Langley Vineyard, Langley, BC Video February 15, 2016, 10:01pm

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Our First Sunday in Lent -

This Sunday marked the beginning of our first full week of Lent. I've heard from a lot people regarding how they were preparing for Lent - what they were going to be giving up, their hopes/desires and expectations. Maybe its not so much about what you're giving up throughout this time - but how you're preparing for more as we are refreshed throughout this time.

The discipline of fasting - or giving something up for a time can be extremely beneficial - but I love how Dale R. reminds us and invites us into Lent; to view it as a season of preparing for more. More of what it is to live in the fullness of Christ's resurrection - and what that means for us now. How easily we lose sight of this in the midst of our challenges & difficulties or just life.

Preparing us to live a life with a clearer understanding of the reality of what Jesus in our life looks like. Lent is a season where we can reconnect with this. As Dale says so many of us have come from a place of lack or scarcity - Jesus came that we might have life, freedom and that we would have full lives - lives that are MORE than what they were without him. This Lent - as we ask for a deeper revelation of Christ's presence in our life and the reality of His presence in our life - let's be drawn deeper and deeper into Christ's fullness of all that he promises for us - rather than just looking at Lent as a season of lack and scarcity.

Peace peoples!

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Our First Sunday in Lent - This Sunday marked the beginning of our first full week of Lent. I've heard from a lot peop...

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