Covenant Church Nansana

Covenant Church Nansana


The Bishop and Senior Pastor together with the Church Administration of Freedom Covenant Center Nansana (Kyebando LC1 Zone) wishes all brethren in Christ, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018. God bless you.
In Your Time Of Trouble It seems we all go through a time of trouble. No matter who you are or where you are, you’ve had to endure hard times of some sort. So let me ask you; Who do you call on in your time of trouble? I ask this because I’ve had to endure a lot of hardship this past week. The only one we can call on is the Lord. Sometimes we wonder if He’s even listening. Sometimes we wonder if He’s even there. And sometimes we wonder how long it’s going to be before He steps in and gives us the help we need. NEED! Not what we want, but what we need. Sometimes the Lord will let us go through a time of trouble to help us grow as a Child of God. We cannot stay the same, we must grow. It takes us time to grow and learn what God has planned for us. If you are going through a season of trials and troubles then don’t feel alone. I mean it literally, don’t feel alone. The Lord is always there with you. He will never allow more to be put on your shoulders than you are capable of handling. Your number one weapon is Prayer. That’s right, Prayer. How many of you Pray in you time of trials and troubles? Sometimes you just want to scream and tell God you don’t deserve the problems you are having. But what gives us the right to vent our self to the Lord like that? Maybe some of you should go back and read in the book of Job and how for 2 chapters God gave Job what-for because Job questioned God. Maybe if Job had of Prayed he wouldn’t have had to endure as much. So lets go to some Scripture. Exodus2:23 says the Lord hears our cries and we should Pray. Psalm 66 says if we are obedient- because of Gods Love- He is Just to answer our Prayer. If you remember in 1Samuel 1:1-20 Samuels mother was barren-she couldn’t have children-but she Prayed and made a covenant with God that she would give Samuel to God if He would just allow her to have a child. God answered that Prayer. Psalm 34 says we should give Thanks and Praise to the Lord because He saves those who are broken and come to Him. Again, going to the Lord in Prayer in your time of need is very important. Prayer is like our lifeline to Gods Throne. 1Kings 18:16-46, Elijah battles with 450 prophets of Baal. He didn’t do it on his own, he Prayed and the Lord heard his cries. What about Jonah 1 and 2. Jonah is told to go to Nineveh and Preach Repentance. He did not Pray, he ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction and look what happened to him. Jonah got on a ship, a storm came and the people threw him overboard and a whale swallowed him. For 3 days and nights he held on to whatever he could to stay afloat. Finally Jonah called out to God in Prayer. The next thing he knew he was spit out on dry land. What about Psalm 30, The Lord rescues us from our enemies and saves us through Prayer. Daniel 2:1-26 says that Nebuchadnezzar was going to kill all the priest and wise men because they couldn’t tell him his dream. But Daniel and 3 others Prayed and God gave Daniel the dream and meaning of the dream. Prayer, if you call yourself a Christian and don’t Pray, then what kind of Christian are you? Psalm 116 saves the Lord saves us from death, He dries our tears and keeps us from defeat. All we need to do is give God Praise and Pray. Acts4:23-31 says the Apostles were in danger from the Pharisees. They were told to quit Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ; So the Apostles Prayed for strength and courage. Psalm 37 says the Lord saves and protects those who TRUST in Him. Well, if you trust in the Lord then you should Pray in all your needs. Ok now, are you a Prayer Warrior or are you the type who runs to a Prayer Warrior because you have no faith or trust in the Lord to fulfill His Promise to you? There is nothing wrong with asking people to join you in Prayer for things. But to ask people to Pray for your situation because you have NO faith or trust that the Lord will hear is just plumb ridiculous. And one more time, Gods timing is not the same as our timing. God works all things for the good of His children, or don’t you believe that either. We have entirely too many cry baby Christians who have NO faith or Trust in the Lord. Why is this world in the trouble it’s in: Because people who claim to be Christian act like cowards and tuck their tails and hide at the first sign of trouble. If all the people of the world would act like the Christian they claim to be, Satan is the one who would be running and trying to hide. But through your cowardess, you give Satan all the power he needs to tell you “ God don’t care about you “ and you believe it. Folks, it’s time to grow some backbone and erase that yellow streak from your backside and take a stand. We can take back this world and our country if we would just take time to PRAY! My Prayer for this week is that you learn how to Pray. And just so you know how to Pray, Look at Matthew 6:9-15. This is how Jesus told us to Pray. You could stand to read the whole chapter 6. I Pray a Blessed week for each one of you and May the Peace, Love and Joy of the Lord be upon you and your families. In Jesus Name, Amen.
God Will Let You Go You know who you are you half-baked Christian. You cannot keep one foot in the Heavenly realm and one foot in the world. And, if you think you can live half and half and still go to Heaven ten you are sadly deceived. Let me ask you this; would you eat a half cooked meal? No, you’d throw it out. Well, God will do the same to you if try to live a half and half life. I tell you the truth and now you are responsible for it. On Judgment Day when you stand before the Lord you will have to account for your life. And saying “ Well, I didn’t know, nobody told me “, the Lord will call you out on it. He will tell you that I told you and you dismissed it. We live in the most perverse generation ever. People are so blind, they couldn’t see truth if it was slapping them in the face, and it is. You people who practice evil, open your eyes! Most of you invite evil into your lives and think nothing of it. Yes, the TV shows you watch, the music you listen to, the people you hang with and call friends, you invite evil and until you get rid of God cannot Bless you. If He did then He would have to apologize for all the people in history that He has had to punish-and that is not going to happen. You think because you confess Jesus is Lord that you are safe and can live how you choose, but you are dead in your sins wrong. Again I refer you to Hebrews 5:9, you have no excuse for not knowing. Yes, I want you to look up the Scripture Hebrews 5:9. We are expected to obey Gods Commands and Jesus said He came to add one. You have no excuse for not knowing Jesus does not lie. You cannot open the Book of Acts and disregard the rest of the Bible. Oh yes, you’ll throw out some Scripture from the Old Testament when it suits you, but you sure won’t try to live it when you want to deny the truth. REPENT! Ask God to help you change. You know the areas you need change, all you have to do is ask. God cannot help you if you do not ask. God is a gentleman; He will let you go your own way. He does not force anyone to follow His rules He gives us the choice. We were given “ FREEWILL “, that means we have the choice to do as we want. We can deny ourselves the pleasures of the world or we can swim in the sins of the world-our choice. You cannot serve 2 masters. You either Love the One and hate the other or hate the One and love the other. How long will you be stubborn and blind? REPENT! Humbleness brings obedience and Blessings. Pride brings death and distrust. If you are not obedient and Humble, how can you expect God to Bless you and trust you? My Prayer for you this week is to follow the Will of God for your life. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.
Are You Obedient Some people say that as long as you believe in Christ, you are Saved. If that was all there was to it, then John 3:13 would be the only verse in the New Testament. The Bible is our guideline to Eternal Salvation. It tells us that we must be Obedient. Look at what happened to Israel, they were put into slavery 3 times because of disobedience. Ok, so you still think that liar in the Pulpit telling you Grace is all you need to get to Heaven is right. Do you even have a clue as to what Grace is? Grace is Gods Mercy and Forgiveness for all your life long list of sins. Let’s look at a verse that flat out says Obedience equals Salvation. Hebrews 5:7-10, 7. who in the days of his flesh offered up both prayers and supplications, with loud crying and tears, to the one who was able to save him from death, and he was heard as a result of his reverence. 8. Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered, 9. and being perfected, he became the source of eternal salvation to all those who obey him, 10. being designated by God a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek. So, there you have, verse 9 tells us that without Obedience, you cannot and will not have Eternal Salvation. I see and hear a lot of people begging for Blessing and Miracles, but they have no clue why troubles just keep piling up on them-Obedience is the key. Look, Satan and every demon of hell know Christ is the Son of God, but they are damned because of their disobedience. I hear people say, “ I’m weak, I can’t stop my sinning “. YOU LIAR! You don’t want to stop! You make excuses-which are pretty little lies-and you think all is well. You can lie to yourself and everyone else, but you cannot lie to God or Jesus. You don’t put forth an effort to stop. God cannot and will not Bless you if you are living in disobedience. Your Prayers are heard, but the answer is “ NO “ because you live in disobedience. We are told to deny ourself and pick up our Cross and carry it daily. We are told to have and practice self-control. Just what is your problem? You cannot live in darkness and light. You listen to your Preacher telling you how you can live as you wish and still have Eternal Salvation. Well, you are responsible for yourself-no one else. God is NO respecter of persons. Jesus had to be obedient and so do you. Yes, Jesus bore our sins on the Cross, but that was so we could have forgiveness when we Repent. Repent means to Change ones heart and mind and life. You must deny yourself the luxuries of this world. You cannot go on living a life of willful sin and have Eternal Salvation. I don’t care what your Preacher tells you. There’s a lot of Preachers who are going to burn in hell because they teach you the wrong way to live. You cannot support evil and think you are going to Heaven. You either follow God and Jesus, or you follow Satan and his demons. You cannot scream “ PRO-CHOICE “ and think you are going to Heaven. You will burn in hell if you do. You must REPENT-CHANGE-I am not Judging you, I am telling you what the Bible says. You Judge yourself by your actions-by how you live-by what you support or don’t support-by what you say and do or don’t do or say. Look folks, God does not change. You can read that in Malachi 3:6. The only law Jesus did away with was the law of sacrifice of animals. That’s it. God’s Commands are in place today and Jesus said He came to ADD one Command, “ to Love thy neighbor as you Love thy self “. Paul may have written most of the New Testament, but he did not say you can live how you want. As a matter of fact, Paul wrote Hebrews 5:9 which says you mu7st be obedient to have Eternal Salvation. My Prayer for you this week and forever more is that you Repent and be obedient, In Jesus name, Amen.

Covenant Church @ Nansana (Kyebando-Kabulengwa Road, P. O. Box 75742 Kampala, Uganda) is a Pentecostal Holiness Church in Uganda, where Bishop Kalanzi Jude & Pastor Eva N. Kalanzi serves as Founder and Senior Pastors...

Found and Senior Pastors.

Covenant Church Nansana

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Conjoined twins Neev and Nelly are attached at the back of their heads and have only ever seen each other through a reflection in the mirror - but this hasn't stopped them forming an unbreakable bond ✨

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Covenant Church Nansana

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Covenant Church Nansana

Covenant Church

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[10/11/18]   Nansana Covenant Church is a Pentecostal Church founded in Uganda. We are Apostolic and Bible teaching. We are NOT a Prophetic or Miracle church. We ephasise the anointing in the Word of God rather than oil profine. We trace our faith roots in the CHURCH OF GOD.

Come and Fellowship with us this Sunday. Bishop Jude will be ministering unto people with broken hearts.

Nansana Covenant Church

[04/19/18]   God bless you

[01/17/18]   Freedom Covenant Center Nansana in Kampala wishes you all a prosperous new year 2018.

Bishop Kalanzi Jude

Nansana Covenant Church

[06/14/17]   Praise Jesus to everyone. At Freedom Church Center Nansana, we are just thanking God for the special grace He has given us at Freedom Covenant Center. Praying for everyone and wishing you all the best.
Bishop Kalanzi Jude

[05/09/17]   I am always praying for Freedom Covenant Center Church in Nansana. Blessings from our Father on you all!

Nansana Covenant Church

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We believe that when the son of God was hunged on the cross, the Salvation for me and you was obtained! The Cross is the sign of our redemption at Covenant Church Nansana.

[07/18/16]   Covenant Church Nansana

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