthugala Raja Maha Viharaya, which is a significant place were ancient kings and queens of Damabadeniya Kingdom came to bath where there as a natural pond made of Pearl's.. And after named as Muthugala...

The 2nd stop was the Wijesundararama Raja Maha Viharaya (The Temple of the tooth during Dambadeniya era which is the only previous temple tooth could be physically seen and worshiped)

Scouts returned to site in the evening and the day ended with a campers night sand a sing song..


Updates from the 3rd day of Annual Camp

Yet the 3rd dated 2019 Annual Camp started with the usual routine Health Exercises and morning proceedings. Boys engaged in cleaning the camp site and tightinig the loose guylines..

The Campers were honoured with visit of Property owner Dr. Jayendra Fernando and her wife.. Mr. Jayendra shared few kind thoughts about the significance of this place and some of his scouting memories. Former scouts Amila Fernando and Alko Emmanuel also visited the site.

The day became very special as scouts cooked their lunch and they enjoyed the fun of cooking.. They were also glad to see some Parents visiting the camp site. All sang Happy Birthday to Junior scout Thanuj which was followed with treat..

The day ended scouts celebrating Holy Mass at the camp site.

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The Virtual Campsite of 21st Colombo Scout Troop at The 55th Colombo Camporee
Investiture ceremony - 03rd October 2018
Investiture Ceremony of Prashanth
Josephien Scouts at Walk 2017.
Raa Tharu Babalanawaa by Josephian Scouts
Josephian Scout Inter Patrol Cricket Tournament held on 15th Saturday October 2016.
Josephien Scouts Children's Day Celebration- Preparation ......Wait for more Updates.
While Training Marching @ the Annual Training Camp. Commanding Scout -Senior Scout Kavisha Liyanage & March in action -J...



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