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As a Fellowship Partner Chaplain, it is my privilege to serve, support, and encourage elected leaders emotionally and spiritually with Leading Influence Ministries. God’s care for leaders is evident in his command to pray for those in authority. Daily prayer for leaders is biblical and part of providing effective spiritual care. Will you pray along with us as Canada's leaders respond to COVID-19? Watch this video for more information and then respond by selecting your nearest provincial prayer network below the video. https://www.facebook.com/leadinginfluence/videos/2680665338926740/

BC and the Yukon Churches and Organizations who have joined together to achieve an unforgettable God-honouring impact within our communities and beyond.

Mission: Leverage the collective strength of our churches in order to produce a God honouring impact in BC and Yukon.

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Don’t forget, Fellowship Pacific is covering the cost of some great resources for our churches!

Two of the options included in this gift are Crucial Conversations and Power of Habit — visit the Resources for Ministry page on our website to find out more about both of these incredible trainings and to book a time to go through them with your team!


Ministry has always come with challenges and that is even more a reality as this pandemic continues to drag on!

But you are not alone!
The Fellowship Pacific team is here for you.

We have many resources available for all aspects of ministry and are always available if what you need is to talk to someone.

Visit our website to find information about our resources AND contact info for our team!


Prayer is such an important way that we partner together across Fellowship Pacific.

If you would like to be on our list to receive emails when we have prayer requests to send out, you can sign up at the link below!


A team that understands and celebrates the strengths of each team member will be so much more effective than a team where differences are seen as potential liabilities or areas of conflict.

The Birkman Method is a multidimensional assessment tool that measures the behavioral and occupational strengths and interests of individuals. It helps you deeply understand your own personality, and then, when you discuss these insights together as a team, you gain the ability to embrace the differences that make each person unique.

At Fellowship Pacific, we have Birkman Certified coaches to take your leaders through a day of team building, and as a gift to our churches, we're covering the cost of the assessments until September 30!

Find out more and book a time for your team at www.febpacific.ca/birkman-method

In our latest update, David Horita addresses some of the realities that are facing all of us as the Covid-19 season continues to stretch on—becoming less of a “blizzard” and more of an “ice age.”

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can find it on our website: https://buff.ly/3fLJ0Z5.

And as a reminder: Fellowship Pacific exists to serve you! If you are struggling with any of these realities (or something different!) during this Covid “Ice Age,” please reach out to anyone on our team. We are here and ready to help.

Has your church ever talked about the legacy gifts that people might leave to your church through their wills? This kind of planned giving not only offers people peace of mind through knowing that their goals, values, and faith are reflected in their wills, it also contributes to long-term financial stability for the ministry of your church.

Fellowship Pacific has partnered with Advisors With Purpose to provide your church families with assistance in planning their estates in such a way that ensures they are leaving more to family, your church and other charities, and less to government taxation.

Want to hear more? Contact Dan Cody at [email protected] to discuss how this opportunity could benefit your church!

Did you know? The Propel podcast is available in video format as well as audio!

If you’re still catching up on episodes from our first season, check them out on YouTube!

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You have probably all heard the frigid metaphor being used to define our experiences with Covid 19, whereby “we thought we were in a blizzard, then we thought we were in winter, but it turned out that we had entered a new ice age.” Not really encouraging. Unlike most of you, I was happily ignorant of that depressingly accurate description until one of our Fellowship staff brought it to my attention. If you are interested, we can probably work out a trade of staff member for staff member that will be to the benefit of your church.

This update will have less to do with “how-to” through Covid, because you can find the most recent documents for churches available on our website. Instead, I would like to mention a couple of unfortunate realities affecting most of our churches as we slip further into the Covid ice age. Get it? Slip further into the ice age. I amuse myself, if no one else.

(Read the rest of this update from David at www.febpacific.ca/news)

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As the world keeps changing, most of us are discovering that the only way to address the ever-growing needs around us is to expand our capacity. But how do we do that without putting ourselves and our teams at risk of burnout?

One of the resources we have available for churches is The Power of Habit. This management tool will equip your staff team with tools that enable you to confront the habits keeping you from getting the results you want and teaching you how to manage how you work.

Smarter, not Harder.

Visit our website (https://www.febpacific.ca/power-of-habit) to learn more about this resource and to schedule a time to go through the training with your team!

(And don’t forget, as a gift to our churches during this challenging season, Fellowship Pacific will cover the cost of materials for any Power of Habit training scheduled from now until September!)

There is a lot involved with leading a church and it can often feel overwhelming. But you're not in this alone.

Whether it's caring for and developing your pastors, building healthy teams, investing into new leaders, church administration, or you just need someone to talk to, we are here to help!

You can find all the resources available for you on our website: http://ow.ly/3NRJ50Ar9At

We hope you’ve been enjoying the Propel podcast these past few months. We have certainly enjoyed putting it together for you!

Over the summer we’re going to put a pause on releasing new episodes while we work on putting together an amazing lineup for the fall and we would love to hear from you about what you've appreciated and what you would like to hear discussed in future episodes of the podcast!

Let us know your thoughts here: http://ow.ly/u6hb50Ar8vL

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Healthy teams become places where the people we’re leading are free to grow and discover who God has made them to be and what they’re capable of doing for His kingdom. What an incredible gift to be a part of that!

Don’t miss the full conversation with our Fellowship Pacific team leaders on how to build healthy teams in your church or ministry. You can find it on all podcast platforms and on our website!


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Are you investing in your staff? As David says in this week’s episode of the Propel podcast, “The relationship and the connection and the culture is the single most important thing you can do to get value on your dollars for your staff.”

In other words, it’s worth it.

For practical advice and wisdom on how to invest in your staff and how to build healthy teams in your ministries, don’t miss this conversation with our Fellowship Pacific team leaders!

You can listen now on all podcast platforms and on our website.

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NEW EPISODE | Healthy Teams

If you work or serve in ministry, it’s pretty much inevitable that you will be part of a team. Ministry is not solo work. And whether or not that team is a healthy one will have a significant impact on your ability to move forward in the mission God has for you.

In this episode, you get to learn from our own team leaders at Fellowship Pacific: David Horita (Regional Director and Church Lifecycles Team Lead), Krista Penner (Leadership Development Team Lead), and Dan Cody (Church Management Solutions Team Lead). They discuss questions around what it looks like to have healthy team dynamics and what leaders can do to help build those in their own team and culture so they can be healthier and therefore, more effective.

Listen now on all podcast platforms and on our website!

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Technology is not something to be scared of, it’s just another tool we have been given that we can use to reach people who we’ve never been able to reach before.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, we encourage you to check out the full conversation with Joshua Lee on the Propel podcast. It’s available now on all podcast platforms and on our website!


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It takes a lot of pressure off us when we truly grasp that all we have to do is be ready for whatever God asks of us. He has equipped each one of us with gifts and passions and He will open the doors for us to use them. We just have to be ready to walk through those doors!

Listen to the full conversation with Joshua Lee on the Propel podcast. It’s available now on all podcast platforms and on our website!


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NEW EPISODE | Just Get on the Horse

Along with Covid-19 have come numerous changes to the ways that we’re able to do ministry. But what if those changes are really just new opportunities?

In this episode, Todd Chapman from our Church Lifecycles team talks with Joshua Lee, Lead Pastor of Nordel Multicultural Christian Church about how God is building His community and at the same time, He is building us! He has given each one of us abilities and passions and He will open the doors for us to use what He’s given us in order to serve the people He’s asking us to serve.

In other words, we just have to “get on the horse” and hold on for the ride.

Listen now on all podcast platforms, or on our website!

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It's a gift to be able to partner with God in what He's doing as we work in our ministries. But that doesn't mean it's not really hard. So how do you keep the hard from overtaking the joy? How do you stay healthy so that you can keep doing this great work for the longterm?

If you haven't had a chance yet, make sure you listen to this week's podcast episode with Dr. Josh Kruse as he addresses this very issue!

Available on all podcast platforms and on our website.

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Propel Podcast | Episode 08

How have you been doing during this Covid-19 season? Have you taken some time to stop and make sure that you're taking care of yourself in the midst of all this pressure?

Don't miss this full conversation with Dr. Josh Kruse on burnout in ministry! Available now on all podcast platforms and on our website.


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NEW EPISODE | Burnout in Ministry

The fact that burnout in ministry is an issue is not new information. One quick search is all it takes to see the disheartening statistics on this. And that was before Covid-19 changed everything about how we do ministry and life and family!

In this episode, Jessica Powell has a conversation with Dr. Josh Kruse (Pastor of Counselling at Village Church and Registered Psychologist) about how burnout affects us in ministry work, especially when we find ourselves leading through a crisis like the one we’re in now. You’ll get to hear practical advice and invaluable wisdom for how we can fully live out our calling in ministry without falling into the trap of carrying what we were never meant to carry and burning ourselves out.

Listen now on all podcast platforms and on our website!

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How do you stop comparing yourself and your ministry to the ones you see around you and online?

Love and serve the people God has asked you to love and serve and let Him take care of the rest.

This was such a great conversation with Darin Phillips, Jordan Gold, and Dan Steenson! If you haven't had a chance to listen yet, you can find it on all podcast platforms, or on our website!


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PROPEL | The Comparison Game

One of the unintended consequences as ministry goes increasingly online during this season is that it’s easier than ever to see what other churches, other ministries, and other leaders are doing.

But if we don’t fight the temptation to compare, we’ll miss out on what God is doing right in front of us.

Get the full conversation on all podcast platforms, or on our website!

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NEW EPISODE | The Comparison Game

Comparison—we all know we’re not supposed to do it, but somehow it always seems so easy to fall into, especially when it comes to ministry. So how do we fight it?

In this episode, Elizabeth Faulkner from our Leadership Development team has a conversation with Darin Phillips (Lead Pastor at Oceanview Community Church in Ladysmith), Jordan Gold (Campus Pastor at Shuswap Community Church in Salmon Arm), and Dan Steenson (Youth & Young Adults Pastor at Maple Ridge Baptist Church in Maple Ridge) about the challenges of comparing ourselves to others—something that seems to be even more pronounced during this COVID season. Through some great stories, life experiences, and wisdom from God’s Word, you will hear practical insight and encouragement for helping you with that inner battle of comparison.

Listen now on your favourite podcast platform, or on our website!

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There is no place for cultural division in the kingdom of God. So are we willing to do the hard work of breaking down barriers and building relationships even when it means getting uncomfortable?

Listen to the conversation on all podcast platforms and on our website.

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Propel Podcast | Episode 06

As our communities change around us, is what we're doing as churches still effective in reaching them? Or are we at risk of losing our missional effectiveness?

Check out this week's episode on the Propel podcast and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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NEW EPISODE | Breaking the Barriers

While we recorded this episode prior to the societal upheaval created by the death of George Floyd, this tragedy only serves to point to the critical need for proactive change. Fellowship Pacific remains unrelentingly opposed to racism in any form, believing that every person is created in the image of God.

Further, we want our churches to reflect this truth and to be effective in reaching people of every nation and every tongue. But the reality of what it takes to actually do that so often feels overwhelming and out of reach.

In this episode, Krista Penner speaks with Paul Park––lead pastor of South Delta Baptist Church––about how we can start to take real steps towards removing the barriers that keep us from reaching our diverse communities, and why it is vitally important that we do so.

Listen now on all podcast platforms and on our website!


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Update on Re-Starting Church Ministries

Our latest update video was recently posted to our website in response to the many questions we have been receiving regarding the recent move into Phase 2 of the BC Restart Plan and what this could mean for our churches.

In addition, after attending the most recent faith leaders conference call with Dr. Henry, Premier Horgan, and Minister Dix, we have now released a written statement on Restarting Church Ministries that can be found (along with all previous updates) in the Covid-19 Resource section of our website.

We are continually encouraged by the creativity, resilience, and relentless commitment to mission in our Fellowship Pacific churches. Know that we continue to pray for you and are here to support you as we enter into this next phase!

One of our main goals in Fellowship Pacific is that we would see people meeting Jesus in every single church, every single year.

Could one of the impacts of Covid-19 be that we find ourselves able to reach more people as we start to better embrace being the church wherever we are instead of just on Sunday morning?

Let us know in the comments what you found most helpful from this week's episode of the Propel podcast and tell us how you've seen the church find new ways to reach people for Jesus during this time!

And if you haven't had a chance to listen yet, you can find it on all podcast platforms or on our website!


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