Buckingham Evangelical Church

Buckingham Evangelical Church is a friendly, Bible believing church located in Buckingham (UK). We preach Christ, enjoy taking God and His Word seriously, and strive to be loving and encouraging.

Buckingham Evangelical Church is a friendly, Bible believing church located in Buckingham (UK). We preach Christ, enjoy taking God and His Word seriously, and strive to be loving and encouraging.

Mission: To bring the truth of the gospel to the people of Buckingham

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Whether you suffer with depression or anxiety or have loved ones who do, this evening will help you understand and reflect on the challenges that Christians face in this area of life.

Mark Herbert from Long Crendon Baptist Church will be spending an evening with us on Sunday 19 May as we equip the church to know how best to walk alongside those suffering with anxiety and depression.

Everyone is welcome. The evening starts at 6pm and is hosted at Bourton Meadow Academy. More details will be available at bechurch.org/events

Today we start a new sermon series in the book of Joshua. Come and hear how God was faithful to his people as he brought them to the land he had promised them having already saved them from slavery in Egypt.

We're looking forward to starting our next CAP Money Course. The first session is at 7pm on Tuesday 7th May.

Courses run for 3 weeks and are completely free of charge.

You can find more details and register your space at https://bechurch.org/money

Speak Life

Easter is a funny story...


“We have the security of knowing that Jesus will keep us safe in his nail-pierced hands, from which we can never be removed.”

What reassurances do we get from Jesus being "in the middle"? Johnny Prime helps us to reflect on the Easter story.

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Preparing for worship at BEChurch (10.02.2019)

As we strive to bechurch we want to give our congregation the best opportunity to prepare themselves for our Sunday gathering. Our Sunday service is an important time in the week when we meet together as a fellowship and bring our offering of worship to our creator and God.

In advance of Sunday, each week we share the songs that we'll be singing and the reading that the sermon will be based on so that it can be read ahead of time.

Here is a copy of this week's "Preparing for worship" email:

If you'd like to receive this and other mailings from bechurch please use the signup form on our website: bechurch.org


Our next CAP Money Course starts next Wednesday evening. If you haven't done the course before we'd love to have you along. Just click through to https://bechurch.org/money for details and a link to the registration page.

You can keep up with all the sermons in our Ephesians series via the church website https://www.bechurch.org/listen/messages/series/a-walk-through-ephesians

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Buckingham Evangelical Church

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Our first service of 2019 is a little different to usual Sundays, providing the congregation with an opportunity to share personal testimonies of God's goodness, encouragements and answers to prayer from last year and our hopes and prayers for the coming year. James Pope will be preaching from Jeremiah chapter 29.

We hope you're able to join with us at 10.30am this Sunday morning at Bourton Meadow Academy.

This is just a final reminder that we have no service at BEChurch this Sunday. Enjoy the day worshipping our Lord with others wherever you are; at home or away.

We will of course be back at Bourton Meadow on Sunday 6 January but please come prepared to share a 1 or 2 minute testimony of God's goodness and work in your life in 2018.

In the coming weeks we will be starting a new sermon series looking at Paul's letter to the Ephesians so please start reading it now. If you're a note-taker and didn't already receive one for Christmas, why not invest a few pounds in an Ephesians scripture journal? You can buy them from our 10ofThose partner page: [https://www.10ofthose.com/uk/affiliates/bechurch].

Speak Life

A reminder from last year that relationships aren’t always smooth but God’s plan is divine.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy once again our time-traveling Christmas rom-com!

“Joy to the world, the Lord is come. let earth receive her King!”

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas!


Christmas for the Weary

A great word for us all from Sam Allberry:

"Culturally, we have turned Christmas into a matter of performance. There is the cultural pressure to have life at its Instagrammable best: impressive-looking homes, delicious-looking food, precocious-looking children. Meanwhile, strained relationships, bereavement, financial difficulties, and uncertainties can feel all the more pronounced. A season of presumed celebration makes the hardships even more apparent.

So Isaiah 9 is for us...

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light . . . (Isa. 9:2)"

thegospelcoalition.org O come all ye faithless, joyless and defeated. O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem. If your life isn’t Instagrammable, Christmas is for you.

Tomorrow sees the start of our “Getting ready for Christmas” sermon series. It’s also the first of three all-age services with the children and youth staying in for the whole time together. There’ll be worksheets to help them actively listen during the sermon time and under 5s can still go out to crèche if they need to.

If you’ve never been to BEChurch before this is a perfect time to start!

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The ladies (young and old) at BEC have been busy crafting again this year. You may have seen their creations at Bourton Meadow Academy’s Christmas Fayre on Saturday. Well done ladies 😁

What’s the best Christmas gift that’s ever been given? Look out for our Christmas invitations... coming to your door very soon.


Watch, listen and be encouraged by the teaching from this year's FIEC Leaders' Conference

The five plenary talks from our 2018 Leaders' Conference are now available to watch on fiec.org.uk and our YouTube channel.

We’ve brought today’s Prayer Hour forward to 4pm so we can support those taking part in the Armistice Concert this evening.

A road closure will be in place in Buckingham town centre for this afternoon and evening from 4pm until 9pm. The closure covers, Market Hill, Market Square and the Bull Ring No traffic will be allowed through the closure during this time. Please do not leave your vehicle parked in the area mentioned above. Diversions will be in place

Who is Jesus?

Asking this question and understanding the answer is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life.

We'll be answering the question over the coming weeks as we study the first nine chapters of the Gospel of Mark together.

Come along this Sunday to Bourton Meadow Academy in Buckingham at 10.30am and discover the answer for yourself. Directions can be found on our website: bechurch.org.

We're in the middle of running a CAP Money Course right now, but have you ever wondered who CAP are or what else CAP do? Here's your chance... they'll be featured on TV next Friday, 5 October at 9pm on BBC2.

We've had to keep this under wraps for a while, but now we can finally announce something very exciting that you DO NOT want to miss...

About a year ago we were approached by a BBC film crew interested in creating a documentary about CAP and the level of destitution in the UK today.

Fast forward to Friday 5 October this year and it'll be airing on BBC2! It's called The Debt Saviours and follows the lives of some very brave clients and incredible frontline workers. It's a real testament to what God is doing through the local Church and well worth a watch!

9pm, Friday 5 October, BBC2 - see you there!

While we can't stop you spilling breakfast cereal down yourself, putting your top on inside out or tripping over on the way in from the car, we do try to let everyone prepare themselves spiritually by making sure our congregation are ready to worship God when they arrive on Sunday morning.

Each week we email out the Bible passage that will be preached and YouTube links to some of the hymns & songs that will be used in the service so everyone can be as prepared as possible when we come together.

You can sign up to receive these emails on our website and here's an example of what you'll receive when you do:


(Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

The next CAP Money Course starts on Tuesday!


FIEC have published an article today written by Mark Herbert about the way that Long Crendon Baptist Church have stood alongside us and helped us through a particularly difficult couple of years.

We are now showing the fruit of the incredible generosity of our friends at LCBC and Mark in particular. It's a wonderful thing when churches work together for the gospel and we'd commend others to consider similar partnerships.

"...we committed a preacher every month in recognition that they had no pastor. Yet, the more I thought about this, the more I recognised that we were helping maintain the church, but not helping them move forwards in a meaningful way."


The Scandal Of The Gospel: Could God Forgive Even A "Deluded Monster" Like Rose West?

Are there any sins or sinners that God cannot forgive?


john-stevens.com On Sunday I was struck by the headline of the Sunday People as I passed our local shop. I confess that it is not a paper I ever read, ...

We are really looking forward to welcoming our new Pastor, James Pope, and his family when they move to Buckingham next week.

Officially James starts with us in September but they'll be arriving a little earlier to give them time to settle into their new home.

We'll be holding an induction service at Bourton Meadow Academy on Saturday 8th September. More details about that to follow.


A reminder that there is no service this Sunday (15 July) at Bourton Meadow as it's the Church Camping Weekend. If you'd like to join us, we're about 25 minutes drive from Buckingham. Visit bechurch.org for contact details.

We look forward to seeing you back at Bourton Meadow on Sunday 22 July when we'll be back at Bourton Meadow and continuing our preaching series in Malachi.

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Download ‘The Masculine Mandate' for Free

Men: you'll need to be quick (download expires in ~16 hours)) but if you're up for a read, here's a free eBook copy of 'The Masculine Mandate' by Richard Philips. https://gift.ligonier.org/640/masculine-mandate

gift.ligonier.org For a limited time, download ‘The Masculine Mandate' by Richard Phillips for free.

They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth. - John 17:16-19

"The more we meditate on the things of God, as revealed in his holy word, the more will our minds be brought under their sanctifying influence." (Thomas Reade)

An encouragement for you...

"God’s promises are longer than life, broader than sin, deeper than the grave, and higher than the clouds." (C.H. Spurgeon)

We're running the CAP Money Course again. Starts in 2 weeks on Tuesday 1st May. We provide everything you need for free, but you do need to register to attend. You can do that online via http://www.bechurch.org.uk/money or by calling James on 01280 824427.

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"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen."

Everything Jesus' said flooded back to them but they struggled to take in what was being said. The women had left home early that morning and had gone to anoint Jesus' body with spices but… he wasn't there. The seals were broken, the stone rolled away, the tomb was empty. They rushed back to find Peter and the other disciples.

Peter and John ran to see the tomb exactly as Mary and the others had described it. Open. Unguarded. Empty. Well, except for some grave clothes, folded in a pile where they had laid Jesus lifeless body just days before.

Later that evening, two other disciples appeared at the door, breathless. They'd run all the way to Jerusalem from Emmaus.

"We've seen him!"

And then he was there too. In the room with them. Jesus. Alive.

"Peace be with you!"

#realeaster #itisfinished #heisrisen

"It's not like he's going to escape. He's dead."

"That's not the point is it. His followers might come and steal the body."

It's the Sabbath and the city is relatively quiet since no one is allowed to work or travel very far. After the chaos of yesterday, this moment of peace is welcome. Time to reflect and wonder about the bizarre things that happened when Jesus died.

The terrible darkness, the sudden earthquake, that huge temple curtain being torn from top to bottom. Some people said they saw the dead come back to live. That doesn't really happen… does it? I mean, once you're dead, you're dead. Right?

Anyway, the tomb is sealed. There's a guard in place. No one is getting in or out.

#realeaster #itisfinished

"Everything happened exactly as he said it would. One day they were celebrating him as king, today they cried for him to be crucified!"

They'd all seen people killed by the Romans before. No one watched these for fun. It was always horrific. But no one looking on had seen a crucifixion like this one. Three hours of utter darkness in the middle of the day. Not just an eclipse. This was close, stifling, oppressive. Then the earthquake. And that cry.

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Stories were spread. Rumours from the temple about the curtain and the nearby tombs of what could only be described as miracles. People who had been buried had come back to life.

Even the Centurion in charge was uneasy. He called him, "the son of God."

And what did he mean by those final words? What was finished?

Hurry home now, it's almost the Sabbath.

#realeaster #itisfinished

They were used to covenants. God had given the Israelites many: promises given to Adam, to Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, to David.

This Passover meal was going like every other they'd ever celebrated. It was the same every year. The family were together - albeit this was a little different in the upper room of a guest house in Jerusalem. But the usual courses were being served at the meal, the same passages were recited from the Law and the Prophets.

Then Jesus did something strange. He changed the script.

He took bread and said it was his body, given for them. When he took the cup, the one that represented salvation, he said this was a new covenant. A covenant in blood. His blood.

#realeaster #itisfinished

Jesus' disciples didn't understand. They couldn't. Not yet. But they would in time.

"Passover is coming, and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified."

That was his favourite title for himself - "Son of Man". But what did he mean that he would be, "delivered up?" Just days earlier he'd ridden into Jerusalem to the rapture of the crowd. Surely this was the time for the kingdom to be rebuilt; for Israel to be freed from Roman rule with Jesus leading the people?

But executed? On a Roman cross? How did that fit the plan? Anyone killed that way was cursed by God. Jesus should know that. What did this all mean?

Judas was disgusted with the way Jesus was speaking. He hid his feelings from the other disciples well enough but this wasn't the Messiah he wanted. He would do something about this. And he might make some money while he was at it.

#realeaster #itisfinished

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"How are we supposed to worship God with all this noise?"

The sound of many people exchanging their money for the temple coin and the general din of animals being sold for sacrifice was heard everywhere. There was no alternative and no escaping either racket.

The temple tax had to be paid in the permitted currency, but the rates they charged were high and all the merchants were corrupt and getting rich off it.

Suddenly a shout. Coins crashed onto the stone floor as a table was overturned and animals cried out in delight at being unexpectedly released.

“Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a den of robbers.”

Who was this man? Ah, it was the teacher from Nazareth. It was Jesus!

The crowds looked on, once again amazed at his teaching.

#realeaster #itisfinished

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