Partners in prayer

Partners in prayer is a place were all are welcome to submit their prayer request, as we agree with you to touch the heart of The Lord for your every need


Starting your day right

During hurricane Katrina it wasn't the category 4 winds that destroyed New Orleans but it was the weak leaves that broke after the storm that caused the city to be flooded.
Beyond our victory is more than a praise but the opportunity to sand bag the weak areas of out lives.

Ish. 59:19 When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of The Lord will lift up a standard against him


Starting your day right

in 2015 don't allow people to quest who you are or size you up to someone they know. Be who God has designed you to be, it may not be what people want but there is only one YOU

Don't let anyone guess who you are


May we continue to keep the families of B.F.M in prayer. That The Lord would comfort them in their time of sorry.


May The Lord add grace and strength to the Church of God family as they lay to rest Bishop Humes


He who has friends must first show himself friendly. Praying for Mr. Gibson for the Gibson's, McPhee's , Hutchinson Group of companies and Pastor Russell and the Mount Zion family


Let us continue to pray for the children of Africa who have become orphans because of the EBola epidemic. These kid are not only orphans but they are also rejected because people are afraid that they are infected because their parents and family member were. God is concerned about the orphans because such were we until Jesus entered our lives


Let us continue to pray for those infected with the Ebola virus


Good Afternoon, I received a whatapp message from a friend requesting urgent prayers for Christians in Northern Iraq as they are in great danger. serious threats of beheading of all Christians in that area in a few hours. Can you take a few minutes where ever you are and begin to pray God's divine protection over them. Lets loos the angles God has assigned to them a decree the provisions of the power of the blood and the Name of Jesus over their lives.

[08/27/14]   Sapphine Miller was in a bad car accident and had to be air lifted am this morning. Lets pray for her healing and recovery



Sara's success on Haiti mission trip

Good afternoon I received a message from my covenant brother in the Cayman Winslow Johnson; he has a friend Sara from the U.S who is leave for Haiti on Friday for a medical mission and requested our prayer. Can we pray for their safe travels, that God would give them door of utterance to declare His love, that there would be salvation of souls, declare that there would be manifestations of healing and deliverance beyond the conventional means of man. Most of all let pray that Sara's life would be totally transform during this mission trip.

[08/25/14]   Good day, I received a request from a friend who is going on a procedure to check for cervical cancer, Can we pray for the peace of the Lord to guard their hearts and mind through Christ Jesus, and bind the spirit of fear that they will not project themselves into a reality that is not designed by the Lord for their live Fear is Fear Evidence Appearing Real. lets speak the reality of the Kingdom over their life that say above all thing He would that we prosper and be in health even as our souls prospers

[08/25/14]   Good Morning as we have received and update via face book from Dee concerning the conditions of Providenciales ... Turks & Caicos Islands. let us pray against any bio hazard health issues and all water born bacteria which can cause health issues especially when it come to the children. let especially pray for those in low areas and those who have already been affected by flooding that the Lord would bring restoration to them. Speak to the land and command it to retain the water that there is no more flooding from any potential rain. And lets pray that there is restoration of full power to that island. Thank you in advance for getting the Lord attention through pray for Providenciales ... Turks & Caicos island, for the Lord know what thing we have need of, He is just waiting on our request

[08/24/14]   May today be a day of healing, deliverance and restoration over the ministries on our island, Lord let there be revelation that will bring people into and encounter with You and not religion that places a man or woman or a program before what you desire to do in the midst of your people. We declare salvation for the lost, the manifestation of your gift and the demonstration of the supernatural where the eyes of believers are opened to angelic visitation. We loose the high praise and the perfected praise that will still the enemy and avenger and declare that we give you the freedom to do of your good pleasure in the midst of your people. Thank you for an awesome encounter today, in Jesus name amen


Cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you. There is nothing to hard for Him, for what is impossible to you is possible with Him. If He bore the sin of the whole world cant He handle your one issue. Give Him a try

[08/23/14]   Let remember Jackie Frazer and her family in prayer who just lost their nephew

[08/23/14]   The power of unity in prayer

[08/23/14]   Back to school: Praying for our teachers
• Pray that as they execute their duties and sacrifice time in and out of school, that their families will remain intact and that divorce or separation will not take the place of happiness in their homes

• Pray that their focus and mentally, physically and spiritually equip for the task at hand

• Speak into the atmosphere of their class rooms and command the spirits of distraction, rebellion, illiteracy, low self worth and dumbness to relinquish its hold and release a mind to learn, declare excellence, order, submission to authority, a hunger for knowledge and the peace of the Lord

• Speak over the teaching staff and bind the spirits of division, strife, jealousy, slander, gossip, retaliation, isolation and offense. Now loose unity, oneness, common interest, harmony, peace and declare that this will be a year where genuine friendships are fostered among the teaching staff

• Declare Gods divine protection over the teaching staff, that sickness will not be named among them, that not one will be hospitalize or lose their life. Speak against accidents, injuries, migraine headaches, stress, anxiety, and frustration. Loose the power of the Blood of Jesus and the angles God has assigned to minister unto them, declare that they will not be seduced by the negative action of any child to retaliate physically.

• Speak progress over the teachers who are attending school online, abroad or at C.O.B to further their teaching portfolio. Call in financial assistance, wisdom to balance time between family, personal advancement and school.

• Let’s thank the Lord and give His a great praise for the our teachers who are commitment, dedication and sacrifice their time for the development of our children

[08/22/14]   Hi everyone welcome to Partners in prayer, we want to believe God with you in prayer as you believe with us for the prayer request of others. lets agree together for each others break through in prayer. So as you post your prayer request hit the comment button on someones prayer request and encourage them with a short prayer or a quick word. And check out our note section for an encouraging word

[08/22/14]   Today we are believing God for healing, deliverance, restoration, salvation, in every area of your life. So if you know someone who has cancer, AID or any sickness, you don't have to post their name just say I have a friend who is sick. May be your out of a job, or battering depression, or hurting from lost of a friend or family member. Post it here so we can believe God with you. God is ready to heal deliverer and set free. Mat 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

[08/22/14]   As we are planing for back to school, let us remember to be in prayer for our teachers, Principles, custodians, security guard, the atmosphere in the class rooms. There are some many areas to cover but Which ever area you feel led to cover post it and lets start declaring and awesome school year,


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[08/22/14]   Prayer is a powerful tool, and I believe as a family on Facebook we have the potential through partnership in prayer to help meet the needs of one another. I ask you to submit your prayer request while at the same time praying for the request of others. There are many on Facebook on a daily biases who we hear lose love ones, need jobs, going through relational hurts, why not let us, stop for a moment and pray. There is nothing to hard for God. Do you know the comfort and relief someone has when hey know someone is praying or them. Lets star a prayer revolution.



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