TWU- Building Services. Custodial

The Custodial team here is amazinly hard working. I am proud to be team leader. They take great pride in being a part of this Christian university.

Operating as usual

New un-welcomed guests have joined us at the University. Eviction notice has been given.

Rescued a turtle today at work. Found over on the parking lot of the Music building. Let it go on the grass next to the pond. I took 2 pictures, sent them to my son and then turned around. The turtle was gone to the pond. That quick.

Well we loose another staff member to retirement. Good for Bert Russel.
Congratulations Bert.

Management hard at work! Tom Fehr

Just something beautiful to look at at this time of year.

TWU- Building Services. Custodial's cover photo

Time for another picture on campus. Anyone know where this is taken? It would be easy for one custodian.

Okay lets go with this picture. Can you tell me in which building this hallway is found

TWU- Building Services. Custodial's cover photo

Okay now for another picture on campus, where is this taken?

Okay, here is the next picture, can you guess the campus location?

Okay, I want to make a bit of a game of this to get interest in our custodial Facebook site. I will post a picture from some place on campus and I want you to guess the location. I will try and post these weekly if we have interest.

Facebook wanted me to post something.

Our wonderful student leaders and RD's decided to bless us with these home made cookies and a personal note of appriciation to each custodian in the dorms.

Extra cleaning during the reading break. Robson Hall.

TWU- Building Services. Custodial's cover photo

Today we had our department Thanksgiving day feast at TWU.
So many things to be thankful for.

We don't just clean campus buildings but do pest control as well.
Found this nest in one of the dorm rooms. Student said he had an issue with a lot of wasps. I never expected this. Took care of the problem and no one got stung. Thank you Jesus!

Look at what I found in a custodial closet. Custodial shirts that represent many years here. How many do you recall?

Taking contamination out of trash bins, again.

I got a chance to tour the new five story residence building. Here are a few pictures.

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

One of our newest staff members working hard, doing great work In Robert N Thompson Building.

Five years


We celebrated Carole's 5 years here at TWU. It is wonderful to work with her and hoping for many more. However it feels like 8 years.

We had a great time celebrating with Nancy last night. Nancy is retiring after more than 20 years of faithful service here at TWU. Thank you Nancy for everything.

Today April 24th 2918 we recognized Clive for his 18 year's of service to TWU. It was a great time and lots of friends and laughs. All the best for Clive and his family.

Clive Rippingale has now retired. His last day was March 22nd. Retirement party to come in April.
He will be much missed has he did so much for TWU all over Campus.
Enjoy your retirement Clive. You have worked hard for it.

It is independent study week so we have been busy catching up and doing the extra cleaning that we have no time for during the day to day activities.
Just a couple areas which I have noticed that extra effort. I know there's more but. Thanks to all the Custodial team.

Today we celebrate, our staff Christmas party with all Facilities staff, spouses and friends from the Provost office. What great food and greater fellowship.

We are celebrating today for Freddy's 5 years of service. We appreciate all the good work he has done in many areas of the campus.
In the last picture we had a special visitor for today.
Thank you Freddy and Matt.

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