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Don't forget Ladies Chill and Chat is back tomorrow evening at my house from 7.30pm. I look forward to seeing you all x
Left at church, if Anyone knows whom they belong to, please contact the office or myself.
Thankyou Robin for such an important inspiring and challenging word this evening.
Ready for The Source Men’s Braai this evening....
Hi Church! Here's a link to a great talk we had on the final morning of Soul Survivor. It's all about how we ARE the church. Please make time to watch it if you can - it really got myself and many of the youth looking at Church in a whole new way.
Hello all, I'm teaching RE this year to year 8 and 9 and would welcome any good resources I could use such as posters for the display walls, websites that would be good, YouTube links or books. Topics are life after death, forgiveness, justice, conflict, science v region, Christian's and money, charity, poverty, suffering and the holocaust. Thanks in advance :)
Praising God for no pain in her hips - dancing never felt so good for Maja!
Late night worship with the beautiful and talented Lauren and Ellie💕💕
Hi does anyone have a copy of this I can borrow? Thanks
IVe got 2 brand new age 8-9 M&S girls long sleeved slim fit white school shirts- can anyone use them?
I just wanted to say thankyou to everybody for the meeting on Tuesday. I felt it was really positive and lots of great stuff came out of it.
Hello to all ladiessss, I have one spare Cherish ticket if anyone would like to join me! Message me :) ###

We are a church family of ordinary people living out what it means to follow Jesus Christ every day. We are a lively, relevant and relaxed church family in the heart of Brackley that is committed to: - Learning - Caring - Worshipping - Sharing

[01/20/20]   Church Weekend Away is this coming weekend!!!! 🤟😍. For those of you coming we cannot wait to see you there any time from 4pm on Friday 😁. As a result there will NOT be a normal church meeting next weekend.

Alpha 2019

Alpha is up and running but it isn't too late to invite your friends!!!

Its great to remember who shared Jesus with us. Can we think of anyone we'd like to share Jesus with?


Summer party | Monday Night Youth | Tonight

It's our final Monday Night Youth of the term this evening and we’re buzzing for a big summer party!

We’ve got: Zorb football, slip n slide wet games, food, consoles and so much more!

If you know anyone who is 11-16 then be sure to get them along tonight from 7-8:30pm at Brackley Baptist church.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you there and make sure to bring spare clothes!! 🙌💦🎉

We're really excited for our July Prayer Night tonight! It's such a privilege to come before God in prayer and commit our Church, our town, and the wider world to Him.

⏰ 7:30pm start
🏫 Brackley Baptist Church
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Everyone welcome
☕️ Absolutely!

Monday Night Youth | Tonight!

We're buzzing for another Monday Night Youth. We've got a great evening planned full of food, games, sport and a chance to explore who Jesus is!

If you or anyone you know is 11-16, then be sure to get them along to Brackley Baptist Church from 7 - 8:30pm.

It's going to be class!

Monday Night Youth | Tonight!

We've got a great evening planned, full of games, consoles, prizes, snacks, a chance to relax, and ultimately a chance to hear how Jesus is relevant today and speaks into the different situations young people face.

If you or anyone you know is 11-16, then be sure to get them along to Brackley Baptist Church from 7 - 8:30pm.

It's going to be class!

We're really excited our second Monday Night Youth happening this Monday.

*This week it's Nerf gun time!*

MNY is a quality place to come a relax and have fun, eat some food and hear how Jesus is relevant to the lives of young people and the issues they face

If you know of any people who would be interested in coming along, then get them to Brackley Baptist Church from 7pm - 8:30pm.

Its gunna be class!

Monday Night Youth | Launch Night | 29th April.

Games, consoles, prizes, snacks, a chance to relax, and ultimately a chance to hear how Jesus is relevant today and speaks into the different situations young people face.

If you or anyone you know is 11-16, then be sure to get them along to Brackley Baptist Church from 7 - 8:30pm.

It's going to be class!

As part of our Easter event series, we are hosting a Men's Golf Night at Whittlebury Hall (NN12 8WP) on 6th April from 7-9pm.

There's coaching for all abilities (whether you have no experience or fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods!), competitions and a chance to grab a drink after. Halfway through the evening, we will be looking at what Easter is all about - a great opportunity to come and find out more!

There is no cost (apart from the drinks in the bar after - sorry!) and clubs are provided.

*Spaces are limited so please email Jack on [email protected] with your name and the names of any others coming with you.*

Can't wait to see you there!

Happy Birthday to us

A wander down memory lane...10 years of God's goodness and grace

Join us at 4pm for an interview with leaders past and present, a look back at the past 10 years, some personal stories and reflections before we look forward to what is next....and of course...cake

Pitstop or Stadium

We are turning 10 and will be celebrating this week...we'll be asking do we want church to be all about the pitstop or the stadium...?

we've been in Brackley for 10 years - come and celebrate with us on Sunday 10th Feb @ 4pm...we'd love to see you there

Photos from Life Church Brackley's post

Baby lamb rescued from underground pipe

“Then Jesus told them this parable: ‘Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, “Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.” I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent’” (Luke 15:3-7).

These kids heard distress cries coming from under the ground, so they dug up and cut open a pipe to find a young lamb inside. The first question we have is.....

After a week off it is a New Year but some things remain the same...Normal time, Sunday @4pm. Normal place, Brackley Baptist Church - hope to see you there

Hello 2019! Let’s all try daily to do what is right, love and demonstrate kindness and mercy and walk humbly, obediently and faithfully with our God. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future

SCOTT HARRISON - A Second Chance for You and the World

Just a reminder that we are not meeting today - we will be back together next Sunday to start 2019 together. If you’d like to watch something that will challenge, encourage and inspire you before next week... here’s a little something from Passion Church, Atlanta

God can save anyone, anywhere. — Scott Harrison is the founder and CEO of Charity Water. He spends his days working to make sure the last and least of the wo...

for KING & COUNTRY - Little Drummer Boy | LIVE from Phoenix

ONE MORE SLEEP - come and celebrate with us tomorrow morning - a short service @1000 for all the family! Here's a video to keep you going until it loud!

Watch the "Little Drummer Boy" live music video! Listen/Download the song here: Listen/Download A for KING & COUNTRY ...

Just a reminder that we have our Carols by Candlelight service today at 4pm - we would love to see you there

This Sunday it’s our carols by candlelight service and we would love to see you there...4pm at Brackley Baptist church

YOU are invited to join us today for a Christmas celebration. Messy Christmas for the children at 2.30pm followed by a modern, Christmas carol service for the family at 4pm. Don those Christmas jumpers and we will see you there!!

Silent Night (Live) - Hillsong Worship

One day to go until the first of our carol services - 4pm Sunday, and don't forget Messy Christmas beforehand - fun for all the family @2.30pm. In the meantime, here's another song to keep you going

Recorded live in Sydney, Australia. Get the full 'Christmas: The Peace Project' at Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://sm...

You're welcome at our events on 16th December - Messy Christmas for the children at 2.30pm and a family Christmas service for all at 4pm. Hope to see you there

[12/09/18]   Thanks to Stuart Hazeldine for an amazing evening. Amazing stories being shared already of lives impacted as heaven and earth collide and ripples being felt as far away as Ghana!! The whole interview is online in the members area of the website if you weren’t able to make it or want to listen again - in the meantime here is a link to enjoy the song “Stars” by Skillet which we played at the end

The Shack (2017 Movie) Official Trailer – ‘Believe’

We will be meeting at 4pm today...hope to see you there as we meet Stuart Hazeldine, director of The Shack

The Shack – Now Playing In Theaters. Get tickets now: Starring Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Radha Mitchell, and Tim McGr...

We'll be getting to know screenwriter and director, Stuart Hazeldine between 4pm and 5.15pm Sunday 9th December...don't miss it

Rearranged! We will be carol singing outside Tesco Superstore in Brackley this Friday (7th) between 5.30pm & 6.30pm. Do come and join us and do feel free to don festive gear!

we are one week away from welcoming Stuart Hazeldine for a Q&A and wander through his journey in film and faith - don't miss it

[12/01/18]   We are going to be carol singing our hearts out, outside Tesco Brackley from 1030-1200 this morning...come down and see us or join us

we are getting properly excited about what we have in store for Christmas...talking of stores, we'll be Carol Singing outside Tesco in Brackley on Saturday 1st December so do pop down and see us - what else is happening you say....take a look '

not long to go now until we kick off our Christmas programme with film director Stuart Hazeldine. It promises to be an amazing evening - don't miss it! December 9th at 4pm

Join us at 4pm on the 9th December to hear more amazing stories like this from Film Director Stuart Hazeldine....So it was 1995 (ish) and I was in the process of selling my first feature script, Underground, when I applied for the Fulbright Screenwriting Fellowship that awards the lucky winner an all-expenses paid year studying screenwriting at UCLA in L.A., which is one of the two best film schools on Planet Earth.

There were 60 applicants that year and they narrowed it down to a shortlist of 6 finalists to be invited for interview. I made the cut, so I train up to London from my little room at the folks’ house in Surrey, and when I arrive at the Fulbright HQ they casually show me a piece of paper with the names of the five judges who are going to interview me in thirty seconds time.

The first four names I don’t recognise.

But the fifth name says William Goldman.

I turn to the Fulbright person and with a disbelieving frown I say , ‘William Goldman. You don’t mean THE William Goldman, do you?’, fully expecting her to laugh and say No, it’s some other British screenwriter who just happens to share the same name as the GREATEST SCREENWRITER OF ALL TIME.

Instead she says ‘Yes.’

‘You mean... Butch Cassidy William Goldman?’


‘All The Presidents Men William Goldman??’


‘Marathon Man William Goldman???’


‘Princess Bride William Goldman????’


‘Misery William Goldman?’


‘Adventures In The Screen Trade “Nobody Knows Anything” William Goldman?’


Okay, so I didn’t actually ask all those questions because there weren’t enough seconds left to do so, but in my head I had that conversation.

Then suddenly I’m the room.

Five people behind a long desk.

Or rather, four people flanking a SCREENWRITING GOD.

I sit down in front of this big burly New Yorker with tanned arms, a gold watch and silver hair - just the look of him was enough to intimidate a scrawny pasty-white British kid with spots who is barely two years out of college, let alone his resume - and then they start asking me questions. Not William: the others. He just sits there. I start answering, or rather burbling, and I’m not really looking at him even though he’s directly in front of me. In fact I’m deliberately NOT looking at him so he won’t throw me off, but I’m definitely tailoring all my answers to impress him.

After splurging for many minutes at machine gun speed about all the things I’m working on and want to do and the agent I just signed with, etc. Bill (everyone seemed to call him that so I’ll risk it) suddenly chuckles out loud and says ‘Geez kid, you got so much energy’.

He said a few other things to me during the next ten minutes, but that was what stuck in my head. Don’t know what he thought of my scripts, but at least I impressed him with my decidedly un-British attitude and self-belief.

I left there knowing I’d totally nailed it, and I felt pretty confident I would win the Fellowship - until a few days later when I got a letter saying I didn’t.

In disbelief I called the Institute and said ‘Look, I know you’re not supposed to disclose any details of the judges’ deliberations, but I know I blew them away in there. Was there really a better candidate than me?’

The person replied, ‘Look, I’m not supposed to say anything, but we discounted four of the six pretty quickly and it was down to you and one other guy. They spent hours choosing between you two and ultimately they all felt you were so obviously going to have a successful career that you didn’t need the help, while the other guy did.’

I was dumbfounded. I’d lost out by being too qualified. The second best guy got a scholarship for $20,000, while the best guy got the bus fare home. Years later I found out the guy who won studied one semester at USC then went fishing in Mexico for the second. I think he wrote an ep of a TV show but I’m not sure if he ever wrote a feature.

So I always thought that if I ever bumped into Bill Goldman down the road I would remind him of that interview and lightheartedly prod him to pick the best candidate next time, because I would have never gone fishing in Mexico or anywhere else. Well, today William Goldman sadly died so I’ll never get that chance, but it doesn’t matter because overall Bill was right: I didn’t need the help, and I did build a successful career. And the experience was well worth it because for a few precious minutes I got to sit in front of the High Priest of screenwriting at the start of my career path and to come away with this anecdote: a little story about meeting one of the truly great storytellers of our time.

He would write it better than me, of course, but ... this will have to do.

Few screenwriters will ever come close to his level of craft and contributions to Hollywood filmmaking history. RIP Mr Goldman.

Fun for 5-11s in the Sports Hall, Magdalen School Saturday 17th from 3.30 - 5pm

We recognise broken and lost lives,
sacrifices made,
and we take time to reflect on how much we have and on the price paid,
We look to the future, not to the past.
We cannot change what has been
but do not need to repeat its mistakes.
So as old and young come together before you,
take the very best of our lives;
bind us into one people of faith
and help us to share our common values,
love of Jesus and care for each other;
to build dreams,
and, with your Holy Spirit,
turn them into reality.
For the good of all
Let your peace reign

Tori Kelly - Psalm 42 (Live)

Let this wash over you today

Listen to “Psalm 42” from Tori Kelly's ‘Hiding Place’: Executive Producer: Scooter Braun Director: Nic Stanich Produce...

[10/01/18]   If anybody would like a copy of the slides from yesterday's Vision Sunday then they will be available from [email protected] from tomorrow - just drop us a line

Monday Night Prayer Engine - this evening at 730pm

The Brilliant John Archer

TODAY! Today is the day that we need you to let us know if you're planning to come along to see the incredible John Archer at the Rugby Club on Weds 26th September. Tickets are just £5 for internationally acclaimed entertainment and locally acclaimed curry from Chilli & Pepper. Payable on the door but in order to ensure we cater appropriately we need to know in advance if you are planning to come and who you are bringing with you so please either email [email protected] or get in touch via the website as soon as possible - DON'T MISS IT!

John Archer on great form on Dave's One Night Stand!

The Brilliant John Archer

Hey all - just a reminder that to promote the launch of the next Alpha we have the amazing John Archer at Life Church on Weds 26th September. Tickets are just £5 for internationally acclaimed entertainment and locally acclaimed curry from Chilli & Pepper. Payable on the door but in order to ensure we cater appropriately we need to know in advance if you are planning to come and who you are bringing with you so please either email [email protected] or get in touch via the website as soon as possible

John Archer on great form on Dave's One Night Stand!

Alpha at LifeChurch Brackley

Join us for our Alpha launch night on 26th September at 7:30pm at Brackley Town Rugby Club, where you can learn more about the course as well as enjoying a curry and comedy from the famous John Archer.

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. The course explores big issues around faith and whether there is something more to life than this.

Contact [email protected] for ticket information.

[07/01/18]   So another community plunge is complete. Thank you to the organisers who did so much to make it happen. Assessing jobs, meeting recipients of help, planning logistics, buying materials, organising volunteers and making continual decisions on resourcing once the event starts and as the day goes on.

We could not do it without each and everyone of you who gave your time, brain and muscle power. Thanks for all you gave - it has an amazing impact and really does help change lives.

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Brackley?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Alpha 2019
Happy Birthday to us
Pitstop or Stadium
Alpha at LifeChurch Brackley




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