JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy

JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy


I would like to know why churches in Abbotsford British Columbia choose not to help poor sick people I've been to many churches requiring help with just basic food and getting a doctor and they all flat out refused to help where is our love for our fellow man after God do not be deceived God bless
I am sick and I am poor and I live in Abbotsford British Columbia. I seek proper medical attention with a doctor that will treat me like a human being and I have attempted to get assistance from local churches and they refuse to acknowledge I'm a human being. If Christians in Abbotsford British Columbia want to preach about God but they choose not to help human beings what is the purpose of planting a church in another part of the world, you're running around the world preaching the gospel, but you won't help people in your own City. You cannot have faith without works you cannot have Works without faith is this hypocrisy ..... Judge not lest ye be judged, this is not a judgment it is a statement of fact, 2nd Timothy chapter 3. Do not be deceived God bless bringing the message of God’s love through the JESUS film showings, discipling new believers, training new leaders and planting churches

A Ministry of Power to Change

Coming out of a more coverage strategy, the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy focuses on follow-up and planting new churches, resulting in sustainability and multiplication.

Operating as usual

“I have a very perfect opportunity tonight to accept the Lord as my Saviour. I have now become a child of God. I am very happy that I am turning away from drinking, abusing and stealing. To be with the Lord can make anyone happy. When I am in Christ Jesus, my life is going to change. My prayer is that Christ would control my entire life. Everyone in this village knows that I was once into bad habits. To be in the things of God is very good as young man. You will be able to use your energy for God while you are still young and strong.” – Richard of Liberia

“I thank God for the JFCPS Team and also for the training that I am getting today. I did not know if I was not right with God. This training is a correction to my Christian life. I would like the Holy Spirit to lead me instead of me leading myself or doing God’s work in my own power. So please pray for me to be under the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Elkie of Liberia, an Action Group member

New believer's testimony from Sierra Leone

New believer's testimony from Sierra Leone

“I used to drink, smoke, gossip and even abuse people all over the community. But Christ is in me now and my life has changed. There is no way that I go back to any of these bad things that were in my life. My story has changed from bad to good and forever it will be in Jesus’ name. I never used to be a good person but Christ is now in control and He is going to carry me as long as I have accepted Him. I want to tell all my friends that the life in us belongs to the Almighty God and there’s nothing we can do without Him.” – Martha of Liberia

“I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. I believe in Jesus because He has given me new life through His death and resurrection. What more do I need? But I will continue to serve my God. I will no longer drink, smoke, and sleep around. People will be confused to hear that I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour because no one could think that I could be a changed person today. But all glory be to God Almighty for making me a different person, and I pray that I would be there as a good testimony for others to follow in the community. Let me be able to talk to my friends who don't know Christ to accept Him so their life can change as I did.” – Jonah of Liberia gave his life to Christ at a JESUS film showing in his village

Praise and worship at a new JFCPS church plant in Liberia

A young village church in Bong County, Liberia sings praise to God during a visit by JFCPS staff. The church plant is growing and more stories of changed lives are coming out from the church.

“I believe we all saw the miraculous things that Jesus did in the JESUS film. I believe those were true events that took place many, many years ago. If Jesus was able to do all the wonderful things that He did many years ago, why should I doubt Him now? I will be a fool if I do not give myself to Him. I knew that there was God but I never knew the gravity of His love for us. This film has shown to me how God loves us; therefore, I want to love Him too and serve Him for the rest of my life. If I refuse to accept God into my life, who else will I turn to? No one. So, I have given up myself to Him for the rest of my life.” – Fatmata of Sierra Leone

“I have now got the teachings that will make me strong in my Christian life, and I will certainly pass it to others. The teaching materials are good and easy to understand. Even though I do not know much about the Bible but I am happy to tell you that this Action Group training has given me a more deeper understanding of what Christianity is about and how to live it with the help of the Holy Spirit. The pictorial illustrations of the lessons have made it easier for me to teach others. I am very much grateful to God and I want to thank you very much for what you have done for us in this training.” – Emmanuel of Sierra Leone

Impact of the JESUS film in a Sierra Leone village

Pastor Saffa of Sierra Leone shares about how the JESUS film has impacted their village and grown the JFCPS church plant and its leadership.

“I was a drunk and a liar, and I got into fights. I accepted Christ through the Action Group, not a the JESUS film showing. The follow-up is very good.” – Saye of Liberia

“I used to drink and get drunk and gossip. I hated the church and church people. But the JESUS film message really changed my life. I stopped drinking and am now the pastor’s wife.” – Carmen of Liberia

Announcing a free leadership training for church leaders in Liberia

Part of the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy is providing training to the leaders of JFCPS church plants. In this video, the JFCPS National Coordinator in Liberia makes that announcement. See how the people react.

If you wish to know more about the JFCPS and how you can get involved, visit

“I am thankful to God that I am trained to glorify God by helping to fulfill the Great Commission by developing a movement of evangelism and sharing the vision to see that many people receive Christ, be discipled and trained to reproduce themselves. A big thanks go to my church who selected me to be a part of this wonderful teaching and I thank the Almighty for the JESUS film team.” – Freeman, an Action Group member from Liberia

“I thank the JFCPS team for coming tonight. The JESUS film show is the show to watch because it has the power to change the lives of sinners. I saw JESUS healing the sick, making the blind to see, casting out demons from a demon-possessed man, and even providing food for the hungry. With these testimonies, I believe that Jesus can do the same for me if I become His child. I have come to accept and receive Jesus as my Lord and I will continue to serve Him all the days of my life.” – Kerkulah of Liberia

Sierra Leone church roof support

Peter, from JFCPS Canada (speaking off-camera), tells members of a JFCPS church plant in Sierra Leone that we will supply them with zinc for their church building. They already have a piece of land that was donated by the village chief. The church members themselves will make the bricks from local materials and provide the labour.

“I thank God tonight for the JESUS film show. Seeing Jesus speaking in my own language is a very great thing in my life tonight. During the days of my youth, I did so many bad things like smoking, womanizing, taking people to court and many others. With all I did, I found nothing to profit me until I am now in my old age. Therefore, I have come to receive Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I learned also from the teaching of Jesus about the seeds from the parable. I choose to be the seed that fell on the good soil which indicates the true Christian who is in right standing with God. As I have received Christ, I pray that God bless me to remain with Him forever.” – Flomo, from Liberia

“The JESUS film has actually explained to me who is God. Because of this film, I have decided to turn my life around and finally come to Jesus and be His child. I want to thank the people that brought the film here, otherwise, I would not have made this tangible decision. I believe to serve God is the right thing anyone can do. It is God that created us so we in return must serve Him also. God is really, really good to all of us.” – Gladys, a new believer from Sierra Leone

Amos in Liberia

"“I am someone who is not religious at all. I care less about the things of God, frankly speaking. But when I watched the JESUS film for the past two nights, I realized that belonging to God is the best thing anyone could do. It is God who has absolute control over everything in this world. We saw that in the miracles of Jesus. We really need to come to God because by doing so, He will surely take good care of us. Jesus cared more for people who were helpless. I believe my perception about God has changed and I will this time be closer to God.” – Foday, Sierra Leone

“For us at the Folobliah Baptist Church, we thank God for you at the JFCPS ministry. We are always willing to be trained and to carry the gospel in every part of Liberia. We are blessed anytime you call us for training. The church is standing and willing to work with your church planting strategy for the gospel to go out to the needy. Our prayer is for God’s words to reach people who do not know Christ so they will receive Him as their personal Lord and Saviour. We need to use our body and strength for the Lord Jesus as a church and members of the Folobliah Baptist.” – Pastor Karnah, Liberia

The new JFCPS daughter church plant in Kamaluay, Kuranko District, Sierra Leone started in a most unusual way. Typically, the Mother Church pastor reaches out to a “Man of Peace” in a given village before engaging in the Church-Planting Strategy. In this case, it was a “Girl of Peace” by the name of Mary who reached out from Kamaluay to a Mother Church. Mary, originally from Kamaluay, lived for some time in East Sierra Leone, where she attended a Bible-believing church. When she returned home to this village, no such church existed. So, she began praying for one! She heard that an existing JESUS Film Mother Church was established five miles up the highway in Kamabai and reached out to them to ask if a church could be planted in her village. In five months since the JESUS film was shown and the plant begun, the church has grown to a regular attendance of over 50 attendees!

The Lord's Prayer in 4 Sierra Leonean dialects

Local believers from 4 JFCPS church plants in Sierra Leone pray The Lord's Prayer in their dialect

"People have been telling me about the JESUS film, especially in the Mende dialect, but I never had the opportunity to watch it except this time. I love the film because of the Mende translation and I understood every bit of thing that took place in the film. The film is actually good for our hearing because it is about God and Jesus Christ. What I learned from the film is that God loves us all because when I considered all that has been done to Jesus right from the beginning of His ministry, if He were not God, He would have given up but He continued doing what He came to do to the point that wicked people even killed Him on the cross. And upon all that, He prayed to God to forgive them. It takes God to do that and not man. I love everything about Jesus and He is worth following. Jesus is the actual leader everyone must follow because He came from heaven and only He alone can take us there." - Zainab, a new believer from Kenema, Sierra Leone

"Thank God again for another joyous meeting. I really, really want to appreciate your effort in the area of church planting. You have actually motivated us to get involved in church planting because your new strategy has made it easy for us to plant churches. One thing I love about the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy is the Action Group training. This allows our members to grow maturely in their Christian faith because of the teachings they will receive from the training manuals you will give to free of charge.

I am very excited to tell you that the first church plant we did at Kakajama Town is extremely doing well. The materials given to the action group members are really helping them to teach with ease and the members are understanding each lesson they are being taught. Because of the outcome of our first church plant, I am here again motivated to launch another church planting which I believe will be fruitful again in Jesus' name. I pray and hope that God will give us conducive weather for the church planting processes." - Pastor Alyious of Kenema, Sierra Leone

"I came to know about the JESUS film when I heard people talking in the Mende dialect and the sound was coming from a loudspeaker. That actually attracted me. I could vividly remember watching this film in the English version, but much was not taken in because of the English. But this time I understood everything that took place in the film because of the dialect. I want to say that Jesus is not an ordinary person considering all the mysteries surrounding Him. His ways of doing things actually explained to me that He actually came from heaven because no ordinary person could do such things without God being involved. I believe everyone should accept the teachings of Jesus because they will put everyone on the right path, or even lead us to God Himself. I am actually blessed by the things I saw and learned in the film." - Osman, a new believer from Kenema, Sierra Leone

"As a result of what I saw and heard in the JESUS film for the past two nights, I am well convinced that I am not making any mistakes in taking the decision to follow Jesus. This film has made me understand that Christianity is practical and straightforward. I am well convinced that if anyone follows Jesus wholeheartedly, heaven is assured for that person. I thank God that I took this decision because who knows this might be my last opportunity to come to Jesus. Life is short. I want to thank you for bringing this film to this community. It has actually brought light in this community." - Jebbeh, a new believer from Kenema, Sierra Leone

"I admire the JESUS film show very much and pray to live in Christ. I saw Jesus solving many miracles that prove to me that Jesus has the power to save all humankind despite how hard or big the problem might be. For this reason, my decision to follow Him is forever." - Thomas, a new believer from Gbarmu Town, Liberia

"I thank God tonight for the JESUS film show. I was one of those who used to deny the truth about Jesus Christ but having seen the teaching and healing that Jesus did, I have decided to serve the Lord forever. Jesus had the power to not die but for our sake, but He allowed it to happen in order to clean me from my sin." - Rebecca, a new believer from Garlawolo Village in Liberia

"I must confess that even though I am a Christian, this is my first time to actually be taught soundly in the Word of God. What we learned in this Action Group training has actually added more value to my Christian faith. At first, there were things I could not understand, no matter how people explain it to me. For example, who is the Holy Spirit and how does He work in the lives of Christians. But this time I really understood who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in our lives as Christians. As a Christian, I have never talked to anyone about Christ because I don't know what to tell them, but now I can share my faith with ease based upon what I learned here. In fact, the various evangelism methods you taught us have made it easy for me to share my faith without any hesitation. I want to thank you for everything you people have done for us, especially the training materials given to us free of charge. I also want to thank the people sponsoring this work. May God bless you all in Jesus' name." - Mariama, an Action Group member from Kenema District, Sierra Leone

"It is always a pleasure to me when working with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy because I learn a lot from the training you give to some of our members. This is not my first time working with you. The impact of your first work with us is very great. As far as I am concerned, your church planting strategy is the best for me because it has everything it takes to plant a church or churches anywhere you want to. The JFCPS is actually encouraging and motivating some of us pastors to plant more churches. I will be planting two churches with you people in two villages that I've been evangelizing for some time now. The people in those villages are well prepared to receive the gospel. I just want to thank you once again for your willingness to work with me. May the good Lord continue to strengthen you to do more for the body of Christ in this district in the area of church planting." - Pastor Kargbo of Makeni Town, Sierra Leone

"I was not a Christian before this time and I used to have no idea about who God is and what He is capable of doing. I am very happy about watching the JESUS film for the past two nights. In the film, I saw Jesus, who I never had any idea about doing miraculous things in the lives of people. From that moment I concluded that He must be God because no ordinary person could do such things apart from God even though I did not know who God is. Now that I am told that it was God who came in the person of Jesus to save us from going to hell, I will now accept Him and continually put my trust in Him and follow Him for the rest of my life. I am very grateful to God for that wonderful film which actually opened my eyes to know God." - Yeabu, a new believer from Loko District, Sierra Leone

"It's a great privilege for me to meet with you, the JFCPS team. I have been trying to get in touch with you since last year. One of my colleague pastors actually recommended your church planting strategy to me and I was really moved by what he explained to me. As you know, we don't have such an opportunity here, especially in the area of training. I am really, really ready to work with you to plant as many churches as I can." - Pastor Sorie, Magbontoh Village, Loko District, Sierra Leone

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New believer's testimony from Sierra Leone
Praise and worship at a new JFCPS church plant in Liberia
Impact of the JESUS film in a Sierra Leone village
Announcing a free leadership training for church leaders in Liberia
Sierra Leone church roof support
Amos in Liberia
The Lord's Prayer in 4 Sierra Leonean dialects
Liberian village celebrate new church




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