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Psalms 150 international ministries was started in 15 / 6 / 2009 in Uganda. After discovering that there are many lost souls from the Lord Jesus Christ Evangelist Alex Lubunde conceived a vision of formed a Ministry to bring them back to ever lasting life of our Lord Jesus Christ through Preaching to them God’s Good News and other skills like Music, Dance and Drama whenever as a tool is transforming the helpless youth, orphans and Elderly into improvement.. Psalms 150 international ministries’ Evangelism The ministry has an out reach ministry that operates in all areas, turning many souls to Christ through Bible message Gospel music, dance and drama. OUR VISION Is preaching God's word, training and equipping God’s people with skills for sustain ability in the world. Our Moto. Is getting you from where you are to where God wants you to be. Our mission. Is to go into all over the world, preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every creature and make disciples of all who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. STATEMENT OF FAITH By the grace of God, we seek to live and proclaim the good news of reconciliation in Jesus Christ. As part of the one body of Christ at all times, we hold the following to be central to our belief: God is known to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator who seeks to restore fallen humanity by calling a people to be faithful in fellowship, worship, service and witness. Jesus is the Son of God. Through his life and teachings, his cross and resurrection, he showed us how to be faithful disciples, redeemed the world, and offers eternal life. • We believe in divine healing for the human body based on the work of Christ, made available through the prayer of faith. 1 Peter 2:24; James 5:14-15 We believe that Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh, born of a virgin, without sin and that He died on the cross for our sins, was buried, rose again from the dead and ascended bodily back to heaven. 1 Timothy 3:16; John 1:1-14; 20:30-31 • We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a subsequent experience to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it is available to all believers; provides power to be a witness, and is evidenced by speaking in tongues and other charismatic gifts. Acts 1:8; 2:4; 10:44-48; I Corinthians 12:1-11 As a church, we are a community of those whom God’s Spirit calls to turn from sin, acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, receive baptism upon confession of faith, and follow Christ in life.

Mission: Is to go into all over the world, preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and make disciples of all who believes in our Lord Jesus Christ.

[08/08/20]   Oh my God you will show Me the right way that lead to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings pleasure for ever.

[08/04/20]   How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to God's word and work of the Kingdom.

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[07/28/20]   What do you call Jesus is? I call Him my God,my protect.

[07/18/20]   Update your mind.

[07/17/20]   If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.,says by my Lord Jesus Christ

Do you have any Question? Come to the Lord Jesus, He have your Answer

[07/04/20]   Everyone need a help from God our master and you need to help one other to overcome!

[06/24/20]   God did not create us insignificant we have a purpose! you have purpose.

[06/24/20]   ASK FOR GOD's Will.

Believe in Christ Outreach ministries

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[06/21/20]   Thank you My Jesus you are faithful to me.

[06/21/20]   praise, prayer and worship road to deliverance.

[06/16/20]   keep your word and never lie, please do not lie to get what you want.

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[06/13/20]   TO BELIEVE IS TO OBEY . We hear a great deal today about faith and all the things faith can do . We hear how we need faith, and if we believe , we can have almost anything we desire. Truly faith is a great power and can do mighty things.

Power in the Name, power in the Word , power in believing and power in prayer.

[06/10/20]   Be good to one other.

[06/10/20]   Oh my God your love never change.

[06/05/20]   what is your dream?

[06/04/20]   Even if you are in such a situation, do not walk in fear, believe in yourself that you can make it and have faith in Christ Jesus Amen.

[06/02/20]   Today Ask God to give you the Spirit of wisdom. And the Spirit of favour.

friends i wanted to share with you.

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[05/29/20]   Oh God my Lord teach us what it means to have faith in silence. When we face trials that are beyond our understanding, help us to find peace. Help me be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. You set all things in accordance to your time. Lord Remind us to wait patiently, and find peace in your promise and in plan. pastor Alex Lubunde

[05/29/20]   Stop speaking Evil because you can not be God's child or his servant, if you speak evil against God's people!
James 4:11.
proverbs 3:29

[05/27/20]   God knows you.
you are loved.
You have purpose.
You are a masterpiece.
You are wonderfully made.
God has a great plan for you.

Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God will be with you, go Joshua1:9
Our God mighty when daniel facee the Lion's den, God intervened mighty. my friend today we have the same couage, God will close all that is against you in Jesus powerful Name.
The ministry of
Believe in Christ Christian Centre we are praying for you. Amen.

[05/27/20]   God is good to you, God has healed you, He has touched you with his holy hand. God has done you Share with us your testimony,here. Amen.

[05/27/20]   What do people say you are! Say, if God said it, believe it, am who you say am.

[05/24/20]   The Lord is the strength of very believer. who is the believer, the one who has believed in Jesus. Read John1:12 Some, however, did receive him and believed in him; So He gave them the right to become God's children.

Believe in Christ Outreach ministries

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IF YOU ARE BORN-AGAIN AND LOVE UGANDA, JOIN!IF YOU AREN'T BORN-AGAIN, BUT LOVE TO KNOW MORE, JOIN! JESUS LOVES YOU!Did you know that Moses and Jesus drank and bathed water coming all the way from this blessed country Uganda?

Youth Ambassadors International Youth Ambassadors International
Kampala-Uganda (East Africa)
Kampala, 256

its a youth led non profit organization that empowers young people with life skills education programs and empowerment programs to enable a better future.

Pacesetters' Initiative for Africa Pacesetters' Initiative for Africa
P.O.BOx 22314
Kampala, 256

The official page of the Pacesetters' Initiative for Africa. We are an outreach and evangelistic ministry reaching out to the youth in local and international communities with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rap Evangelists Rap Evangelists

We rep' n rap 4 Christ!!

Jambula International Christian children ministry-JICCM Jambula International Christian children ministry-JICCM
Gayaza Road

It is situated in Jambula zone,bwise 2 where it provides the orphans and the needy with education,scholastic materials,love,spiritual teaching and hope.

Source of Hope Orphanage Source of Hope Orphanage
P .O. BOX 71122
Kampala, 256

S O H O is an orphanage in Uganda which rescues orphans that have been affected by violence, hunger, malaria, and AIDS.

MEN'S Ministry Uganda MEN'S Ministry Uganda

This is a Christian Organization Set up with an aim of restoring the DIGNITY of BOYS and MEN

Kampala Evangelical Free Church Kampala Evangelical Free Church
Po Box 30755 Muyenga. St Banarbas Rd

This is the official page of K.E.F.C Muyenga

Soul Winning and Deliverance Church-Bwaise Soul Winning and Deliverance Church-Bwaise
Jambula Zone-Bwaise
Kampala, P.O.BOX 4889 KAMPALA

Pentecostal Christian Church

Gospel Missions,Crusades and Seminars Gospel Missions,Crusades and Seminars 29699
Kampala, 256

Bishop Christopher Nkuusi in Uganda gospel missions. Dear friends, we have a need of P.A system to carry on our missions, Any body can stand with us.

Evangelistic Couriers Association Evangelistic Couriers Association
P.O BOX 33693
Kampala, 256

We believe in unveiling Jesus and his finished work on cross to the world by making Christ known and being a practical blessing to those in Need. We help give children a hope and future through our Love wins child sponsorship Program in Uganda.

Kyambogo SDA Church Kyambogo SDA Church
With In Kyambogo University
Kampala, 256

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