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Hey to all our friends at Sojourn, Clayton, Katie, Amanda and Jason, thanks so much for our box of Christmas goodies! We look forward to reading Enjoying God along with you all! And we love the snacks and necklace😍thanks 😘
Hello there, I have an event if you are interested. Your congregation can honor Christ through the writing of God's word by placing their favorite Bible verse in their church parking lot spot. This is a new idea that each church would put on. The Facebook site is #ChalkTheSpot. God Bless
Please continue to feel free to sign up for meals for the Kennedys in the New Year
I realise this is a bit early, but with the busy Christmas season soon upon us and several Church babies on the way, it would be great if you could plan to make a meal for the Gearings as they expect a little one.

To sojourn is to stay temporarily. We're a Christian church that wants to know, love, trust and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ through reading and understanding the bible and applying it to our lives. Because this isn't our final home.

Visit for more info about the series and to register for our online gatherings on Sundays at 10:30am

Register here and we'll send you the link for online church on Sunday morning.

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Remo Conference

Today's Remote Gathering is here:

Remo Conference

Sunday 22nd March we'll meet on this online platform.

Register any time. Doors open at 9:45 am

If all goes well we'll get started at 10:30 am, but come early to make sure the tech is working at your end and to say hello to other sojourners.

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[03/20/20]   The time we’re in is one where love dictates pulling back from social interaction.
It’s not a time for pulling back from love.
One aspect of our love for one another is that we continue to meet online, in lounge rooms and on patios. Read the update in Sojournal and join us tonight to say hello and test the tech.

Corona Virus Update

With confidence in our Father who is in control and in love for one another and everyone else, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone. Saturday, 14 March 2020 Dear Church Family, With the increased spread of COVID19 and the growing social implications for our region, we want to assure our church family that we’re committed to taki…

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It's not just *that* Isaiah predicted, it's *what* he predicted!

Come on Sunday as we dig into a description of Jesus' death and why it matters that was written centuries before he was even born.

Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Isaiah 40 this Sunday

Isaiah 39 closes with the expectation of Judah going to exile in Babylon spoken during Hezekiah's reign.

Isaiah 40 looks beyond that exile to a return.

Isaiah 44 names the Persian ruler Cyrus (44:28).

This timeline helps us see those events in relation to Isaiah's ministry and in relation to those who read the book that draws from throughout his years as a prophet in Judah as the events that God spoke through Isaiah continued to unfold.

(Visualunit makes some great resources!)

Charlie Brown Teacher Speaking

Isaiah 6 tomorrow.
Always helpful to read the passage before we meet.
Occasionally helpful to watch a YouTube clip.

CMS QLD with Northern NSW

Rego is open!
Summerschool is such a great way to start the year together!

On your marks, get set, GO! Registrations are open for Summer School 2020.
Register at

#aworldthatknowsJesus #SS20

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Christianity Explored

What's life all about?
What does Christianity have to say about life? You might be curious about what Christianity has to say about life. Christianity Explored is a free course designed for you to explore the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, the man who claimed to …

If you're curious about why we think Jesus is such good news, get in touch and we'll let you know when we're starting our next Christianity Explored course.

We delayed our first Sunday Lord's Supper and lunch so that we can share both with R. Eurasia. Bring something to share.

Sojourning, eyes set on our eternal home.

Sojourning, eyes set on our eternal home.

What's the best news you've ever heard?
When you heard it, was your instinct to share it?

Christianity Explored is a an opportunity to make space and time to think about the big questions of life.

It runs for seven weeks and is built around Mark’s Gospel. Each week after dinner, there’s a short Bible study, a video to watch and time to discuss.

It’s all geared towards finding out more about the person at the heart of the Christian faith. It’s about who Jesus is, what he did and why it matters.

Kicks off Thursday 25th July.

Our gospel partners Dean, Rachel, Eliott & Simeon will be in town next week.
RSVP now and come along on Tuesday evening.

Interested in learning more about ministry in Japan?

CMS missionaries Dene and Rachel Hughes (Japan) are back in Australia on home assignment and hosting a special event at Sunnybank District Baptist Church on Tuesday 16 July at 7:30.

They'll be discussing 'Samurai, Bushido, Rice farming and the development of the Japanese worldview and how that influences Ministry in Japan' and would love you to join them.

RSVP by this Friday 12 June by clicking on this link:

1 John 5 this Sunday and we get to share in the Lord's Supper. Beyond that, lunch at the hall. Bring something to share.

Ephesians is great!
Well, actually, God is great and it's great to be among his rescued people!
Last week, we started with a bit of context, an overview and reading chapters 1-3. (Talk on the website, chapters in your Bible!)
Tomorrow we'll dig into the first half of chapter 1.
Praise God for his glorious grace!

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Hope groans.

As the Spirit works God's word into our hearts, he adds to every pain, every sin and every loss a sense of longing for what is still to come.

'It will be better' deepens the sense that it should be better.

'I will be better' deepens the sense that I should be better.

'I will see Him face to face' deepens the sense that I'm not yet home.

By the Spirit, we groan for what we know will be.

A key realisation as God's forgiven children is that we're not captive, we can choose good, we can change!

"...we often experience the life of the Spirit in the form of struggle. We’re pulled in two directions. When we’re tempted to do wrong, the Spirit pulls us back to God. When we’re led by the Spirit to do right, our old selfish desires pull us back to sin. But that struggle is itself a sign of the Spirit’s work." Tim Chester. Enjoying God

The Lord Jesus who sits in heaven for us is with us by his Spirit.

In the Lord's Supper the distance between Christ in heaven and us on earth is collapsed as he draws near by his Spirit to reassure us of his love.

In the gospels we see Jesus sympathise with people in their pain, shame, anxiety and grief.
Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
He sympathises with us.

We don't live up to what we'd like to be, and we certainly don't live up to what God calls us to be.

Our failures do real damage and they remind us that we don't deserve God's love and we do deserve his anger.

Jesus didn't deserve it, but he faced it.

He died.

But now he lives.

The one who sacrificed himself once and for all lives in heaven.

As long as he is there (which is forever), we who trust him can be confident that we are welcome.

Already we can draw near in him.

When he returns, he will bring us home.

There is nothing ordinary about prayer! We get to talk to the holy God of the universe and call him Father. That is how Jesus taught us to pray and the Holy Spirit assures us that the Father is our Father.

In every prayer we can enjoy the Father's welcome!

By faith we can see every hardship as a sign of the Father’s love—an expression of his loving fatherly discipline. That has the power to turn a bad day into a good day because we recognise our heavenly Father's hand weighing on us for our great good.

Jesus invites us to see the intimate involvement of God in the ordinary joys of life. He wants us to recognise that we live in a fathered world.

Luke 12 v 22-31

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Dutton Park State School, 112 Annerley Rd, Dutton Park
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Sojourn Bible Church is a Christian church on Brisbane's southside! We meet on Sundays at 10:30am, and in smaller groups throughout the week. You're welcome to join us!

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Sunday 10:30 - 12:00
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