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O God, Come and Answer These Very Real Questions “An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him.” Luke Chapter 22 verse 43. In my preparations on these words of Jesus Christ on the cross, from Luke Chapters 22 and 23 - my eye rested on this verse. On this journey through life – which at times can be most strange – there can arise questions about resources along the road. Are we properly and fully equipped for this pilgrimage, which at times is challenging and difficult – and some have it more difficult than others. Can we be sure we will hold out to the end? If there is an emergency – will we have sufficient faith for that occasion? If life crashes – as it can – how will we cope? When the enemy launches another attack will we be able to survive? Can we keep our eye on God when faced with frustration and criticism and disappointment – or worse? When the rough winds of life threaten to blow out our fire, will the flame continue to burn? Have we got strength for all the strains and stresses which may confront us? Do not days come when we are so aware of our human inadequacy, and when our weaknesses appear greater than our strengths? What happens if instead of the wind of the Spirit of God, we are attacked by a tornado from the enemy of God? The Psalmist (Psalm 40) knew the depths of the pit, and he looked to God to pull him up and out. There are those who find the road so rough and tough and steep and lonely that their heart and flesh cry out – “I don’t think I can go on – I’m almost beaten – I’ll never manage these deep waters – the Jordan is almost going over my head.” Some of the greatest men of God have faced such questions and times. That rugged virile man of God, Elijah, was floored by the subtle scheming of Ahab and Jezebel – not many girls are named Jezebel! That sensitive prophet of God, Jeremiah, marches up to the throne of grace to resign his commission as a prophet, as he sensed that all his work had been futile and abortive and even ridiculous. Surely not my friend, Paul – O yes – that nagging aching thorn in the flesh causing chronic pain and misery – cramping all his plans for service. And Peter – three times he denied knowing Jesus – no wonder he went out and wept. He had left his fisherman’s business in Capernaum – and surely now his future was gone? This is a precarious pilgrimage – even for those who have known the call of Jesus Christ. I am so glad God’s Word reveals the weaknesses and frailties of this vulnerable flesh. Have I been too gloomy? Have I depleted or drained your spiritual reserves? Or, have I been more realistic than you would wish me to be? Our own natural resources and natural reserves – good as they may be – are insufficient. There is something far greater – Elijah discovered that – an angel appeared to strengthen him. Paul heard that strengthening voice – “My grace is sufficient for you. My strength is made perfect in weakness”. (II Corinthians Chapter 12 verses 8 to 10) Jesus found this in the wilderness when he battled against the power of darkness. Angels came and ministered to Him. When Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane – twelve hours before He was nailed to the cross – Jesus is sweating blood – and there comes to the eternal Son, the reinforcing power of the eternal Father. Jesus arose and left that Garden to face the final sacrifice, with a confidence that underneath him were the Everlasting Arms – the arms of his heavenly Father. An angel is a messenger of God – and sometimes it can be simply a word from the Word of God that encourages and lifts and garrisons our heart and soul and mind and life. A message from God comes and rallies the sinking heart. Hear Paul on another day – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Perhaps these words from the cross have ministered to you – or a sentence from the Psalms. This Bible is the Word of God – it is help from beyond this fallen world. This is no dull manmade compendium of theories and thoughts and ideas. There are times and occasions when God breaks through and meets us – and says something – and reveals His love and concern and compassion and care. There was that man Augustine – clever and conceited from the University of Carthage – with his brilliant outward success and his constant inner defeat. In a garden he heard a voice – “Take up and read” – and on the first page he read, his eyes saw – “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh”. Later, he wrote that his chains fell off and he was set free. A man who forsakes his Bible is shutting himself off from the eternal world of God’s love and strength and revelation – a generation that shuts itself off from the Bible is depriving itself of indispensable resources for the battle. Is that strengthening angel bringing some word to you now – “Cast your burden on the Lord for He cares for you”. Or – “The Lord is the strength of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?” Sometimes the angel is a fellow creature – a friend who comes along at the right moment – just when we so needed someone. There is such a mass of trouble in our world just now – and people you meet this coming week may be fighting a fiercer battle than you are – and carrying a heavier burden than you might ever guess. A man asked many years ago – and it continues to be a very common question – if there was one character in history you would like to be who would it be – and the answer came – ‘The angel who strengthened Jesus in His hour of agony!’ Listen to Jesus – “In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren you have done it unto Me!” A word from the Word of God – an encouraging word from a friend – but sometimes the messenger is none other than Christ Himself. There was that dark night when the storm was fierce on the Galilee waters – the winds were howling and the disciples in the fishing boat wondered if they would see morning. Peering into the dark, they perceived something moving across the waters – was it a ghost – surely things could not become worse – until Peter shouted out – It is the Master – it is Jesus. The Lord of angels appeared to them. Some of us would not be here today if something like this had not been part of our spiritual experience. Let me return to my friend Paul – Listen to him in Romans Chapter 7 – now move onto Chapter 8. What has happened within half a page? Who shall deliver me? Christ will! Christ has delivered me! Paul has no monopoly of that. Darkness – bruised – hurt – disappointed – afraid – regret – shame – there is only one answer – Jesus Christ having been crucified and now risen from the dead and able to minister. May that loving strengthening Christ go with us on our pilgrimage, as we approach another Passover Season – may we know that reality now. “Come O risen Christ – Come O loving Jesus – strengthen me where I am weak – where I am frail – where I am fragile. Strengthen me as you have strengthened thousands down through the centuries. Forgive my sins. Remove any lurking feelings of guilt. Set me free totally. Holy Spirit, fill me and empower me and use me – and those round about me. Amen”. (This week's "Word from Scotland" - 30 March - previous columns may be found at Studylight.org and liveasif.org in the 'Archives' - warmest greetings in Christ Jesus.)
Knowing Jesus Christ Personally Makes All the Difference “Who is this Jesus?” That has been the question we have been focusing on over these past few weeks – and an important question it is. It was the question raised by the crowd when Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem, a few days before he was arrested and crucified – and it remains a relevant question. If we do not get this right – if we do not build on a solid sound foundation then when the storms come and Jesus has already indicated and taught about the crashing consequences. Matthew Chapter 7 verses 24 to 29. 1 – Consider the claims Jesus made for himself – Jesus does not claim to have found the answer to man’s needs – Jesus claims to be the answer to man’s needs. “Come unto me all you who labour and are heavily laden and I will give you REST.” Matthew Chapter 11 verses 28 to 30 No other prophet or teacher has ever dared to say that – not Moses or Samuel or Isaiah – and certainly not Peter or Paul or John. They pointed to Jesus who was and is and is to come. Yes – Jesus is coming again. Yes – he will return one day – a message often overlooked, or ignored, in parts of the Church of Jesus Christ. “A greater than Solomon is here – prophets and kings have desired to see those things which you see – and they did not see them. Before Abraham was I am! Somehow, on the lips of Jesus, these words sound entirely fitting and apt and just and credible. 2 – Consider His sinlessness. His enemies turned the fiercest searchlights upon His life – and could find no fault. They could not detect one flaw or spot or blemish in His moral character. Never once is Jesus heard confessing sin. He came so close to sinners of every type and kind – and faced the same temptations as we do – YET WTHOUT SIN. The saintliest people in the world have been so conscious of their own sin. So – who is he who knew no sin? The Son of God. 3 – Consider this – Jesus Christ does for men what only GOD could do. I am thinking particularly of the experience of being forgiven. Margherita Lahski said many years ago – “I do envy you Christians in a way, because I have no one to forgive me.” The divine godly supernatural miraculous things – which only God can do – Jesus does! Take up your bed and walk – your sins are forgiven. Only God can open the gate of heaven – and Jesus says, I am the door. Only God can redeem – buy back – and Jesus has paid the price to buy us back from sin by shedding His blood for us on Calvary’s Cross – only God can do that type of thing! Jesus redeems us – He buys us back for God – and the price is his sacrificial blood – that is the Gospel. 4 – Consider how comprehensive and universal all this is – it is worth thinking on. Peter and John were poles apart temperamentally – and yet in Jesus they saw the answer to their problems. Matthew the Jewish tax collector and Luke the Gentile doctor had nothing whatsoever in common, until they came to know Jesus – yet to draw his portrait for the world to see, Jesus used these two men – Jesus became the only thing that mattered to them. Martin Luther and John Calvin – two very different men – Moody and General Booth – another two very different men – yet in Christ, they became one – and preached and proclaimed His glorious name. Jesus Christ the Son of God can unite the most unlikely people. We can bring it all down to a very personal level where you just know that Jesus Christ is God. It can be quite dangerous to be so subjective – yet it is true – and dynamic and comforting and reassuring – and it will make you take amazing risks – like going and praying for people – believing that the living God will do something through you – and He does, as we use the Name of Jesus. You step out in faith one day – like walking on water – and as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus – you do not sink – and if you were to take your eyes off Jesus the very arm of the Son of God would reach out to rescue you and uphold you. (Matthew Chapter 14 verses 25 to 33) “Loving Father – our gracious God – we give thanks for that ability to know Jesus Christ personally – to have that personal fellowship and communion with the living God. Hear us as we pray for someone we know who does not know Jesus as Saviour and Lord and King. Amen” (This week's "Word from Scotland" - previous articles may be found at Studylight.org and liveasif.org in the 'Archives' section - warmest greetings in Christ Jesus.)

As a bible college our aim is to provide top-class theological training that faithfully applies the Word of God to the real world.

Welcome to QTC's page. Here we will keep you informed about what's happening at QTC throughout the year, including any upcoming events, insights into life on campus, and highlights from lectures. So 'like' us and we will keep you posted!

Mission: Training gospel driven leaders for a challenging world.

QTC Chapel Service - Week 10 - 28 April 2020 - Gary Millar - 2 John - Queensland Theological College

We've posted the audio from our time in 2 John at Chapel this morning to our website.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon

QTC Chapel - 2 John - 28 April 2020

Student Updates during Covid-19 - Emily

We'd appreciate your prayers for our students as they navigate the changes as a result of the virus. Here's an update from one of our students, Rob, and what the transition has been like for him. Keep an eye out for further updates from our students.


QTC Chapel Service - Week 9 - 21 April 2020 - Gary Millar - 1 John 5:13-21 - Queensland Theological College

This morning we finished up 1 John at Chapel. John’s overwhelming desire is that we know that we have eternal life through Jesus Christ, who is the true God. That’s more important than anything else.

We look forward to spending the next few weeks in 2 John and 3 John.
You can join Chapel live here on our page at 9:30am on Tuesdays.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon

QTC Chapel - 1 John 5:13-21 - 21 April 2020

[04/20/20]   The Easter break is over and we're getting back into Zoom classes this week. Please pray for our students as the novelty wears off and they grapple with approaching exams and the absence of face-to-face community.

Meet our Students: Meet Mike.
What year of college are you in this year?
I'm in third year.

What made you come to QTC?
So that I could be theologically equipped for a life of full-time ministry. I became convicted of the need for more gospel activity in South East Queensland, so my wife and I moved up a couple of years ago with the desire to be further trained so that we can partner with what God is doing up here and seeing His kingdom advance.

What has been one of the challenges so far?
Being stretched to read large volumes of material while also juggling ministry and family life.

What’s been the most useful thing you’ve learnt so far?
That the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know anything. By scratching the surface of theological academia it made me appreciate how much there is to know about God and his church. It has been a humbling experience.

What’s been encouraging?
Having a community of brothers and sisters there alongside me as we wrestle out college life together and being reminded it’s not about knowing information but a personal God who meets us in the mess of life.

What do you hope to do after college?
I hope to be a missionary in South East Queensland through local churches. Would love to be part of the work to see thousands of people come to know Christ, whether that is directly planting churches or being part of a team that sends people to see churches planted and revitalized.

Happy Easter from QTC!


Reflections on the Study Tour to Jordan & Israel 2019 - Queensland Theological College

Read some reflections from Christopher Meadows, who attended our Study Tour to Jordan & Israel late last year.

qtc.edu.au By Christopher Meadows This recent tour (November – December 2019) could be described with words such as: amazing, wonderful, enjoyable, fascinating, or awesome. A thesaurus may provide more descriptive terms. All of these descriptors (and more) would be accurate. But … read article

[04/01/20]   Today's Prayer Points:
Join us in praying for Mitch Spence, QTC Graduate planting Living Hope Church, Bulawayo.
Praise God for:
- The 140(ish) people who joined us at the launch service to celebrate making a start.
- The 40(ish) people committed during the 4 weeks prior to the launch service.
- 4 preachers, all theologically trained (QTC, Moore, WTS, Gorden-Conwell).
- The self-sacrificial service of the core-team over our first 5 weeks.
- The budding children's work and music team.
- Space at the Theological College of Zimbabwe for 2020 which is over the road from the university.
- A little funding that's come through to help cover rent of that space and a few small bits and pieces.
- The partnership with FOCUS to 'focus' on student work.
- All that God has been doing to bring Living Hope Church together - Jess and I arrived in Jan 2019 with just the two of us committed to the church plant.

Pray that:
- Living Hope Church would see Zimbabweans won to Christ and remain in him, our Living Hope.
- The inevitable suspension of services in the near future would not harm the church but rather afford us opportunities to love and serve one another in new ways.
- We'd continue to trust God with Living Hope Church. In our weaker moments we don't and the whole thing becomes overwhelming.
- God would continue to bring people to Living Hope Church and the we'd continue going out to reach them with the gospel.
- God would provide the finance Living Hope Church needs to function in light of Zimbabwe's current economic chaos and pray for us as we go about trying to secure that funding.

Thanks for your prayers!


QTC Chapel Service - Week 8 - 31 March 2020 - Gary Millar - 1 John 5:1-12 - Queensland Theological College

The audio from today's Chapel sermon on 1 John 5:1-12 is now available on our website.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon

QTC Chapel - 1 John 5:1-12 - 31 March 2020

TGC Australia

TGC Australia are holding a Webinar this Thursday on "Living for Jesus in the Covid-19 Age".

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/dont-waste-this-pandemic-living-for-jesus-in-the-covid-19-age-tickets-100347967472

TGCA Webinar this Thursday

Queensland Theological College

We’re live for Chapel! Today Gary will preach from 1 John 4.

QTC Chapel - 1 John 4:7-21 - 24 March 2020

This week QTC is moving classes online in response to current restrictions related to Covid-19.
This means that Chapel tomorrow will be live-streamed, right here on our page! All are welcome to tune in: 9:30am Tuesday morning (Brisbane time).

Today's Prayer Points:
Join us in praying for Ben Drew, QTC Graduate working at La Trobe University, Melbourne.
Praise God for:
- 2 Indian Hindu students meeting with him and another FOCUS Christian to read through Luke,
- 2 Pakistani Muslim students he's been having discussions with about Jesus.
Ask God for:
- his Bible talks on Romans 5, 6 & 8 over the coming 3 Friday nights that God will move in hearts to draw them to faith in Christ clothed in his gospel,
- his neck and shoulders as this is where he holds tension when he's feeling stressed, all the changes of late have been difficult,
- the wisdom needed to adjust their methods of ministry to maintain the mission to proclaim Christ on campus and present everyone mature in Him. The student union has said they are not to hold any club meetings on campus for the foreseeable future.
Thanks for your prayers!


Queensland Theological College

We're now on PrayerMate!
Please join us in praying for the college and our community.
For the next little while, we'll be sharing prayer points from our graduates in ministry as they continue in the work of the gospel in today's challenging context.

praynow4.org Training gospel-driven leaders for a challenging world. Thank you for your gospel partnership with us.

Gary has been doing some work on 2 Corinthians. These two are due to be released at the start of April.

[03/18/20]   Just a reminder that the Graduation Ceremony, which was scheduled for tomorrow night, has been cancelled.


QTC Chapel Service - Week 6 - 17 March 2020 - Gary Millar - 1 John 4:1-6 - Queensland Theological College

Chapel sermon: Tuesday 17th March, 1 John 4:1-6, Gary Millar.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon

QTC Chapel this morning, with Covid-19 precautions.
#brisbane #coronavirus #covıd19 @ Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

[03/13/20]   ! Graduation Update !
In response to the current Coronavirus situation, the Brisbane Boys’ College has decided to cancel all internal and external events for the foreseeable future. This includes QTC’s 2020 Graduation Ceremony, scheduled for next Thursday evening, 19th March.

As a result, we have decided to close the QTC Graduation Ceremony to the public. The current plan is that the ceremony will go ahead in the QTC Auditorium, with a restricted guest list. We are currently looking into the possibility of livestreaming the event on the night.

We are sorry to those who were hoping to attend and we would appreciate if you could help get the word out to those in the QTC community. Please continue to keep an eye on emails, social media and the QTC website, for any further updates.

QTC Graduation Ceremony - next Thursday!

We’re excited to be celebrating at the QTC Graduation one week from now, next Thursday 19th March! Graduation is always an encouraging and invigorating night so do come along – all are welcome.

Please note: The supper following the ceremony has been cancelled as part of our risk assessment of the current Coronavirus situation. Please remember that it is advised that you stay at home if you are unwell.



QTC Chapel - Week 5 - 10 March 2020 - Gary Millar - 1 John 3:11-24 - Queensland Theological College

QTC Chapel: Gary Millar preaching on 1 John 3:11-24. Let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon

Facing a Task Unfinished... - Queensland Theological College

Miss out on Early Bird Tickets to Facing a Task Unfinished?
For the month of March, churches can sign up for a Church Discount Code for the Early Bird price ($55/ticket).
Ask your pastor to contact us at [email protected] to arrange for a code.

The Gospel Coalition’s first ever day conference, run in association with Queensland Theological College. This day conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, for Christians in Brisbane, and all over Queensland, Northern New South Wales and … view event


QTC Biannual Newsletter 2020

Our latest Biannual Newsletter is out!

mailchi.mp Semester 1 is now in full swing at QTC, with a new intake of students settling in really well. Patterns in theological education across Australia are changing, and we are feeling some of the effects here at College. On the positive side, overall student numbers are up. Our Monday evening class (wher...


QTC Chapel Service - Week 4 - 3 March 2020 - Gary Millar - 1 John 2:28-3:10 - Queensland Theological College

This week at Chapel we looked at 1 John 2:28-3:10: John wants us, more than anything else, to see Christ clearly.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon


QTC Chapel - Week 3 - 25 February 2020 - Gary Millar - 1 John 2:15-27 - Queensland Theological College

This week's Chapel sermon: 1 John 2:15-27.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon

A few shots from our first few weeks at college, Semester 1 of 2020.

It was exciting to hear from QTC Graduate, Mitch, as they had their first church service at Living Hope Church - Bulawayo. Join us in celebrating and thanking God for this exciting start to the church plant.

Praise God for bringing Living Hope Church to life...not without our hiccups of course.


QTC Chapel - Week 1 - 11 February 2020 - Gary Millar - 1 John 1:1-10 - Queensland Theological College

Listen to this Tuesday's Chapel sermon on 1 John 1:1-10 on our podcast.

qtc.edu.au Gary Millar Chapel Sermon

Back into the swing of things with Chapel this morning. Great to start the year in 1 John, encouraged to make sure knowing God is our first priority.

We kicked off the year with our annual start of year Retreat: with students, staff and families!
Regular classes start this week. Please be praying for our lecturers and students.

Getting ready for the new year: today was Orientation for our new students!


QTC's Ministry to Women Course

This semester we're offering our M2W course for women in local churches who would love to be equipped to serve Christ more effectively.

Scroll through our M2W page to read all about M2W: www.qtc.edu.au/m2w. You'll also find an enrolment form there, if you'd like to enrol.

A 12-week course for women serving in local churches.


Apply to study at QTC - Queensland Theological College

It's not too late to enrol to study at QTC this year!

Our prayer is that God would enable us to train generations of gospel-driven leaders to serve the church in our increasingly challenging world. If you're considering theological study, we'd love to hear from you: www.qtc.edu.au/apply.

qtc.edu.au It’s exciting that you’re thinking about studying at QTC. To help us assist you further, please complete and submit the form below, and one of our staff will contact you to discuss study options. More details about the steps in the application process can be found below the contact form.

The Good Book Company UK

Whether you are a new Christian, or have been for a while and feel in need of a refresher, or have been around church for years but things have only just clicked into place for you, Need to Know will give you the essentials—what you really need to know if you’re going to follow Jesus.

Gary Millar shows readers how letting the fundamental truths of the gospel take root in our hearts changes everything about the way we see God, ourselves and the world around us.

Get a copy here: www.thegoodbook.co.uk/need-to-know

At QTC, we recognise that for some people it's impossible to study full-time, face to face. That's why we offer flexible options. This semester our online unit is 'Jesus & the Gospels'. You can start the enrolment process by filling out the form at www.qtc.edu.au/apply.

Thanking God for another year in his patience.

It's not too late to enrol to be trained for the urgent work of the gospel this year. Contact us at [email protected].

Get to know our Full-time Lecturers (4/4)

You can check out some other reasons to study at QTC here: https://www.qtc.edu.au/about-qtc/apply/.

Hear from Glen (9/9)

Glen: 'QTC is forming the leaders of the next generation for our church. So even if we're not headed for theological study, we ought to be involved in praying for the college.' (9/9)

Please join us in praying to our great God that the ministry of QTC would honour and glorify him, faithfully raise up tomorrow's leaders and help spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

QTC will be closed from Monday, 23rd December and will reopen on Monday 6th of January, 2020.

Why theological education is important for missionaries

Considering cross-cultural mission work? We think a theological education is critical for missionaries.

Read about our cross-cultural pathway here: https://www.qtc.edu.au/pathways/. Enrolments are still open for 2020.

Hear from Oliver (5/5)

Oliver reflects on the opportunity we have in Australia of the availability of theological training (5/5).
Have you considered taking up this opportunity to be better equipped for the work of the gospel?

Contact us to find out more: [email protected].

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QTC Chapel - 2 John - 28 April 2020
Student Updates during Covid-19 - Emily
QTC Chapel - 1 John 5:13-21 - 21 April 2020
Happy Easter from QTC!
QTC Chapel - 1 John 5:1-12 - 31 March 2020
QTC Chapel - 1 John 4:7-21 - 24 March 2020
QTC Graduation Ceremony - next Thursday!
Get to know our Full-time Lecturers (4/4)
Why theological education is important for missionaries
Get to know our Full-time Lecturers (3/4)
Why is a theological education important for mission?
Ministry in a Culturally Diverse Context




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