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Operating as usual 02/01/2021

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One of the best ways that we can change our perspective, even during a pandemic, is to worship God. That's the focus of Dr. Randy Wollf's new eight-part blog series, "Worship Changes Our Perspective." You can check it out at Worship Changes Our Perspective Blog Series 17 February 2021 Randy Wollf The Worship Changes Our Perspecitve Blog Series describes how our thoughts about God expressed through a lifestyle of worship not only exalts God (which is the most important part of worship); it dramatically changes the way we...


I'm offering free access to my book, "Maximum Discipleship in the Church" until Feb. 28 ( Enjoy! And feel free to pass this info on to others.


I'm excited about my new seven-part blog series on Making Conflict Transformational: This has been a work in progress for several years, as I have tried to apply biblical peacemaking principles and practices to my life and ministry. During our current pandemic, some of our relationships may be even more strained than they would be under normal circumstances. Hopefully, the ideas in this series will help all of us make the most of our conflict situations.


If you're interested in getting better at leading strategically, I would highly recommend this course.

Focus your vision for ministry and life. This spring, join Dr. Randy Wollf #online and be #equippedforimpact to lead your church or ministry forward.

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Influence always outpaces authority.


Two chances to learn from Dr. Paul Chamberlain this month. Free admission.

March 21, TWU Langley:
March 28, TWU Richmond:

03/06/2019 02/28/2019

Lord, Deliver Us from Passive-Aggressive Conflicts

Great insights on how to navigate relational conflicts. Phrases such as "I'm puzzled", "I noticed", and "I prefer" are excellent suggestions. Every church has elephants in the narthex. Here are four ways to root them out.


Reality is where we meet God... 02/22/2019


We're gearing up for an awesome weekend of learning! Registration is still open at 12 locations. You can register by clicking on the name of the location where you’d like to attend. If a registration page is not linked to your church, contact them directly (they might be managing their own registrations).


The better you know Him, the more you will trust Him. 02/14/2019

Preaching Amid Pluralism

Helpful insights from Pastor Timothy Keller on how to respectfully challenge pluralism while you teach and preach. Elevating Christ in a culture that sees all religions as equal. 02/10/2019

Renovated Parenting

SAVE 20% when you register today! 12 locations to choose from: Screens are everywhere and they’re here to stay. What impact are they having on children and youth? Why are young people so mesmerized by screens and do they face dangers?


A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.

― Henry Ward Beecher 01/29/2019

YA Faith Event - Columbia Bible College

Great event coming up later this week! If you live in the Abbotsford area, make sure to check this out. How to Keep Young Adults Engaged in the Local Church - a special event featuring insights from the Renegotiating Faith report. Dr. Rick Hiemstra will present key points from his findings and four panelists will discuss the implications.


Why would we need to experience the Comforter if our lives are already comfortable?

- Francis Chan


South Langley Church is one of our host locations.

Screens are everywhere and they're here to stay. What impact are they having on children and youth?
Why are young people so mesmerized by screens and do they face dangers?
Saturday February 23 |9am – Noon |$10 per family |Childcare Available
This half-day event will help you understand the impacts of screen time on a child's developing brain and equip you with internet safety tips.


Here's a preview of what Alisha Stobbe will be speaking about during our Screen Time simulcast. We currently have 11 host sites and there's still time for your church to become a simulcast location: 01/16/2019

7 Reasons Church Websites Are Better Than Church Apps

If your church is thinking of using a church app, you should consider these findings. As a church, your priority is to reach people, but you also want to be financially prudent. So you may be wondering, “Does our church need an app, and is a church app worth the money?” In this article, I compare the two in hopes to help you arrive at a decision you can feel Read more 01/16/2019

Seminars | Missions Fest Vancouver

There are hundreds of resourcing opportunities this upcoming weekend in Vancouver. Randy Wollf, MinistryLift's founder, is presenting a seminar on Saturday at 2:00 called Discipling Millennials for Missional Living. Missions Fest Vancouver’s seminars are a unique experience! You’ll never get an opportunity to experience the breadth or depth of topics that you... 01/15/2019

Faith in youth is greatly influenced by their post-secondary school experience

Interesting findings on how schools influence the faith outcomes of young people. Columbia Bible College (Abbotsford) will be hosting an event later this month that's also based on this study. New research shows a significant contrast in church engagement and beliefs among students who attended a Christian institution versus those who were educated at mainstream schools.


Find out how your church can host our next simulcast on the impact that screens have on children and youth. 01/08/2019

Five Ways to Break Free From Entrenched Ways of Thinking | MinistryLift

If you're feeling stuck, don't keep doing the same things. It’s easy for us to get stuck in ruts when it comes to our thought patterns. One of the best ways to break out of those ruts is to expose ourselves to divergent ideas, even ideas that appear radical or may seem impossible. When we reflect meaningfully on new ideas, they can create dissonance in ou... 01/05/2019

Choosing the Way of Life | MinistryLift

Beginning on Sunday, Pierre Gilbert is presenting a 4-part series on the Bible's wisdom literature. How can we communicate the Christian faith in a society where there is no moral and spiritual consensus? How can we confidently speak about the Bible when most people no longer recognize the value of Scripture and the Church? How can we significantly engage young people in a serious reflection about... 12/11/2018

A Team Approach to Sermon Preparation

Here's a story of a pastor inviting lay leaders to help him craft his weekly sermon. It is not good that preachers should prepare their messages alone. 11/30/2018

Your Pastor's Emotional Vocabulary is a Key to their Sustainability

Our latest blog highlights the connection between emotional health and pastoral sustainability. Make sure to check out the links to the video training and resource list. The ability to express feelings with a wide variety of words is a contributing factor to emotional health and ministry effectiveness.


We are too prone to engrave our trials in marble and write our blessings in sand.

― Charles Spurgeon


MB Seminary

We created this video to resource church leaders on the topic of legalized cannabis. Thanks to Brian Cooper, Matthew Price, and Keith Reed for their work on this project.


The first step toward acquiring wisdom is to ask for it:


There are no hopeless situations.


I'm looking forward to another great "Renovated Parenting" event this Saturday!

Help your child understand the difference between "I AM bad" and "I DID bad" - online registration will stay open for the next 48 hours.


Help your child understand the difference between "I AM bad" and "I DID bad" - online registration will stay open for the next 48 hours.


A fitting reminder from a leader who will be deeply missed.

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