Église d'Auteuil

Église d'Auteuil is a station of the Paris Métro in the 16th arrondissement, serving Line 10 (westbound service only). With around 172,812 passengers in 2016, it is the least-used station on the Paris Métro network.LocationÉglise d'Auteuil is located in the neighbourhood of Auteuil, one of the westernmost localities in Paris' city proper. There are two access points: both an entrance and exit are available at the Place de Théodore Rivière, while an exit exists on Rue Wilhelm at its intersection with Avenue Théophile Gautier.HistoryThe station opened on 30 September 1913 as part of the extension of line 8 from Beaugrenelle (now Charles Michels) to Porte d'Auteuil. On 29 July 1937, line 10 was extended from Duroc to La Motte-Picquet - Grenelle and the section of line 8 between La Motte-Picquet - Grenelle and Porte d'Auteuil, including Église d'Auteuil, was transferred to line 10.This station was named Wilhem until 15 May 1921. Wilhem was the pseudonym of a French musician, Guillaume Louis Bocquillon Wilhem. However, a municipal councillor became convinced that the station was actually named for Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, so it was renamed following World War I after a nearby church, Notre-Dame-d'Auteuil.

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