Mary Ward - Gibraltar Group

Mary Ward - Gibraltar Group


Hope to see you all on Saturday's as part of our lenten journey this year.
¡Qué alegría ver al grupo de Gibraltar, recordando a Mary Ward y a nuestra querida Salud Pablo Romero! Por Gibraltar entró el Instituto BVMaría en España, gracias y nos unimos en "mentes y corazones" un abrazo de Victoria Lassaletta

We are a group of lay Christian people committed to the Church and the world who share the charism and spirituality of Mary Ward, foundress of the Congregation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM).

What are our goals?:

• Be cheerful, FAIR, ACCURATE and FREE to serve the Kingdom in our world, encouraging a commitment to solidarity towards the most needy in our area and beyond it.
• Know and deepen the charism of Mary Ward from our secular identity.

• Make us aware of our needs as a group, sharing faith and life from the experience of prayer and friendship.

• Being responsive to curren

[01/27/21]   Es con gran tristeza que el grupo de la Mision MW de Gibraltar comunica el fallecimiento de uno de sus primeros miembros - MARIA LUISA LIMA. Rogamos recen por su alma y por su familia. Que la Virgen de Europa la cubra con su manto. Amen.

It is with great sadness that the Mary Ward Gibraltar Group shares the passing away of one of our first member group - MARIA LUISA LIMA. We ask you to please pray for her soul and her family members. Our loss is Heaven's gain. May she Rest in the Arms of our Lord and may Our Lady cover her under her mantle of love. Amen. 08/03/2018

From the Archives: Judi Dench reading Mary Ward's 'But Women' Speech - Congregation of Jesus In 1617, Mary Ward made three speeches to her sisters at St Omer. She had lately overheard a priest remark that, although the sisters were doing good work, they were ‘but women’, and so their fervour would decay. Mary Ward made a passionate speech, declaring that ‘there is no such difference b...


Take note of the date and time..... why not bring a friend or relative along? .... the more the better :D


Shrine of Our Lady of Europe in Gibraltar

Hope to see you all on Saturday's as part of our lenten journey this year.


IBVM England

Mary Ward reflects on her prayer on the 'Call of the Apostles.'

I saw clearly that their letting go of everything was wonderful,
entire and complete.
And this was the reason that they were so fully graced by God.
I longed to know what kind of leaving this was,
that seemed so peaceful, plain, entire, and differed so much from ordinary giving.
I did not force a response,
but only rested there ready to take what should be given.
It seemed to me they had no inheritance,
or resting place in anything of this world,
and for that reason,
their affection,
and consequently their whole being,
was entirely at their Master's disposal;
without that attitude of freedom
they would never be capable of such fullness of grace,
nor have the means to have the means
to have served him so faithfully.


Mary Ward - Gibraltar Group


Mary Ward - Gibraltar Group's cover photo


IBVM England

I ask for what I long for:
To be in touch with all I have been given;
and in the light of these gifts to see how I may have misused them.

To help us all
God gave us the gift of his own Son.
After such a gift as Jesus
he will not refuse anything he can give. (Rom 8:32).

With gratitude to Susan Daily, IBVM of Australia for the pictures in these posts.


IBVM England

This seemed the way
that people should first of all know it,
after that, desire it,
then endeavour for it a little,
and that God would do the rest.
I resolved to gain it myself,
then teach it by example,
and tell it to those who do not have other ways of knowing it.
It occurred to me that I should do much good by this.
Jesus grant it; I will do my best.

[01/23/18]   Good evening to all members. Please take note of our next meeting to be held as usual, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe on SATURDAY 3rd FEB 2018 at 12 noon. Anyone interested, please feel free to 'Come and See' - if you like what you see, join us !! Everyone's welcomed, male or female !!


Loreto Australia & South East Asia

Mary Ward Week, 23-30 January, is a time to reflect on and to celebrate the life of the founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM or Loreto) and Congregation of Jesus (CJ). The week includes the significant dates of her birth on 23 January 1585 and her death on 30 January 1645.

Join us as each day this week as we rediscover the remarkable journey which was Mary Wards life.
#MaryWardWeek #LoretoSisters


Consolad a mi pueblo dice el Señor

Antofagasta - Chile


Colegio BVM Irlandesas Bami

Mary Ward's Life in Manequin Challenge - pupils from Bami, Seville, Spain.

Y por último, el tercer ciclo presentó un simpático Manniquin Challenge sobre la vida de Mary Ward que no tiene desperdicio. ¡Enhorabuena Primaria!


What Does Mary Ward mean to you?

As part of Mary Ward week 2017 we ask - what does she mean to you?


The Bar Convent Living Heritage Centre

some of the brilliant upgrades the Living Heritage Centre at the Bar Convent in York have come up with....... certainly worth a while popping in to see if in York.... recommend it.


Here is our second teaser video, giving you a glimpse inside the Exhibition.

Today, Jerry squeezes into a tight space and climbs some stairs...

[01/24/16]   Dear MW Gib group members, just a reminder that we next meet on Sat 6 Feb at 12 noon onwards.....


Mary Ward - Gibraltar Group


Mary Ward - Gibraltar Group's cover photo


IBVM Mary Ward Perú

Buenos días a todas y todos. Llegan buenas noticias desde Roma: la causa de beatificación de Mary Ward sigue avanzando y las casas generales del IBVM y de la Congregatio Jesu se han unido para seguir trabajando por conseguirla. Además, contamos con el apoyo del Papa Francisco. Según cuentan, durante su visita a Cuba, tras ser interpelado por un niño, respondió: "Yo quiero que Mary Ward sea beatificada y Dios quiere que Mary Ward sea beatificada".

[10/01/15]   Comentario desde la Espiritualidad de Mary Ward


El evangelio de hoy nos llama a salir fuera de nosotras, fuera de los templos, anunciar la Buena Noticia de Jesús a los que aún no la conocen. Nos envía de dos en dos para representar la comunidad. Para llevar a cabo la misión evangelizadora, debemos ponernos en camino, ligeras de equipaje, y ver dónde urge más la necesidad. Cuando escuchamos las noticias sólo oímos lo contrario: apropiación de lo ajeno, búsqueda del bienestar propio explotando a los más demás, políticos, sacerdotes y seglares corruptos, personas que buscan la fama sin importarles ridiculizar a los demás, divorcios, guerras, etc. etc. Las noticias no nos hablan de los empresarios honrados, de políticos y religiosos (presbíteros y seglares), que viven su compromiso trabajando por el bien común, parejas o matrimonios y familias que a pesar de las dificultades siguen compartiendo la vida, personas que llegan a conseguir su sueño a base de esfuerzos y sacrificios. Estos sí trabajan por el Reino de Dios, aquí y ahora, p
ero los medios no se hacen eco de ello. “No llevéis bolsas, alforjas ni sandalias de repuesto” . Nos está invitando a vivir sencillamente, salir ligeros de equipaje, compartir lo que somos y tenemos.


please spread the word and share....

please share.....

[05/07/15]   Dear Members,

Just a reminder of our next Meeting date: Saturday 16th May at Shrine of Our Lady of Europe.

As usual we attend 12 noon Mass followed by Meeting straight after.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


Shrine of Our Lady of Europe in Gibraltar

Please help and spread the word......

Dear Friends please help to spread the word:


The Annual Diocesan Celebration in honour of Our Lady of Europe will take place on Wednesday 27th May, starting with a procession from St. Bernard's Church to the Shrine at 6.30pm, followed by Holy Mass at 7pm at the Shrine (open air).

Please encourage everyone to attend.

[05/04/15]   PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD....

The Annual Diocesan Celebration in honour of Our Lady of Europe will take place on Wednesday 27th May, starting with a procession from St. Bernard's Church to the Shrine at 6.30pm, followed by Holy Mass at 7pm at the Shrine (open air). Please encourage everyone to attend.

Tuesday 5th May. Feast of Our Lady of Europe. Holy Mass will be celebrated at 7pm.

Let us please come together as a Christian Community, and participate in these Celebrations in honour of Our Lady of Europe.

[03/13/15]   Divine Mercy Fraternity, Secular Franciscan Order.
From this Friday 13th to Saturday the 14th we will holding our 24hrs Adoration, coinciding with date requested by Pope Francis for all to join in prayer. If you want to join us please give Xavier a ring on 20070398 and let him know what turn you can do or come in any time to adore the Blessed Sacrament. We will be starting with Mass at 7pm on Friday and finishing with Mass on Saturday at 7pm in St. Bernard's Church. (this will be the Sunday Mass) Thanks, peace and good.

A Catholic Charity under the guidance of the Holy Father.

JOHN PONTIFEX will be at St Theresa’s Church on Wed 18th March.
He will give a Talk at straight after 6pm Mass.

A Collection will be made. This church charity is one of the best to donate to help the suffering Christians in Syria and Iraq (as well as around the world).
Please come and join us.

[02/02/15]   Today Monday February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, is the World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life. On this day the Church thanks God for the gift of the different forms of consecrated life, and prays for an increase in vocations to the consecrated life, so that the life and witness of monks and nuns, religious brothers and sisters, members of secular institutes, hermits and consecrated virgins will continue to enrich our Church.

We pray for those who are consecrated to God by the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. May they always reveal the love of Christ to those they encounter and continue to enrich our world by their dedicated lives of prayer.
We pray for all those who are discerning their vocation in life, particularly those whom the Lord is calling to consecrated life. May they be given the wisdom to hear God's call and the courage to respond generously. 29/01/2015

Mons. Rodríguez Carballo invita a la Misa del Papa por la Jornada Mundial de la Vida Consagrada

Something to remember and note on our diaries for Tuesday 2nd Feb - Feast of the Presentation of the Lord - World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life. (RV).- El secretario de la Congregación para los Institutos de Vida Consagrada y las Sociedades de Vida Apostólica, monseñor José Rodríguez Carballo invita, a través de los micrófonos de Radio Vaticano, a todas las personas en Roma a participar en la Celebración Eucarística presidida por el Papa Fra…


Vatican News

beautiful message to ponder upon..... enjoy, especially when translated by one of our own clergy....


Queridos amigos, hemos preparado para ustedes este vídeo que recoge un fragmento del discurso del Papa a las familias hoy en Manila (Filipinas).

El Papa nos ofrece unos consejos realmente hermosos, con una simpatía y un cariño que conquistan.

Poco después de comenzar su discurso (en inglés), el Papa dice: "En primer lugar, me gustaría decir algo sobre el soñar. Pero mi inglés es tan pobre... (risas del público) Si me permiten, pediré al padre que traduzca y yo hablaré en español (aplausos)". Y comienza a hablar en español.


Shrine of Our Lady of Europe in Gibraltar



Dear Friends,

Just to let everyone know that celebration of Holy Mass will resume at the Shrine as from SATURDAY 20th SEPT 12noon onwards.

So Masses resume as follows:

For booking Mass Intentions, please contact Fr Charlie at 20077138 / 58522000 or directly with Shrine at 20071230.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.
God Bless


Shrine of Our Lady of Europe in Gibraltar

Spread the word pls.... National Day Mass at the Shrine - 7pm

Hello everyone,
National Day is round the corner, only 5 days to go, and so is our NATIONAL DAY MASS here at the SHRINE at 7pm. This year, bearing in mind more than ever, the power of Prayer for all those war torn countries, where we are daily receiving all the horrendous facts of mass murders, and all kinds of horrors, we encourage as many of you to come and join us for the celebration of Holy Mass and through the intercession of Our Lady of Europe that Peace may reign in the hearts of those who have it in their hands to put a final halt and let their hearts be full of God's mercy and compassion and love instead.

[07/24/14]   Hi Mary Ward ladies....... I'm just contacting you all well ahead of time to let you know that our next Prayer meeting will be held on SATURDAY 9th AUGUST at the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe. Post it on your diaries or mobile calendars ........ will remind you all nearer the date......... hope u are all enjoying the summer..... ! x

[07/07/14]   Good morning Mary Ward Group ladies. Just to let you know well ahead of time, that the Retreat Centre has been booked for our end of year Retreat from Friday 28th Nov [evening] and ending on Sunday 30th Nov. It will be residential. So please, either contact me on mobile or msge me via FB to confirm your assistance. Also, if anyone wants to bring a friend along, everyone is welcomed to do so. Thanks, MLA


Shrine of Our Lady of Europe in Gibraltar

please pass on ..... thank you.

Dear Friends,
It is that time of the year again - summer!
Therefore, as from next Monday 7th July all Masses celebrated at the Shrine - Wednesdays 7pm & Saturdays 12noon - will be cancelled during the Summer Period till mid Sept.
We wish you all a blessed and enjoyable summer.



C/o Shrine Of Our Lady Of Europe, Europa Road, Gibraltar
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