MB Seminary, Langley, BC Video August 1, 2019, 10:47pm

Videos by MB Seminary in Langley. MB Seminary is the national seminary of the MB churches of Canada. Learn more at www.mbseminary.ca.

Israel Tour

Only 7 seats left in the Israel Tour trip led by our President, Mark Wessner. Learn more: https://www.mbseminary.ca/israel-tour-feb-2020/

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Christianity & Culture
Many Christian leaders have identified the relationship of Christians to culture as THE SINGULAR CRISIS POINT FOR THE CH...

How can we help those who are facing end-of-life decisions? Dr. Gloria Woodland's upcoming course will equip you with th...

COVID-19, Shiloh, and a Sovereign God
President Mark Wessner offers a reflection on COVID-19, ancient Shiloh (1 Samuel 4) and our God who remains in control.w...

Theology II - The God Who Creates, Sustains, and Redeems
Fresh off of yesterday's TV appearance, Dr. Brian Cooper is on camera again to introduce his upcoming theology course.

Jesus's parables give us our most direct contact with His voice and worldview. Here's your chance to interpret and apply...

Biblical Foundations of Chaplaincy
Walking with people through life's challenge is often a catalyst for transformation. Learn how to provide loving pastora...

Israel Tour
Only 7 seats left in the Israel Tour trip led by our President, Mark Wessner. Learn more: https://www.mbseminary.ca/isra...

MB Seminary Course in Saskatoon
Mark Wessner's course is coming to Saskatoon! Learn more and register here: http://www.mbseminary.ca/b-6210/

Introduction to Vision and Strategic Planning
Learn from wherever you are and apply it to your current ministry context! You can complete Randy Wollf's upcoming cours...

Taking Flight: Easter Devotions
Our Easter devotions book is now ready for pre-sales! You can read a sample entry and view the table of contents at www....

We're looking forward to equipping more leaders and reaching more people with the good news of Jesus in 2019!

Follow Me: Easter Devotions
Mark Wessner introduces a new resource to guide you through the Easter season. Learn more here: ow.ly/z3Pl30hGnHV

MB Seminary and Leadership Training
Listen to Justin, one of our students, talk about the difference that seminary training and the LTMG have made in his mi...

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