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The Bahama Brass Band under the directorship of Pastor Barry B. Morris recently travelled to the British Virgin Islands to participate in the BVI/USVI ABC Islands Regional Convention.

The trip proved to be a special one for the band as it took place during the height of the 40th Independence Anniversary celebrations in The Bahamas and thousands from throughout St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and Tortola, BVI, including Bishop Whitbourne Hutchison, regional overseer for the British & U.S. Virgin Islands were introduced to "Music with Spirit" courtesy of the Band.

According to Pastor Morris, the convention gave band members an opportunity to experience the culture of the islands, as well as minister to the souls of the people through music and share some of the Bahamas' history and culture.

He noted Bishop Hutchison along with Deputy Premier Hon. Kedrick Pickering and the people of the British & U.S. Virgin Islands extended a great outpouring of love to the Band and gave best wishes to the Bahamas on arriving at a remarkable milestone in its history as an independent nation.

During his address at the convention, DP Pickering thanked the Band for its contribution to the convention and lamented on his "lovely" experience when he visited The Bahamas, noting that while the British & U.S. Virgin Islands have a lot in common with The Bahamas, it was quite refreshing for all to share the eccentricities of their respective countries.

"It was absolutely amazing for us to share our music with the people of the British & U.S. Virgin Islands and to experience the kindness shown to us during our visit.

"Bishop Hutchison and Deputy Premier Pickering were gracious and the Band was delighted to see that the hall where the convention was held had been decorated with Bahamian flags, giving a clear indication that everyone was free to celebrate the Bahamas' historic independent milestone," said Pastor Morris.

The Band took the streets in a "Grand March" which brought the people of the city out of their homes and businesses along with convention attendees to the parade route giving them an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the "Music with Spirit."

Pastor Morris revealed people were seen dancing in the street as they celebrated with the Band and taking in the sounds of the soul-stirring, indigenously Bahamian music of the Bahama Brass Band.

"I was delighted to be in the British & U.S. Virgin Islands whilst reminiscing on the festivities back in the Bahamas.

"The trip afforded the Band the perfect opportunity to represent the Bahamas during such a momentous occasion in the life of our country.

"The glory of God flooded the streets and to witness the appreciation and respect for The Bahamas in a foreign land is something that all Bahamians should be so privileged to experience.

"The Bahama Brass Band as an institution continues to fulfill our mandate of providing "Music with Spirit" and every opportunity that is afforded us, albeit home and to regions beyond, we work diligently to embrace it.

"We are determined to expose and bring knowledge of Jesus Christ through our music and by extension our Bahamaland," Pastor Morris said.


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