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Je serai à Contact Ouest 20 2.0 avec le Réseau des Grands Espaces du 18 au 20 novembre.
Sur scène:

Batteur: Gord Robert
Bassiste: Carson Loeppky
Keyboardiste: Joshua Tanuwijaya
Violoniste: Danica Steenkamp

Soprano: Emily Cheung
Alto: Haley Brown
Baryton: Andrew Whiteside

Chanteur: Trésor Otshudi

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'There was no room to be discouraged': Audrey DuBois Harris on being a Black opera singer in Canada | CBC Radio Opera singer Audrey DuBois Harris — known as Aretha Franklin's favourite soprano — reflects on her friendship with the late Queen of Soul, her musical influences and the importance of representation in the classical arts.

Mon mix : la liste d'écoute de Tresor Otshudi

J'ai eu l'opportunité de presenter une liste de 10 chansons que j'écoute dernièrement. Merci à Mae Anderson, Radio Canada.
Voici mon Mix ma liste d'écoute: Cette liste de lecture du chanteur et professeur de musique de Vancouver offre un choix de gospel, de soul et des performances chorales. Malgré les différents styles, on y retrouve un fil conducteur : un amour et une passion pour les paroles puissantes et symboliques.

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Le Cercle des Canadiens Français de Prince George

Vous êtes artistique ? Vous aimez danser ? Ou vous souhaitez échanger et/ou pratiquer votre français dans la bonne humeur ?

Venez participez à une oeuvre chorégraphique au CCFPG avec l'artiste Sophie Brassard en visite à Prince George !

Le jeudi 16 Juillet de 13h à 15h, et le vendredi 17 juillet de 13h à 16h !

Une activité en collaboration avec nos jeunes du camp d'été pour un partage intergénérationnel !

Are you artistic? Do you like to dance? Or do you want to discuss and/or practice your French in a friendly atmosphere?

Come and participate in a choreographic work at the CCFPG with artist Sophie Brassard visiting Prince George!

Thursday, July 16 from 1 to 3 pm, and Friday, July 17 from 1 to 4 pm!

An activity in collaboration with our summer camp kids for intergenerational sharing!

Trésor Otshudi: du gospel au Ndombolo | Culture et confiture

Mon entrevue de ce matin avec Mireille Langlois à Radio Canada.
Merci à Marc Fournier et Lucas Pilleri.

J'ai oublié de parler de 2 grands projets qui me tiennent à coeur:

1/ Création Connexes avec le C.C.A.F.C.B.

2/ Club Créatif Trésor Otshudi est chanteur, danseur, auteur-compositeur-interprète, professeur de musique et directeur de chorale établi à North Vancouver.

@creativebcs and #showcasebc

Je serai ce samedi 11 juillet à 8h30 en entrevue avec Mireille Langlois dans l'émission "Culture et confiture" à Radio Canada.
#justechanter #bonnenouvelle #gospel

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Photos from Tresor Music's post

Tresor Music's cover photo

Une pensée pour les victimes qui se trouvent à l'est du Congo.
#paix #justice #lumumba

THE SCOOP | Canadian Choirs Write Letter Calling For Fair Consideration To Re-Open Leaders from choral groups across Canada have released an open letter to the public regarding concerns about re-opening amid COVID-19.

Canadian who crowdfunded his way to Julliard wins scholarship, shares gift with class of 2020 A Canadian trumpeter who crowdfunded his tuition at the Julliard School in New York City has been awarded a scholarship and paid the kindness of strangers forward by recording a version of 'O Canada' to be used at virtual 2020 graduation ceremonies.

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Beyond Elijah Rock: The Non-Idiomatic Choral Music of Black Composers — Marques L. A. Garrett List of non-idiomatic choral music of black composers including voicing, instrumentation, genre, and publication information

Tyler Perry

I spent the past few days with an extremely heavy heart, having very high level conversations with people who don’t look like me, people who may not believe what I believe, people who don’t know what it’s like to be black in America but were willing to listen...white people who are Republicans and Democrats, with different opinions, different views, and different ideas and strategies on how to stop this! White people with the power to have this go either way.

I also spoke to George Floyd’s immediate family and tried to speak comfort in this moment. I have to tell you - they are adamant in their call for peaceful protest.

I want you to know that while some of us are protesting out there, others of us have the gift of being able to pick up the phone and go straight to the people who have the power with the stroke of a pen to effect change. AND IT TAKES ALL OF US AS BLACK PEOPLE TO DO OUR PART!! Think about this please. We’re only 12 to 14 percent of the US population. With a number like that, we need allies that don’t look like like us. Allies who are not in the 12 to 14 percent but want to be in the number that help us.

And you gotta know that I wasn’t the only one doing this. There are a lot of high profile black people, Oprah, Jay-Z, Diddy, athletes, politicians business leaders, preachers, community leaders, and on and on who are doing the same thing I was doing to help us all!! There were a lot of white people that are famous that I was talking to who wanted to know how they can help. One actually said “teach us what we need to know.”

I must say that it’s a gift to be able to pick up the phone and actually talk to people who can help effect change. THERE IS POWER IN TALKING TO THE OTHER SIDE! THERE IS POWER IN BEING HEARD! That’s where change lives! Change lives in the galvanization of all races not in the division of us.

During the civil rights movement we were not only marching, but there were those of us who were doing exactly what I’m saying here. And in my exhaustion, in my mental distress and heartbroken moments of anger and rage this weekend, through my prayers all day Sunday I woke up to something that left me in tears. I WENT TO WATER WHEN I SAW THIS!!

When I saw this story this morning HOPE STOOD UP IN MY SOUL.
Thank you Good Morning America for showing us that there are people out there who are trying to listen. Thank you for showing the world that there were peaceful protests. Thank you for showing black people protesting in peace. Thank you for showing white people and white officers taking a knee and showing the world that some of them are outraged too!!

Please remember this my loving black brothers and sisters, if we judge all white people and all police officers as the same, then that is the blanket judgment that we are accusing them of!!

Please repost this story!! If you want change, repost this story. If you want to see more of this unity, repost this story. If you want Justice for George and all the other souls we’ve lost this way, including Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos, two men that I’ve been fighting to find justice for over many years, then repost this story. PLEASE REPOST THIS STORY IF YOU JUST WANT PEACE IN AMERICA!!!

The way forward is through this path! MORE OF THIS PLEASE AMERICA. This is what I want more of for my son!

Again, we are only 12 to 14 percent of the population. We need people like these people to stand arm and arm with us! So thank you for doing so.

Thank you to every officer, every white person, every black person, every person of color who is bringing this kind of hope to this awful, tragic moment.

THANK YOU!! Floyd family, your loss is too high a price to be just another hashtag.

Thank you TJ, thank you GMA!!

You have moved my soul today. Let’s hope this moves America!


Tresor Otshudi - Testimony

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Les Rencontres Qui Chantent 2019 - Trésor Otshudi

Les Rencontres Qui Chantent 2019
à Petite Vallée, au Québec, Canada.
Merci Marcel Aymar, L'Alliance Nationale de L'Industrie Musicale. [email protected]

The Cloud-Capp'd Towers by Ralph Vaughan Williams- Trésor Otshudi - March 2020

Work: The Cloud-Capp'd Towers by Ralph Vaughan Williams from The Tempest, Act IV, Sc.1 by William Shakespeare.
Three Shakespeare songs no.2

Choral: Trinity Western University Chamber Choir

Piano: Dr. Joel Tranquilla

Conductor: Trésor Otshudi

Credit Video: Jay Lutz

#choir #music #choral #tresormusic #chanter #chefdecoeur #conductor

Work: The Cloud-Capp'd Towers by Ralph Vaughan Williams from The Tempest, Act IV, Sc.1 by William Shakespeare. Three Shakespeare songs no.2 Choral: Trinity W...

Créations Connexes fut une trés belle aventure.
Nous avons eu l'opportunité de crée une belle chanson pour chorale(Soprano, Alto, Baryton/S.A.B.)
Le titre de notre oeuvre est "identité".
Encore merci à l'Association Francophone de Kamloops, les participants et le C.C.A.F.C.B.

#creationsconnexes #ccafcb #tresormusic #associationfrancophonekamloops

[02/19/20]   Je vais a Kamloops pour créations connexes!
Super content!

#creationsconnexes #tresormusic #ccafcb #francocolombien

Because of Them We Can by Eunique Jones

Black History Month!

Watch these kids report the Black History Month news for 2020!

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Tresor Otshudi  - Testimony



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