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The Evangelical Free Church of Canada is an association of nearly 150 churches and approximately 100 missionaries joined together by common belief, purposes and principles.

EFCC churches serve nationally in five Canadian districts.

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May 13-14, join us for EFCC Theology Conference 2021, called Shadows of Tomorrow! Available wherever you are, provided you have an internet connection!

Details and registration available here:


May 13-14, join us for EFCC Theology Conference 2021, called Shadows of Tomorrow! Available wherever you are, provided you have an internet connection!

Details and registration available here:



This year, we're using our annual World of Hope campaign to promote our Benevolence Fund.

This fund has been, and is, providing direct assistance to thousands who face devastation from the effects of COVID-19.

Your support of this fund enables us to offer assistance to so many in urgent, immediate need.

http://worldofhope.efccm.ca #givingtuesday


An Update from the EFCC

We hope you're all doing okay!

Here's some encouragement from Home Office.

Feel free to share it with your church, small group or whomever else you think is appropriate.

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cbc.ca 11/12/2019

Evo Morales flees crisis-torn Bolivia after deadly clashes | CBC News

We’ve been monitoring the political situation in Bolivia, which has escalated with the resignation and departure of President Evo Morales. More news on this is available here:

The Government of Canada’s current travel advisory ("Avoid Non-Essential Travel") activates our Travel Advisory Policy, which means we are consulting with our missionaries to ensure that, in the event they feel their safety is threatened, they have evacuation plans in place already.

Please pray for calm, safety and stability to be restored in Bolivia.

cbc.ca Bolivia faced its worst unrest in decades amid a political vacuum Tuesday, while Evo Morales, who transformed the Andean nation as its first Indigenous president, fled the country following weeks of violent protests.


Amidst a meeting-heavy week, we recently had a leadership retreat where we opened up a conversation about the leadership structure of the whole EFCC.

Our latest podcast is a recap on that from Neil and Brad:



Partners International (Canada)

This article is about the church leader we were privileged to speak with in Pulse podcast, episode 27 (https://soundcloud.com/theefcc/refugee-crisis-and-response).

Joseph Najem — a man with incredible vision and a heart for the Arab world. Partners International (Canada) recently spent some time with Joseph. He spoke about his passion for missions in the Middle East and strong belief in partnership as a missions strategy. Hear more of his story in the link below. https://bit.ly/2Ezjl6z

soundcloud.com 02/27/2019

Pulse 028 -- Revitalize Training

A great idea is meaningless without action. Revitalize has been the dream of many leaders across the EFCC movement. Revitalize training can help your church make it practical. Here is the next Pulse podcast:

soundcloud.com It's one thing to have a bold idea. It's another thing entirely to make something practical out of it. This podcast provides an intro to Revitalize Training -- a new-but-also-ancient perspective on wh

soundcloud.com 02/20/2019

Pulse 027 -- Refugee Crisis And Response

Episode 027 of the Pulse podcast is now available! In this one, we were privileged to be able to speak with the head of the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon, our sister group in that country.

Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/theefcc/refugee-crisis-and-response

You can see all of the our episodes here:

soundcloud.com In this episode, we're very privileged to talk to the head of the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon about the mounting refugee crisis in his country, and how you can help. As mentioned in the e


Registration is now live! Join us in Okotoks AB for this year's Theology Conference with scholar and author Dr. Scot McKnight. More info is available at http://register.efcc.ca


World of Hope continues to capture the imagination of our generous donors. What a privilege it is to be in this community, as we all work together to share God's love, and provide tangible hope to people who desperately need it.

theglobeandmail.com 01/10/2019

Toronto ‘church plant’ seeks to spread Christianity in unique, modern way

“You’ve got to take the message to where the people need it the most, and to where there’s nobody delivering it.”

theglobeandmail.com Pastor Chris Yu describes his storefront church’s community as ‘an inner-city neighbourhood with all the fixins’ – economic and social disparity, addiction and crime.


World of Hope

If you haven't heard it on any other channel, World of Hope 2018-19 is underway. For more information, visit worldofhope.efccm.ca!

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And we're off! This represents the 1st donation we've processed for this year's World of Hope. We're grateful for all of the donors who support our quest to share our hope with the world!

efccm.ca 10/16/2018

Pulse Podcast 021: Priesthood of all Believers

We've finally got episode 21 of the Pulse Podcast live -- check it out here:

efccm.ca We’ve often heard, and often said the term “priesthood of all believers,” but have we stopped to contemplate what it means? What kind of an audit could we give ourselves for this?…


Ride for Refuge Invitation

Are you feeling ambitious? We desperately need more team captains to sign up for our Ride for Refuge fundraising campaign.

You can see the details of what is entailed, and what we're raising the money for by visiting this link: https://rideforrefuge.org/charity/evangelicalfreechurchofcanadamission

This is "Ride for Refuge Invitation" by EFCC on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

efccm.ca 07/19/2018

Pulse Podcast 020: The Supreme Court’s Ruling on TWU’s Law School

In episode 20 of the Pulse Podcast, we talk about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding TWU's Law School.

Join us!

efccm.ca We’re not really a current events podcast, but we thought this was of sufficient importance and interest to engage with it. The Supreme Court’s decision on TWU’s Law School has im…

efccm.ca 05/22/2018

Pulse Podcast 018: What is a Gospel Sharing People?

Our theme for EFCC Conference this summer is Revitalize: Growing as a Gospel Sharing People.

What does that mean?

Episode 18 of the Pulse Podcast shares our take:

efccm.ca Our theme for the upcoming Conference is Revitalize: Growing as a Gospel Sharing People. In preparation for that, we think it would be a worthwhile exercise to define that, so we know what we’…


Join us for EFCC Conference 2018!

All the details -- and registration -- are available here:

efccm.ca 04/25/2018

Pulse Podcast 017: Why People Stop Believing

Episode 17 of the Pulse Podcast examines the topic Why People Stop Believing -- the title and the subject of the latest book by Paul Chamberlain. Paul joins us to share his thoughts and experiences with the subject.


efccm.ca In this episode, we’re joined by Paul Chamberlain, a professor at ACTS and TWU. We’re talking about his new book: Why People Stop Believing. It’s an insightful piece, with first-h…

efccm.ca 04/24/2018

Pulse Podcast 017: Why People Stop Believing

Why People Stop Believing

It's the latest book from Paul Chamberlain, and we got to talk to him on the Pulse podcast. Check it out!

efccm.ca In this episode, we’re joined by Paul Chamberlain, a professor at ACTS and TWU. We’re talking about his new book: Why People Stop Believing. It’s an insightful piece, with first-h…


For two days this week, many of our leaders attended the EFCC Prayer Retreat. What a delightfully humble, receptive spirit abounded there!

Here are some thoughts and reflections from the retreat:

We know the Spirit is at work in our lives when these fruit ripen: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

The spirit to honestly engage the issues of our day is refreshing. There is no shying away of the internal and external challenges we’re facing.

Unity and humility — isn’t it interesting how those always go together?

Preaching has been put on a pedestal; too often our heroes are great preachers. Pastors and church in general need to reprioritise shepherding and discipleship — not merely telling people the truth, but walking it out with them.

Apostle Paul states that life isn’t worth anything, unless it is invested in fulfilling what we’re called to.

We talk about witnessing, and we end up talking about someone else’s story. That’s not considered witnessing — witnessing is about your story. Be ready to share it, as you live it.

We can’t make any important changes without being able to absorb a certain amount of chaos.

The changes we’re talking about making here are not to toward something we haven’t been before, or to become something we aren't called to be now.


Pulse Podcast 014

This time, Brad and Neil get a taste -- literally! -- of what Tearfund's doing around the world in relief and development. Here is the latest episode of the EFCC Pulse Podcast (more presentation options are available on our website: http://bit.do/pulse014):

This is "Pulse Podcast 014" by EFCC on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


January Impact Video | Philippines Outreach

Produced by Emmanuel EFC, this video reflects a growing partnership and shared intention around evangelism. Great work, everyone!

To find out more about our Global Impact Team or upcoming outreaches, visit eefc.ca/global.


Pulse Podcast 013

The latest Pulse episode is live. This time, we get into the topic of Incarnation. But we didn't cover it all. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

This is "Pulse Podcast 013" by EFCC on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

cccc.org 11/17/2017

Nov. 26: Prayer for Religious Freedom in Canada

As Supreme Court gears up to process the TWU Law School's legal status, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities have initiated a day of prayer, Nov 26th.

You're invited to join!

More details here:

cccc.org Sunday, November 26 is a day set apart to pray for the successful resolution of the Trinity Western University (TWU) case, which will be heard in the Supreme Court of Canada on November 30 and Dece…

efccm.ca 11/08/2017

Pulse Podcast 012 — Identity

Our latest podcast is up -- this time we knocked around the topic of Identity.

Obviously, in 20 minutes we couldn't cover all of it. So share your thoughts:

What did we miss?
What should have explored further?

efccm.ca As I’m sure you can guess, in our under-20-minute format, we barely scratched the surface of this episode’s topic: Identity. We just feel that it’s such an important issue to cons…

efccm.ca 10/13/2017


Is God stirring a new vision in you? Check out the collection of EFCC-related job postings on our website's Opportunities page.

There's even an opportunity to join us at Home Office in an administrative role!

efccm.ca Lead Pastor Tabler Evangelical Free Church, Taber, Taber, AB The Lead Pastor of Taber Evangelical Free Church will be a point person in the church and community. The primary focus of this role is p…


All hands on deck! Home Office is hard at work preparing the large World of Hope mailout. Look for them in your church or mailbox soon!

More info about this year's World of Hope is available here: http://www.efccm.ca/wordpress/pulse-podcast-011-world-of-hope-2017-2018/


We're rapidly approaching the season of meetings, conferences and busy travel for Home Office staff. Yesterday we hosted a pastors' orientation for the Lower Pacific District. What a remarkable opportunity to share our history, our present and our future with those leading EFCC local churches.


Pulse Podcast 010

We're so excited to have Dan join us for this edition of the Pulse podcast.

In this episode, we talk about delegating authority. We believe this is one of the greatest challenges facing the church right now.

Why delegate authority?
How does that work?
How much is too little? Or too much?
Delegate to whom?

This is the conversation we're starting.

We made it to the double-digits! This time we're talking about delegating authority. It's a practical, relevant topic, wherever there are staff, leaders…


Evangelical Free Church of Canada's cover photo


Here is a photo of the people assembled at the Enchant 100th anniversary celebration. Thanks Cory for taking and sharing this picture with us! (https://www.facebook.com/coryskrettingphotography/)

#EFCC #Enchant100


Pulse Podcast 009

We did a Canada Day version of our Pulse podcast. What do you celebrate and cherish about our country?

This is "Pulse Podcast 009" by EFCC on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


It's fun to see the EFCC family acting like a family -- sharing time, smiles and laughter, even as we wrestle with tricky, delicate and weighty issues.

Like this one:
We see gender through a lens, and our lenses work like different languages: yelling doesn't improve understanding, in either direction.


[05/19/17]   Day 2 of the Theological Summit is now underway! To share your thoughts, use #TheoSum17





7600 Glover Rd
Langley, BC

General information

The term Evangelical refers to our commitment to the proclamation of the Gospel and to the authority of Scripture as being inerrant in the original writings and the only safe guide for faith and practice. The term Free refers to our form of church government as being congregational, depending upon the active participation of believers for decisions and directions. Purpose Statement “To glorify God by serving in the birth and growth of healthy churches across Canada and around the world.” The phrase "birth of" implies a refocusing on church planting as well as church health.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 16:30
Tuesday 08:00 - 16:30
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