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Unichurch Queensland


OK, something needs be done about this "gay Jesus" show on Netflix (because it's an "abomination" if there ever way one), and this is how you do it a) suspend your Netflix (if you have it) for a minimum of one month (you can live without it for a month, the world won't end, and your precious series' will still be there) b) email them and tell them why, and c) spread the "hashtag" #boycottGayJesus There are times when (to use a gambling analogy) one has to "fold" or "double down", and sadly, "Christians" seem to "fold" too easily (I've heard more people "agreeing" that this is just totally "wrong" who are NOT "Christians" than those who ARE "Christians". There are times when (and I believe this may even be God's doing) you have the "wheat and chaff" moments, when you have to either "fold" or "double down", so rather than "folding and complaining", we cancel or suspend our Netflix for a minimum of a month (because that's the "language" these people "talk", "money"), email them as to why, and spread the word #boycottGayJesus to everyone on your list and ask them to do the same (just watch youtube for the month, get "premium" and you get no ads, extra content, and it's not even $20/month, so about the same price as a cup of coffee you think nothing of buying per week), because these "situations" are what (not to be "sexist") "seperate" the "boys" from the "men", the "wheat" from the "chaff", and which is more important? - standing up for Christ and God and our Faith, or watching some stupid TV series (as I said, it'll be there when you go back on, and just watch youtube premium for a month), so, follow the "abc's", and send a "message" that we will NOT "tolerate" or "accept" this utter rubbish and filth about our Saviour from ANYONE (let alone some streaming business (who actually "made" it, so they can "drop" it" at any time (they own all the "rights"), now, maybe it's just me, but that's a "decision" that takes less than a heartbeat to "decide", so rather than just "complaining", let's "hit them where it hurts" (namely their fiscal bottom line), and share the message and share the hashtag #boycottGayJesus - let's see who's in the "wheat" and who's in the "chaff"...(and a month without Netflix won't "kill" you, but we need to stop just letting people walk all over our Faith, our God, and our Saviour - they wouldn't do a "gay mohammed", so why should it be "OK" for a "gay Jesus" (who is the One True Saviour) and our God (the One True God) and religion (I've had enough, seems it's "fair game" to "target" Christianity, but you can't do anything to anything else. Well, I say "no more" - now, who's gonna "talk", and who's gonna "walk" (because we get nowhere (in our Faith or otherwise) though "talk", only through "walk" does anything get done (so, if you "care" about God and Jesus and the One True Faith, do the above and spread the tag, it's not that "hard", otherwise, well, as I said, it's the "wheat and the chaff", guess which is which...)
Hi Unichurchers! I'm doing some filming with PeaceWiseKids in a couple of weeks and need some help lifting heavy stuff! I'm looking for at least two strong bodies who can help me for an hour or so next week (yet to lock in a date and time) Also need similarly strong bodies on the 20th Jan around 8am, and the 22nd Jan around 4pm. Can you help? If so, DM me and I'll send you more details.
The Good News Course is on again tonight! 6pm at the MFC. We've got a super serious topic to cover - our rebellion. Talking about what's wrong with the world and with all of us. Come along! Everyone's welcome. We'd love to see you there!
Are you a male who is looking to share a flat in Sherwood? Give me a call on 0439 337773 and I will link you up with a gentlemen who is looking for a flatmate to share his 3 Bedroom unit in Sherwood that is close to the Station, Woolies and Coffee shops.
A good hymn from Charles Wesley
May God Bless you all :)
Billy Graham born again
Hello! If you’re a keen photographer (or know how to use digital cameras), we have a need for someone to take pics of a kindy 70th birthday in St Lucia. Sun 26 Aug 2-4 pm. Own camera, free roam to take pics of kids, families, some reptiles and ponies. Cash $$.
Hi everyone. Our church is hosting a gingerbread decorating event. It’ll be a great opportunity to bring your friends along to hear a short, relevant and helpful gospel message delivered by Kylie Brown. Details are as follows: http://www.stluciabiblechurch.org/events/2017/12/9/gingerbread You can register here: https://slbc.elvanto.com.au/form/6bcc8448-f414-4400-9cb1-ee7d21f972ed
Only 20 spots left at the breakfast. Registration extended until tomorrow morning so grab your spot now!
Hi Ladies, don't forget to register for the women's breakfast. It is going to be an encouraging morning and a great opportunity to hang out with ladies from all three services! We need to know if you are coming by Sunday. Thanks!
Registrations are open! Invite a friend!

We're the U.Q. campus congregation of St. Lucia Bible Church. We meet at 6pm on Sunday in the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Building. All welcome.

We're an Independent Evangelical church that meets at the University of Queensland at 6pm each Sunday in the Social Sciences Building (#24). Room S304. We love welcoming new people, whether you're looking for a new church home or keen to check out Jesus.

Mission: To present Christ to everyone and everyone mature in him.

Share the Good news with your friends! We will be live streaming our Good Friday and Easter Services. If they can't catch the live stream, the recordings will still be available after.

Share the Good news with your friends! We will be live streaming our Good Friday and Easter Services. If you can't catch the live stream, the recordings will still be available after.
Livestream: slbc.org.au/livestream


Our response to Covid-19 — St Lucia Bible Church

If you are looking for the link to access the live stream of our services, please visit our website for the details.


stluciabiblechurch.org In light of the global COVID-19 situation, we believe it is necessary to close our regular public gatherings this Sunday and for the foreseeable future.

[03/19/20]   By now you would be aware that the COVID-19 situation in Australia is changing rapidly and as I write, the size of voluntary gatherings indoors has been limited to sizes of less than 100.

In light of this and other developments today, We believe it is necessary to close our regular public gatherings this Sunday (22nd March) and for the foreseeable future.

We have also cancelled the Unichurch camp which was scheduled for this weekend and Easter Eggstravaganza scheduled for Saturday 11April.

We are currently making plans to facilitate some form of SLBC streamed message each Sunday to help us stay connected with each other and be encouraged from the scriptures. The intention is to have a live stream at 9.30am and another at 6pm from this Sunday, tailored in some way for those who normally gather at those times.

It may be that people join in on their own or with a few others in homes as local groups or existing growth groups. In the meantime, can I encourage you to read Acts 10 by yourself, with your family or with others in your household beforehand. It may be that people you know who would normally not join us at church, might join us from their lounge room. More details will be circulated about this late Friday or Saturday morning.

In God’s complete sovereignty, this is a unique situation, completely different, but reminiscent of Acts 8, when those who believed in the risen Lord Jesus Christ were scattered from Jerusalem and took the gospel with them wherever they went. Rather than seeing this as a disaster, can I encourage us all to see it as an opportunity to grow the gospel like never before wherever we are.

We have been in touch with Growth Group leaders with the desire that we not only care for each other well through those networks, but that God will use us in this season for growing the gospel amongst our neighbours, colleagues and families. We will be providing more ideas of how we might do this in the days ahead.

If you are not in a Growth Group network, we will attempt to connect you with one more broadly in the near future.

In closing, the church in Colossi was the kind of church which we would do well to be like. It was a church full of faith in Jesus Christ, love for others believers in Jesus, because of the certain hope they had, laid up in heaven for them.

Let's pray that our faith, love and hope, might be evident to all and that the “GOSPEL virus” of the risen Lord Jesus might be received by all we come in contact with.

As always if you would like to talk further about this or any other matter, please do so by email or call me on 0419 761 882. Be assured that the pastoral staff, elders, and many other leaders will be working together to ensure that we all both persevere and flourish in our faith over the coming weeks and months.

Your brother in Christ



[Session 1] John Piper – “Paul's Pilgrimage, Paul's Plea” (Galatians 1)

Further to the information that was circulated on the 13thof March, could you please note the following two updates
1. We will NOT be providing refreshments after morning church. We will be providing Tea / Coffee and water.
This being the case, could you please bring food (no nuts) for your own children only, as you would if they were going to school.
2. We will NOT be live streaming church tomorrow. IF you are not able to come to church, you may like to gather your family around a video sermon from John Piper from Galatians 1. Click here: https://vimeo.com/211371530 It is a timely talk on the priority of the gospel in this age.
We aim to have the sermon from Josh Russell on Acts 9 available after 3 pm you can listen to the sermon online after about 3 pm each Sunday on Elvanto. If you are a regular at church and have not yet got access to Elvanto you can request it from the Administrator.
While things may seem uncertain in our world, God is sovereignly certain in his plans to reconcile all things under Jesus Christ as Lord. Let’s be prayerful, making the most of every opportunity that God is giving us to honour him and bring his reconciling gospel word to the world around us.
Your brother in Christ
Roy Davidson

The Gospel Coalition 2017 National Conference celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, unleashed by God in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed…

[03/13/20]   I’m writing to you in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic in order to clarify how things look for THIS Sunday 15th March 2020 at SLBC. As you understand things may change at any point in time.
What follows is in the light of the latest recommendations from the Commonwealth Department of Health advice and discussions with elders, leaders of various ministries and staff, including medical doctors from our church.
Our response needs to be shaped by the gospel and so an outworking of Christian love. There is a wide range of reactions people have towards the current situation. Some are particularly concerned, while others are wondering why people are worried at all, and still others are at every state of unease in between. This is a great opportunity to let the world know we are disciples of Jesus by our love.
Currently, there are less than 500 people meeting at either of our gatherings. Therefore there is no prohibition on meeting as usual at Ironside in the morning and the Multi-Faith chaplaincy centre in the evening. However, in order for us to care for one another, and particularly for those who are older amongst us, we encourage everyone to note the following general hygiene requests and plans.
Staying away.
If you or children in your family have flu-like symptoms, please stay at home. While we don’t yet have a live stream of our gatherings sorted, we are working on it. In the meantime, you can listen to the sermon online after about 3pm each Sunday on Elvanto. If you are a regular at church and have not yet got access to Elvanto you can request it from the Administrator.

Hand washing.
Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before morning tea, supper, or eating with others at church gatherings. It is possible that we will have hand sanitiser available at church, but we cannot guarantee it. We are working towards having hand sanitiser available at church in the future.

While we are not in the habit of greeting one another with a holy kiss, let's limit ourselves to a warm “hello” at church and for the time being, not shake hands with others, as much for their sake as anyone else’s.

Morning Tea / Supper / Church meals.
Please refrain from touching what others might eat. Kids church teachers will be ensuring children wash their hands before morning tea. Please wash /sanitise your own hands before having refreshments after church. Morning tea will be supervised and limited individual servings will be available.

Finally, as C.S Lewis would say, “… God whispers in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world”. In God’s sovereignty, people are being confronted with the reality of their own mortality. Let’s be praying that the gospel might be on our lips and received into the lives of people who are living under the shadow and fear of death every day, but currently more aware of it.

As always, if you have any concerns about this or any other matter please contact me by email or phone 0419 761 882.

Your brother in Christ

Unichurch is a place to find out about Jesus and get stuck into Christian fellowship. No matter what your background or beliefs - everyone's welcome! Maybe you've just moved into St Lucia, or started coming to Uni. Come and join us, we're always keen to meet new people.

Unichurch Queensland's cover photo

Tomorrow night, the MTS Dessert Night is kicking off at 7pm in the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy building at UQ. You are warmly invited. Please come along to support our apprentices and find out about what they'll be doing.
We've got two great candidates for 2020, Josh Dickinson and Sophie McInerney, and we're very excited to have them join us. But of course to make that happen they will need our prayers and financial support.
The MTS Dessert Night will give us an opportunity to hear from God's word; from Josh and Sophie; we'll spend some time in prayer together; and there will be an opportunity to pledge support.
RSVP via Messenger or directly at the Facebook event. We need to have a rough idea of numbers for catering purposes.


Find out about Jesus at Unichurch! We're kicking off Semester 2 with a look at Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. Everyone's welcome- Sinners or Saints. That's what our whole series is about! So come along, we'd love to see you there! :)

The Least of These

Based on the true story of missionary Graham Staines and shot on location in India, The Least of These beautifully illustrates the power of love, hope, and forgiveness to overcome hate. Coming to theaters early 2019.

Loving our series in Genesis at the moment!? Remember, this week we're meeting in the Social Sciences building for the month of May. The Room is 24-S304. We'll be digging into Genesis 2. See you there.


Come along to Unichurch to find out about Jesus this Easter!

St Lucia Bible Church

God has made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified. (Acts 2:36)

The Gathering

At the heart of God's new and better gathering is Christ the rock!

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The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting!

Step 1: Dead in Trespasses
Step 2: Granted Eternal Life
Step 3: Enter into God's Presence
Step 4: Resurrected Bodies
Step 5: The New Creation

Did anyone come up with a useful diagram explaining all this stuff? Post it below and share it with all of us!

Join us for a Christmas Day service


Together for the Gospel - Queensland Theological College

Just a reminder that Unichurch is not on tonight. We’re heading along to the T4G event at City Hall. If you haven’t registered and you’re still keen to come, tickets will be available at the door. See the link below for details. A bunch of us will be meeting for dinner beforehand - 6pm at Guzman (142 Albert Street). Looking forward to seeing you there.


qtc.edu.au Online Tickets close Sunday 25th, 9:00am (unless sold out). Limited tickets will be available at the door (unless sold out). Gather in the heart of Brisbane City with 1500 brothers and sisters to encourage one another, sing, pray and hear … view event

Christian Relativism (Romans 14)

This week, Roy preached on Romans 14. Here's the key verse, "For if your brother is grieved by what you eat, you are no longer walking in love. By what you eat, do not destroy the one for whom Christ died." (Romans 14:15)

The Truth about the Law (Romans 13)

Last week we looked at Romans 13. Three life-changing truths. What's the truth about the Law? "Love does no wrong to a neighbor. Love, therefore, is the fulfillment of the law."

The Dangers of Application (Romans 12)

This week we looked at Romans 12. Here's a little snippet of Josh's introduction on the Dangers of Application. Let us know your thoughts/questions by messenger.

City Bible Forum Brisbane

What do you think you need from God?

Join us at our next Women's Coffee and Croissant breakfast where our guest speaker Kim Gibson will share her ongoing experience with cancer and talk about what she believes we really need from God.

Invite your friends to come and enjoy some coffee, croissants and hear what we really need from God.

$5 for a light breakfast. Please register for catering purposes.

This week at church, guest preacher Dave McDonald



Hi All, Y conference is coming up fast (Oct 6-8) there's a bunch of people going from uni and arvo church. Great speakers, a topic that is real. Consider joining the crew and registering to go: http://y.qcca.org.au/




Just over 3 weeks until the Y conference. Day tickets are now available.

y.qcca.org.au Sometimes, we go for days, weeks, months, years without talking to him. Or without listening to him by reading what he has spoken to us in the Bible.

St Lucia Bible Church

Is Religion Dangerous? A men's dinner event to invite friends to: slbc.org.au/dangerous - Tue 22 Aug


Registrations are open! Invite a friend!

City Bible Forum Brisbane

A great night of encouragement.

Sam Chan speaking in Brisbane 15th June. Spread the word and buy your tickets now citybibleforum.org/australian

Visit us

There's no Unichurch on campus on Easter Sunday (16 April). We'll be joining our Morning (9:30am) or Afternoon (4:30pm) gatherings. Both are at Ironside State School, 2 Hawken Drive. Walk through the school to the Hall.

stluciabiblechurch.org Whether you're looking for a church, dropping by or keen to learn about Jesus, we welcome everyone.

This Sunday night we're getting into Matthew's gospel in the lead up to Easter, picking it up at chapter 21. We're also looking forward to welcoming new people from O'week and people returning from out of Brisbane.

Christians are saved by God's grace and not our own efforts at being good. Final talk in our series on the Foundations of the Faith. Join us tonight at 6pm.



If you're a student and live near Griffith on the Southside of Brisbane, check out Risen. A new church whose pastor is an ex-Unichurcher.


[02/04/17]   Sunday 5 Feb 6pm. Join us as we start the 1st week of our 3-week Foundations of the Faith talks. There's also dinner after church.

Queensland Theological College

Are you a gospel worker in Queensland? We wouldn't want you to miss this!

The Gospel Coalition Queensland: "Where are we going?"
Monday 27th of February 10am-1pm
Ann Street Presbyterian Church Ministry Centre, Brisbane

We are convinced that one of the major challenges we face is working together effectively as we seek to reach our region for the Lord Jesus through building and planting churches. That’s why we are inviting you to join with many others to consider the encouragements and challenges of gospel ministry in our city. At this gathering, you will have the opportunity to hear from a range of experienced pastors from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast as they reflect on the state of the church of Jesus Christ across the region. Come and hear from Murray Lean, Phil Campbell, Greg Gardiner, Adam Ramsey, Steve Cree, Bill Forgeard and others. Join with other gospel workers in praying for the work of the gospel and think about how we can proclaim Christ more effectively together. We are praying that at least 100 gospel workers from across the region will be there - so please join us, and spread the word!

To get in touch, visit australia.thegospelcoalition.org/about/contact

Our Story

We're an Independent Evangelical church that meets at the University of Queensland at 6pm each Sunday in the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Building. We love Jesus and we love welcoming new people, so whether you're looking for a new church home or keen to find out about Christianity we’d love to have you along.

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The Gathering
The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting!
Christian Relativism (Romans 14)
The Truth about the Law (Romans 13)
The Dangers of Application (Romans 12)
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Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Building. UQ
Saint Lucia, QLD

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Sunday 18:00 - 19:30
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The official Muslim Students Association of the University of Queensland (MSA-UQ) page. Musalla located at Building 38, Level 1.

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Hope Brisbane Club (HBC) is a vibrant student club that represents Hope Church Brisbane on campus! We have various activities such as Welcome Lunches and Chaplain's Talks. Come and find out more! :)

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If you're seeking God and fellowship with Christians at uni, come to our Bible talks and events! We are disciples that study at UQ, QUT and Griffith Uni.