Holy Nativity Orthodox Church

Holy Nativity Orthodox Church


Forgive me the sinner.
Let's be praying about this issue.

As an employee of a big-box store that is designated as an "essential service", I am a sort-of front-line worker. Because of the CoVid issue limiting travel, and office work for some people, our store has done record business in the past year. That is to say, they are shopping in droves, while still maintaining Public Health order guidelines.

There are no good reasons that places of worship should be prevented from serving the spiritual needs of our communities so long as they can maintain the occupancy and physical distancing directives required for other essential services.
God is Moving..?

People are looking for something more than mere religion - they are looking for the Truth... and I believe God always answers those who sincerely desire to know the Truth.

However, does that mean that such "expressions", outside of Orthodoxy, are the final answer regarding HOW God is moving, or desires to move? Has the "Orthodox Church" lost it??

Personally, I don't think so... Christ said, " I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail..."

Nonetheless, there are things going on outside the Orthodox Church which appear to be powerful movings of God, and yet the Orthodox Church, as a whole, seems to be oblivious...

How should we evaluate these apparent movements of God??
I noticed today that the livestream matins didn’t show in the main feed during the service. I did find that on my phone, going to videos would show the livestream. I also didn’t get a notification.
When on the computer, along the left hand side, there is a LIVE link that will have the streaming video.
I hope this helps people in the future find the live-streams.
Hey, where are the calendar updates?
Join St Joseph Damascene Antiochian Orthodox Church on their events
Website where I am showcasing my icons:
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And feel free to ask me about commissions. I'm at liturgy often enoubh week by week.
Palm Sunday
Excellent lecture on the Resurrection of Our Lord.

In case you do not know, Richard Swinburne is Orthodox and was received into the Church by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. In fact they're old friends, going back to when Met. Kallistos was still Timothy Ware and an Anglican.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRhYgdQkVVM&feature=youtu.be For our Holy Nativity Church Family- we love and miss you guys and thank you for being a part of our special day back in February. Tim's Groomsman Levi just gifted us this AMAZING video (which you are all staring in:) for our California reception:) Reminds us about the LOVE and COMMITMENT and BEAUTY of being married in the Orthodox church:)

Antiochian Orthodox Church

Operating as usual


Sunday of Orthodoxy


Vespers for the Sunday of Orthodoxy


Matins and Divine Liturgy for the first Saturday in Lent


Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God. First Friday in Lent


Presanctified Liturgy for Friday the First Week of Lent


Great Compline Thursday evening First Week of Lent


Presanctified Liturgy Wednesday the first week


Matins with 3rd section of the Canon of St. Andrew


Great Compline for Tuesday the first week of Lent


Great Compline for Clean Monday


Monday Matins first week of lent


Matins and Divine Liturgy for Forgiveness Sunday


Great Vespers for Forgiveness Sunday


Memorial continue


Matins and Liturgy for Cheese-fare Saturday and Jim Lochhead’s one year memorial


Lenten daily matins for St Gregory the Great, Pope of Rome


Lenten Daily Matins for St. Martyr Quadratus and those with him.


Matins for our Righteous Father Theophylact


Sunday of the Last Judgment


Souls Saturday, March 6


Matins for Holy Martyr Conan


Matins for Martyrs Eutopius, Cleopicus and Basilicus


Matins for St Eudocia the Samaritan


Sunday of the Prodigal Son


Great Vespers for the Sunday of the Prodigal Son


Matins for St. Procopius of Decapolis


Matins for St. Porphyria of Garza and St. Photini the Samaritan Woman


Matins for the Finding of the Head of John the Baptist


Daily Matin February 22


Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee


Great Vespers for the Publican and Pharisee


Matins for St. Leo Bishop of Catania in Sicily


Matins for St Archippus of the Seventy and St. Phil other of Athens


Matins for Theodore the Soldier


Matins for Apostle Onesimus of the Seventy

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