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Christmas Eve... all season long... If you missed being with us on December 24, you can still enjoy this Christmas Eve Extraordinaire - Livestream ... celebrating the birth of Love & Light in our midst... Enjoy the music and the message... and share it with your friends!
Great job, everyone! Really enjoyed the online experience!
Is there any Churches in the Langley area that have an outreach service to help seniors with home repairs etc.? I am searching for some help with painting my low ceiling in my home. I am on disability and cannot afford to pay. I cannot look up for any length of time or I would tackle it myself, I can supply everything needed just need some help thank you and God Bless
Thanks to the many hundreds of believers and churches that have prayed and been praying for my son-in-law RUI. FELICIANA his WIFE is my daughter she had surgery too they removed cancer a few months after her husband was treated for limphoma . For the love of Jesus continue to pray for them both until God is going to give us a complete victory. Thank you and I love you all for your thoughts and prayers God bless you very much.
Home Yoga Practice Workshop *2 DAYS AWAY! Email registration required [email protected] Practicing with an experienced Certified Yoga Teacher (like me!) is a highly valuable tool to add to your toolbox of health and wellness practices. Continuing your practice at home (even 10 minutes a day) can be life altering. Learn how to get started and trust in your ability to practice Yoga at home (or anywhere) in the upcoming Home Yoga Practice Workshop. A personal practice addresses your unique current state of wellness. We will cover how to create your own practice from Pranayama (breathing) to Shavasana (relaxation). We’ll delve deep into the alignment of basic postures and learn to modify them with props from around your home. WHEN Friday Oct 12th 6:00-8:00pm FEE $25 WHERE: The Sharon Chapel United Churches of Langley 21562 Old Yale Rd. Murrayville
This is so cute particularly on a Sunday.
The first day of school is sometimes a happy, excited time for some students. For others, it can be a very anxious and trying time. Check in with your kids. Honour what they are feeling. Get help from resources in your local community.
At First United, we are so grateful for the ongoing support from the United Churches of Langley Community. From donations during our #GivingTuesday campaign in November to additional cash donations from individual congregation members; regular donations of clothing and other community member needs to the annual sock and mitten Christmas tree, the United Churches of Langley are helping us build a stronger community of care where everyone can feel welcome and well-taken care of. For many years now, UCoL has supported First United out of a strong determination to make life a little easier for those accessing our shelter and support services. They recognize the importance of giving as a way to build a community where everyone is valued. From all of us at First United, we say THANK YOU to the United Churches of Langley. First United Church Community Ministry Society is a shelter and service centre located on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. At First United, we uphold the values of dignity, trust, justice, empowerment, and respect through all of our programming which includes shelter, meals, storage, advocacy, spirit programs, and more. Please visit our website, www.firstunited.ca, to learn more.
Santa at a church event?! I've heard this question asked. Santa is just one of many cultural stories of gift-givers at Christmas time. Some think the origin of the Christmas-time gift-givers came from the 3 Magi who traveled with gifts to the Christ child. Others have differing views of the origin of the mystical, magical, generous beings. What we know is that most cultures have someone bringing gifts to children. What's not to love about a tradition of generosity?! as we remember the One who so generously gave his love to us all. Check out these two links to read more about these myths and stories from around the world, Giftbringer Customs (https://www.whychristmas.com/customs/giftbringers.shtml) and Beyond Santa (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/panmankey/2013/12/beyond-santa-claus-the-other-gift-givers/) AND Come on December 2, 4:00pm, to the Mistletoe FREE Concert to hear Santa's favourite Christmas story, and enjoy the cultural story of Babuska. See you there!
Dear friends at United Churches of Langley, I’m writing as the Executive Director of First United Church Community Ministry Society, to ask you a favour. Would you please take a few minutes between October 10 and 19 to vote for First United’s entry in an online contest, and share my request with your congregation? If we win, we could be awarded up to $50,000 which we will use to buy a vehicle to take folks out of the urban core and into nature. The people we work with are deeply-entrenched in the street life of Vancouver, and seldom have the resources or opportunity to find and enjoy nature. When we are able to bring them into a natural setting – a beach, community or indigenous herbal gardens, a park – the transformation is remarkable. Tremendous healing takes place when folk connect – or in many instances, re-connect – with the natural world. If you are not already supporting another project (through the AVIVA Community Fund Campaign), would you please take a few minutes between October 10 and 19 to vote for us? It would mean so much to me, and all of us! VOTING IS EASY! Start by emailing me, and I’ll send you the voting link. [email protected] THANK YOU! The Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne PS: Check out the video we created in support of our campaign:

A congregation of The United Church of Canada. *** WEAVING A FAITH THAT MATTERS *** Sunday services are taking place ONLINE during the pandemic!

Mission: THRIVING congregation VITAL to the community ALIVE as followers of Jesus Christ SUSTAINABLE for the future

Operating as usual

United Churches of Langley YAYA

Hello UCoL Youth! Join us for a Lunar New Year Movie Night! Sarah & Deanna are dropping off packets for the youth... if you want one and may not be on our list... email [email protected]! Hope you'll join us for this fun night of connection & celebration.


Black History Month - Ezra Kwizera & Marcus Mosely

What a great offering by Next arts! A way we can stay connected to them while we're still apart!

bezartshub.veeps.com https://bezartshub.veeps.com/

Social Justice Langley

Read Elisabeth's blog this week as they answer our question about using the "they/them" pronouns. In their blog, we explore pronoun usage throughout history. Read more at https://socialjusticelangley.ca/blog/they-is-valid-pronoun-usage-throughout-history

And keep your queer questions coming! Email your questions to [email protected]

Ethnicity & Racial Identity Workshop

Join us starting Sat Feb 27 as we explore Ethnicity & Racial Identity in this 6 part series. Each session is on a Saturday, from 10am to 11:30am.

Email [email protected] to register

#socialjusticelangley​​​ #unitedchurchesoflangley

Ethnicity & Racial Identity Workshop

This week, Tom, Peggy, & Elisabeth have questions for our workshop!

Starting Sat Feb 27, at 10am, we will be running a workshop on Ethnicity & Racial Identity. What kinds of questions would you like to see addressed at the workshop?

Email [email protected] to register

#socialjusticelangley #unitedchurchesoflangley

Social Justice Langley

The Nicomekl Lunch Program is looking for more volunteers. There is a greater need for lunches to be made for children who do not have lunches on a regular basis.

To learn more or to volunteer, please phone Lilianne at 604-290-8396 or email her at [email protected]

#unitedchurchesoflangley #socialjusticelangley #volunteeropportunities

Social Justice Langley

A big shout to everyone who donated socks, scarves, hats/toques, and gloves for our Mitten Tree collection this year! So many donations were received that will help keep people warm this winter!

Follow in the video as Maureen drops off the donations at Gateway of Hope and Nicomekl Elementary School

#unitedchurchesoflangley​ #socialjusticelangley #donations

A big shout to everyone who donated socks, scarves, hats/toques, and gloves for our Mitten Tree collection this year! So many donations were received that will help keep people warm this winter!

Follow us in the video as Maureen drops off the donations at Gateway of Hope and Nicomekl Elementary School

#unitedchurchesoflangley​ #socialjusticelangley #donations

Social Justice Langley

We're looking to help a local Langley resident who is homeless. If you have a useable truck trailer you are willing to donate or sell, please get in touch with us.

This person recently lost his trailer in a fire, along with most of his possessions. And currently does not have a place to live.

We are also looking for warm blankets, warm clothing, & basic toiletries.

If you can help, please email [email protected]

Social Justice Langley

If you could ask questions about gender, identity, or queerness in general, what would it be?

Elisabeth will be joining us for this semester and they will be answering our questions. What would you want to ask? Email your questions to [email protected]

#genderidentity​ #queerness​ #queer​ #lgbtq​ #socialjusticelangley​​​ #unitedchurchesoflangley

Social Justice Langley

Today is the 1st ever #BlackShirtDay for anti-racism - a movement initiated by Vancouver's own arc.vancouver. It is an act of solidarity and support for all Black and racialized Canadians! Today is also Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and 2 weeks prior to black history month in February!

Check out the Anti-Racism Coalition Vancouver website at https://antiracismcoalition.org/

And sign their petition to the BC Ministry of Education to designate Friday, January 15, as Black Shirt Day in recognition of the struggle for civil rights of Black and racialized Canadians: http://chng.it/qjdFb7K5GC

Workshop on Ethnicity & Racial Identity

Beginning the morning of Sat, Feb 27, we will be hosting a 6 part workshop series on Ethnicity & Racial Identity, each 1.5 hours in length. Registration required.

The workshop is sponsored by Social Justice Langley. Email [email protected] for questions & to register.

A new way for our Youth and Young adults to engage is coming...stay tuned!

Get ready...

Christmas Eve ... all the way through the holidays. If you missed being with us on December 24, enjoy the video of our Christmas Eve Extraordinaire! A celebration of Love & Light! With music by Neerava Sandra Kroeger Nathen Aswell Carley Carder and William Ness ... And great thanks to the videography and audio work of William Ness and Brad Lensman. Share this link with your family and friends from around the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YiG4f-4ht4&t=236s

Join us for "The Great Christmas Tree Adventure," 10:30am, Sunday, December 27 - Online, a de-Light-Full service for all ages! Sing Christmas songs from around the world while Mummford & McFinn go in search of a very special Christmas Tree... and discover the True Joy of Christmas.

Jazzy Christmas Vespers with Leora Cashe & Jaye Krebs

United Churches of Langley's Joy-Full Jazzy Christmas Vespers still available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rxavxAQMd0
Featuring the amazing duo: Leora Cashe and Jaye Krebs.
Tune in to enjoy Christmas Songs & Stories – Jazzed Up!

United Churches of Langley's cover photo

UCoL Christmas Eve - A Celebration of Light & Love

Join us for Christmas Eve online - December 24, 7pm. https://youtu.be/0YiG4f-4ht4
You won't want to miss this Celebration of Light & Love! #2020UCoLChristmas

UCoL Online Mistletoe Worship! This Sunday Dec 20, 10:30am - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsJ6iAQUhog&feature=youtu.be Join us for a fun morning of song and story. Open to the Joy of Advent 4 as we journey our way to Jazzy Christmas Vespers at 4pm and onto to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, 7pm.

Social Justice Langley

You all are amazing!!! We posted about collecting egg cartons, glasses, & aluminum only 4 DAY AGO!!! And look how many egg cartons and used aluminum have already been donated to help local farmers, the Langley Memorial Hospital, and children with disabilities!!!

Keep collecting and keep them coming!!! This program does not stop! We will keep collecting all year long into 2021.

If you didn't catch it, here's the video explaining what this is all about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5wjHiUx7Xw

This third Sunday of Advent, we will be exploring familial love and reminiscing another of our traditions - Nativity scene gallery! Our worship service will begin with a virtual “Nativity Gallery” photo slideshow, that will include photos of the past years, as well as those that were sent by congregants over the past week.
All are welcome at 10:30am here:

United Churches of Langley's cover photo

Social Justice Langley

We are collecting donations of Egg Cartons, Glasses, & Aluminum. Check out the video for details.

Drop off your donations at 21562 Old Yale Road in Murrayville, Langley.

Egg Cartons:
(all types and sizes) are taken to Penny Pinchers (hospital Thrift Store) where they are purchased by local egg farmers with the proceeds going to the Langley Memorial Hospital

(all kinds including sunglasses & prescription glasses) are taken to a local Optometrist's office where they are picked up by local Lions Club members. Once or twice a year volunteer Optometrists and students take them to impoverished countries where they are matched up with local residents

Aluminum foil and containers:
(used pie plates, casseroles, etc. - please make sure they are cleaned) are taken it to a friend in New Westminster who collects it for Burnaby Lions, who then take it to be sold with the proceeds used to buy equipment for children with disabilities.


Singing for Language Revival

giftswithvision.ca A mother tongue carries the true meaning of stories and traditions forward through generations. There are only a few surviving original speakers of Liqwala, the language of the Laich-kwil-tach people of Quadra Island and Campbell River, BC. With support from Quadra Island United Church, and when it....

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am for worship service online. We will be reminiscing our old tradition - annual Holly Tea and sharing in it in a whole new way! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=675U1ipCNtM&feature=youtu.be

McKillop United Church

Advent begins this Sunday. The word Advent means “Coming.” This is a Season of the year when we make room in our hearts and our lives for the coming of the Light of the Christ Child: a time to practice waiting, to practice getting ready, a time to practice hope, peace, love and joy.
Please join us this Sunday at 10:30am at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnvqxKxxFVU&feature=youtu.be

Social Justice Langley

We're looking for volunteers to purchase gift cards for Christmas Hampers in denominations of $25 or $50. The contributions on your behalf are covered by the Social Justice Program. Get in touch with us to volunteer

Every year during Advent season we prepare hampers for 12 to 24 Langley families who are in need, with the hope that we can help them have a joyous Christmas. The families are referred to us by the Langley Christmas Bureau and each family receives several boxes of groceries and a gift for each family member. The hampers are traditionally delivered on the last Saturday before Christmas.

Because of covid, this year we will be purchasing gift cards for the families and also donating funds to the Langley Christmas Bureau. If you would like to help purchase the gifts cards, please get in touch with Andrea Hammond who will be coordinating this effort. The cost is covered by the Social Justice Program budget.

#donations #langleycares #keepourcommunitywarm

Social Justice Langley

Here is Maureen Burgess inviting everyone to contribute to our Mitten "Tree" 2020!

It has been our tradition to have a "Mitten Tree" in the main entry area of our building every year which collected your donations. This year we are asking you to drop off your donations in the gift box outside the main entrance of the building at your convenience. United Churches of Langley is located at 21562 Old Yale Road.

Please donate socks, scarves, hats/toques, and gloves.

From your donations in past years we have been able to take several boxes of items to help those in need during the cold weather months. The adult sized gifts are brought to the Gateway of Hope and the children sized gifts are brought to Nicomekl Elementary

#donations #langleycares #keepourcommunitywarm

Here is Linda's beautiful rendition of Jesu, Joy of Men's Desiring, which she performed as the prelude last Sunday.

Pacific Mountain Regional Council of The United Church of Canada

Important Statement from Treena Duncan, Executive Minister, in support of maintaining public health restrictions on in-person worship. A PDF of this document is also found on our website

The United Church of Canada

Advent begins next Sunday, and here is the Moderator's Advent message.

In his Advent message, Moderator Richard Bott reminds us that for everything there is a season. Advent and Christmas will be different this year. We will need to keep our physical distance and cover our faces. Perhaps the distance this pandemic brings can allow us to prepare our spiritual life for the coming of the Christ child.

One step at a time. Each in its own order. There is a time for everything.


#UCCan #Advent2020 #UCCanCOVID19


UCoL Worship Online - November 22, 2020

The Reign of Christ Sunday is the last Sunday before Advent. Join us at 10:30am at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OraEw3tDs4

youtube.com Offerings during the service are accepted online at https://givepoint.com/unitedchurchesoflangley Permission to stream the music in this service obtained fro...

A new Gifts with Vision catalogue is here.

This year, give hope through Gifts with Vision. Visit our online gift catalogue to give a gift that's truly meaningful: http://ow.ly/kC4150CooiH

#UCCan #GiftswithVision #MakeaDifference


Vancouver’s Poorest Neighbourhoods Now Have Highest Rates of COVID-19 | The Tyee

thetyee.ca Downtown Eastside community on alert with many residents dealing with pre-existing health conditions and living in cramped quarters.

Join us this Sunday, November 15 at 10:30am for worship service led by Jayne Slawson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC-VQo82baQ
Awake! We are people of the light, prepared and ready to encourage each other to live in faith, love and hope, as Jesus did.

Our Story

At United Churches of Langley, we are bringing generations together, in a faith community that communicates a message of hope, faith and God’s unconditional welcome. We strive to be a place of belonging, spiritual growth and learning for all ages. We reach out and express our values of compassion, social justice and respect for creation in the wider society.

As expressed in our Principles, we strive to:

  • Engage with the wider community

  • Listen for the Spirit ‘pored out’ on God’s people
  • Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Langley?

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    Ethnicity & Racial Identity Workshop
    Ethnicity & Racial Identity Workshop
    Workshop on Ethnicity & Racial Identity
    Jazzy Christmas Vespers with Leora Cashe & Jaye Krebs
    UCoL Christmas Eve - A Celebration of Light & Love
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    Church Office: 604-530-2929, [email protected] 21562 Old Yale Road, Langley, BC V3A 4M8 Worship Locations: Murrayville site: 21562 Old Yale Road, Langley Fort Langley site: 9025 Glover Road, Fort Langley

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    We meet every Sunday at 10:00am at the Langley Community Music School

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    Join us for Sunday evening services 6-8PM with the english ministry!

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    SouthRidge Fellowship Church Sunday morning services at 9:00 am & 11:00 am.

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    Sunday morning worship at 10:00 am online at https://wglc.online.church/ and in-person at 20530-88 Ave, Langley for a maximum 50 people. Register between Sun and the Thurs noon prior to the Sun you wish to attend. https://www.wglc.org/

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    Welcome to Vancouver BC Seminary & Institute of Religion serving students in the Lower Mainland Area.

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    A new english ministry of Hebron Presbyterian Church, for the next generation followers of Jesus Christ

    BC Yukon PAOC District Network BC Yukon PAOC District Network
    20411 Douglas Cres
    Langley, V3A 4B6

    twitter: @bcydpaoc instagram: @bcydpaoc On Web: http://bc.paoc.org/

    Kenneth Copeland - Canada Kenneth Copeland - Canada
    20135 93A Ave
    Langley, V1M 4A9

    Kenneth Copeland Ministries Canada's mission is to minister the Word of Faith, by teaching believers who they are in Christ Jesus; taking them from the milk of the Word to the meat, and from religion to reality.

    Bethel Mennonite Church Bethel Mennonite Church
    Langley, V2Z 1B9

    We desire to be a church where a diversity of people can meet together around the truth of the Bible, encourage each other in our mutual faith and worship God sincerely. We are a part of Mennonite Church British Columbia

    KidsTown KidsTown
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    KidsTown exists to partner with families in demonstrating the message of God's story to children, and to fuel a deep and lasting faith in the next generation!

    Northwest Baptist Seminary Northwest Baptist Seminary
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    NORTHWEST BAPTIST SEMINARY Church-based ministry leadership development www.nbseminary.ca

    Holy Nativity Orthodox Church Holy Nativity Orthodox Church
    4828-216A St
    Langley, V3A 2N5

    Antiochian Orthodox Church

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