National Day of Prayer & Fasting - Brisbane

National Day of Prayer & Fasting - Brisbane


Praying with you all, thank You JESUS
Hi, I've been trying to find someone who can tell me the date for NDOP and Bible marathon in 2020. Can you tell me please??
Have you got your tickets for Overcomer!
You are invited to a night of worship TONIGHT. This annual event is the highlight of our church calendar.
Thanks Marilyn Rowsome, glad to be partner...
Thank you Marilyn Rowsome for the invitation
I find this confusing. Is there “Prayer & Fasting” on 13/12/2018, or just “Prayer” ? Ray.
Hi .. i would like to invite you all to join us for a night of praise and worship on september 1st . The night features a free banquet of food to enjoy n lots of prizes. I look forward to seeing everyone there! Gbu all.😍😇🤗
I will join in personally
Brisbane Prays - Thursday 9th November Join us in November for Shift the Nation. Kangaroo Point Uniting Church 40/48 Linton St, Kangaroo Point Time: 7-9 PM This month we will be focusing on "Shift the Nation". For more information, prayer points and zoom links, see below link: Share this with your network of contacts. All are welcome. If you can't get out to pray with others, please pray at home for God's will to be done in our nation. More details at New email address [email protected]
Brisbane Prays: There is a gathering on the Saturday 29th BBQ. From 4 pm-8pm We are wanting to strengthen relationships and prepare for the 2018 National day of prayer . Please pm me for further details regarding location etc RSVP : by 25th July. Hope you can make it

Brisbane Prays - Combined Churches Monthly Prayer Meeting to pray for Brisbane, QLD and Australia. We meet on 2nd Thursday of month 7-9PM at Kangaroo Point Uniting Church, 40-46 Linton St, Kangaroo Pt, Brisbane 4169

Christians around the nation will unite to fast and pray. See and

Free Webinar: We Stand Against Injustice and Racism

Absolutely worth a watch - please share .. let’s have safe places to talk and share together.. for a better cup Join us in this free broadcast as we speak with top leaders and communicators to discuss a kingdom response to injustice and racism.


Blessing our city and nation

During this time of uncertainty and physical isolation, over 300 local churches united together in Australia to sing a blessing over our nation. This is the ...

Unlocking Resources for Transformation - Alistair Petrie

Today I had the great privilege of interviewing Alistair Petrie on the topic of Unlocking Resources for Transformation. The recording of this is now available at: When you access it you can also download the video and the audio, plus make comments for others to interact with on the takeaways that Alistair shares. How do we Unlock Resources for Transformation in this Current Season? During this 90 minute interview Alistair Petrie unpacks key foundational principles as to how do process what God is doing and implement the change.

Business Blessings

Absolutely worth watching this. Grab a pen and paper and a cuppa.

Special Facebook Live with Alistair Petrie

You are invited to a free webinar with Alistair Petrie on Wednesday 25 March 2020 at 10 am Brisbane time.

Many know Alistair from his work with the Transformation Videos, his key teaching on the land and how to discern the times and seasons that we are in.

During tomorrow's webinar, Alistair will share his insight into how prophetically he is seeing what is happening in the world at this current time. In preparation for the webinar he has shared that the current climate is very similar to the preamble before historical revivals.

The link to register and to join is at:

National Call to Prayer for the Coronavirus

Great opportunity to pray together Dear Friends, We find ourselves in an incredible time in human history. The COVID19 Virus is causing chaos in every sphere of society, with indoor gatherings in Australia now limited to 100. Fear is gripping the hearts and minds of people everywhere, and current predictions of organisations such as....

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

Every week on Monday night, we meet online on a platform called Zoom for a time of National Prayer and Briefing. We would love you to join us during this time. We will continue praying for the Coronavirus pandemic among many other things. The details are below, and you are always most welcome

TIME: 8PM AEDT (QLD 7PM / SA 7:30PM / NT 6:30PM / WA 5PM)

DATE: Every Monday night


ZOOM MEETING ID: 776881184

JOIN US BY PHONE: 02 8015 2088 Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

Good point

May this make us think long and hard... we can not escape the reality of our cities. Our cities need citywide churches.

#unityMatters #relationalunity #unitytransforms

[02/24/20]   Do you have a testimony from Saturday? We would love to hear it.

We are heading so many stories of people being prayed for and giving their hearts to God but we would like to document them all.

If you could share what God did in and through your life and for those who you may have prayed for or given a Bible to we would love to hear it. Please put it in a comment below or message us through the page.

Stratospheric praise and worship ! In King George Square

Getting ready for the start of the Bible Reading Marathon for 2020

The Cry: One Heart, One Hand, Together for Brisbane, State and Nation

It's on tomorrow night - who is coming???

Please also pray for the Bible Reading Marathon that starts tonight at 6pm outside Queensland Parliament House.

All the details:

For all the National Day of Prayer & Fasting events around Australia go to: Calling Christians from across the city of Brisbane to gather as one heart, one hand, together for the city, state and nation on Saturday night 22 February 2020 from 6 pm to 9 pm in King George Square. This event is part of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting. We are encouraging as many people as p...

In case you haven't seen it, this is the video of invitation by the Governor-General David Hurley to attend the National Day of Prayer & Fasting tomorrow.

The two events in Brisbane have a very different flavour to previous years. There is a heavy focus on praise, worship & prayer. The theme is primarily based around the restoration of families. Given the tragedy in the past week, this has confirmed to us that revival starts in the restoration of families.

All the details and to book are at

Please do not come alone, invite family & friends & your whole church to be there!

God is up to something!

'It gives you goosebumps': Green grass and full dams offer farmers hope

Great news... but not drought free yet! Join us on Feb 22nd to Thank God for the rain, and pray for more steady rain right across the nation..
Be encouraged with these before and after pics, after recent rain. A week of rain in drought-affected Queensland transforms the landscape from a dust bowl to overflowing dams.

Calling Christians from across the city of Brisbane to gather as one heart, one hand, together for the city, state and nation on Saturday night 22 February 2020 from 6 pm to 9 pm in King George Square.

This event is part of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting. We are encouraging as many people as possible to gather for "The Cry" a praise, worship and prayer night, crying out for the city, state and nation.

This is not a concert, it's a cry.

Psalm 86:7 says "In the day of my trouble I will call upon You, for you will answer me."

The bottom line to what is happening in our nation at the moment is that our nation needs God. Let's gather together to "cry" out to God for this to occur.

All the details and to register are at

This is a grassroots call out. To help us get the message out about it, can we encourage you to share this post or tag people in this post, those who you know would love to attend.

There will also be a time of prayer from 10 am to 3 pm at The Salvation Army City Temple, 167 Ann St, Brisbane.

Give Thanks for the Rain Zoom Call

Celebrating the rain .. opportunity to join with others across the nation

Give Thanks for the Rain Zoom Call

To arm your prayer & silence the enemy!

By Ps Barbara Miller

I was praying for some insight about the cause of the bushfires when I received a vision on 8.1.20 of a cricket game with the Prime Minister on the right batting. He was playing against the ALP and Greens and he won a surprise victory i.e. the federal election. This meant the ALP retreated a bit from its climate change policy and stand on religious freedom etc. concerned that the “quiet Australians” had not endorsed its policies.

However, with the bushfires, the ALP came back to the cricket game re-energised and more confident to use climate change to bat against the Prime Minister, even to hit him with the bat. They were trying to get him out. I even sensed that an underarm bowl had been used against Scott Morrison.

I was looking for a photo of Scott Morrison playing cricket, if there was one, and was surprised to come up with some scathing articles about him saying that the cricketers from both sides of the Tasman would inspire Australians. However, as they were playing during the bushfire crisis, this was considered insensitive to bushfire victims and firefighters. The PM invited the Australian and New Zealand cricketers to Kirribilli House and is a big cricket supporter. It is a yearly tradition for the Australian cricket team and touring national side to meet with the Prime Minister at Kirribilli House on New Year’s Day. Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard all took part when they were in the role. However, it appears Scott Morrison is expected to focus solely on the bushfires. The story from “The Australian” is more matter-of-fact.

Interestingly, the criticism started before the PM’s brief December holiday with family in Hawaii for which he has been hauled over the coals. His tweet from the Gabba in Brisbane re the game of Australian vs Pakistan was enough to draw 1.8 thousand twitter responses. Some remark on his lack of empathy. Others are re climate change. Below is one of them.

Scott Morrison

· Nov 20, 2019

Going to be a great summer of cricket, and for our firefighters and fire-impacted communities, I’m sure our boys will give them something to cheer [email protected] @CricketAus #AUSvPAK

Troy [email protected]
The link to bushfires you’re looking for is climate change, not cricket.
7:23 PM - Nov 20, 2019

Even Al Jazeera is calling Scott Morrison the “daggy dad” burned by Australia’s bushfire crisis because of not taking action on climate change

Today, (10.1.20) large numbers of people gathered in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane armed with signs and placards, many holding the #sackScomo hashtag and calling for his resignation. Organisers, Uni Students for Climate Justice and Extinction Rebellion, believe thousands took part.

This is hardly a Watergate situation or any misdemeanour on the PM’s part. It is backlash from those who expected an ALP/Green win to prosecute their climate policies and are still reeling with disappointment. Whether we believe in climate change or not, it has become a weapon against a democratically elected Prime Minister. This is of great concern. Some say climate change is a new religion. We need to pray for the wisdom of Solomon for our PM. We are called to pray for those in authority. (1Tim 2:1-4). We seem to have a war on our hands between so-called climate change believers and climate change deniers. Or if not deniers, those not doing enough on climate change or those not doing it the way climate believers think it should be done.

We need to pray for the government to have good short-and-long-term policies on climate change based on good scientific evidence, to have good advisors and to have the courage to stand up for these policies against intimidation. We need to pray that criticism of the PM and government will be constructive, not destructive. We need to pray that the government will find a good balance between the need for jobs and a good economy with the need for climate change policies. Climate change will be the big challenge for the Australian government in 2020.

[01/04/20]   Be encouraged and let’s our shields of faith raised!

From Rebekah Milne - posted with permission.

An open vision.
For Australia 🇦🇺
I was standing in the presence of God. Waiting for instruction on how to pray. In front of me was a wall of fire. I tried to walk around it but there was no door. I heard His voice: ‘Step into the fire, enter in’. I stepped into the fire and found myself in the Throne Room. On the outside of the fire circle was Australia/earth on the inside of the fire was heaven. Within the fire wall, there was a palatial center court surrounded by fire. It wasn’t hot but the flames were high like a wall. In the middle was the throne of Grace. Inscribed on the mercy seat were the words the ‘government of Peace’ . Immediately I saw Shadrach, Meshak and Abednigo walking around in the fire. They were in heaven amidst the fire on earth. Yeshua was walking around with them. I heard Him speak without words. Heart to heart. The gates of Babylon have opened the fires fury because my sons & daughters have refused to bow. The fires have grown 7x hotter.
He said this is the season of the emerging sons. The international eyes have been turned towards Australia to pour out Mercy in prayer and assistance. The unity of my people across the nations will cause my face to be manifest. The appearance of my presence revealed. The emerging of the sons in the fire will create signs and wonders, so that the world will see and know that I am the WAY. As the sons emerge and are revealed the fires will quickly lose their power to destroy. Those who persecute will melt away, driven back by their own schemes. The atmosphere of focussed love and prayer directed towards Australia will cause a shift in the realms of truth, awakening the dead and release a harvest. Australia will be restored and redeemed. The gates of Babylon cannot prevail against the arising Ecclesia.
"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

I declare that Scott Morrison will arise as a manifest son of God as the cloud of witness surround him (Shadrach/Meshak/Abednigo’s) within the fires. As fury is heaped upon him he will reveal the presence of God. Let it be that once again the media are forced (to melt back) to honour him in our nation and before the nations of the world. We arise with Scott Morrison within the fires and declare the manifestation of Yeshua to the nation.
Awaken Ecclesia!
We declare signs and wonders as the Dipole within the Indian sea as it miraculously is restored to balance, restoring the correct seasonal climate
needs of Africa and Australia. We release ‘rain’ upon the just and the unjust. Declare the drought broken. We speak to the winds to be still, calm and at rest. Once again we see the lovers of God dancing in the streets, rejoicing in victory as we experience the goodness of God in the land of the living.
We honour the celestial saints, we honour our brothers and sisters within the fire, we kneel before the throne of Grace and thank Father for help in this time of need. Amen.

Believin' For Rain

Prayer for rain put to song

This song is a call to prayer for all believers to breakthrough this drought that has Australia in its grip. We are praying and believing for breakthrough an...

Vision Christian Radio

Check out this call from Lorelle in Orange! A couple in Cobargo had to leave their home, and the fire didn’t damage their home, it stopped at the Cross they have at the edge of their home!


Important re Todd Bentley..

Official Statement from the Leadership Panel on Todd Bentley, January 2, 2020

As followers of Jesus, we delight in God’s mercy and grace and believe in the power of restoration and forgiveness. At the same time, we recognize that God’s Word holds leaders in the Church to high standards, since they serve as representatives of Christ himself. The question before us is this: Does Todd Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire Ministries, live up to those standards? Is he qualified to be a recognized leader in the Church?

The signers of this statement are leaders in ministry who were asked to review a matter that invokes these beliefs and to judge the fitness of a person for ministry according to biblical standards and the leading of the Holy Spirit. In conducting such investigation there are limits on what can be known with certainty, but we look carefully at long-term track records and the accumulated testimony of many witnesses.

The opinion we have reached here is theological, answering the question: Does Todd Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire Ministries, live up to the high standards required of those who serve as representatives of Christ? Is he qualified, according to our understanding of biblical standards, to be a recognized leader in the Church?

As part of this process, we sought to hear Todd's side directly, but he declined to answer a list of 60 questions compiled by the investigator after initially agreeing to respond. (Todd required the investigator to submit the questions through his attorney, after which he ceased communicating with Dr. Brown or the investigator.)

Based on our careful review of numerous first-hand reports, some of them dating back to 2004, we state our theological opinion and can say with one voice that, without a doubt, Todd is not qualified to serve in leadership or ministry today. There are credible accusations of a steady pattern of ungodly and immoral behavior, confirmed by an independent investigator’s interviews dating from 2008 up through 2019, along with other testimonies dating back to 2004. And while we only took into account first-hand reports, there are many other second and third-hand reports repeating the same accusations, often from people in different parts of the country (or, world) who had no connection between them, other than their interaction with Todd.

We love Todd and believe that he has been supernaturally gifted by God, and our highest joy would be to see Todd coming before God and the community of believers in humility and repentance, openly desiring help to get his life fully healed and surrendered to Jesus. Sadly, we see no signs of true, lasting repentance. Instead, we see a steady pattern of compromised behavior, including credible accusations of adultery, sexting (including the exchanging of nude pictures or videos), vulgar language, and substance abuse.

And, to repeat, these charges have been brought by numerous witnesses over a period of roughly 15 years, right until 2019. Even more importantly, many of these activities have involved people for whom Todd was spiritually responsible (interns, staff, team members, individuals he was ministering to), making these violations all the more serious.

In our view, this disqualifies Todd from public ministry until such time that he has demonstrated true, lasting fruits of repentance, which would include: the breaking of these long-term, sinful habits; public acknowledgment of his sin, without equivocation, including asking forgiveness of those he sinned against; and submission to local church leadership until trust had been rebuilt. This would likely take a period of years.

We also recognize that formal ordination into the ministry amounts to a recognition by other leaders of a candidate’s qualifications to serve as a leader in the Church. We therefore recommend that Todd’s current ordination be rescinded until the process of repentance and restoration, described above, has taken place.

It is also our opinion that, while it is possible for Todd to do public ministry again in the future, at no point should he lead his own ministry. Instead, if he was truly restored to God and in submission to godly authority, he could serve in another leader’s ministry. But we believe it would be unwise and even potentially dangerous for him to lead his own ministry again.

Unfortunately, what's missing in the modern church is often the combination of relational and organizational accountability, which would ensure each minister's ability to navigate turbulent emotional, organizational, and spiritual waters. We pray that Todd would find such relational and organizational accountability, and it is our hope that this will become the norm, rather than the exception, for other leaders in the days ahead.

We recognize, of course, that we have no legal authority over Todd or his ministry, nor do we seek to have such authority. Rather, as elders in the Body of Christ who have been asked to judge righteously, and in the fear of the Lord, we make our viewpoint public, praying that this will help bring confidence and hope to those who have been sinned against as well as encourage deeper accountability in the Church.

We pray for God’s best for Todd and his family and encourage them to seek out godly help with the hope that their lives may be fully restored in God.

Dr. Brown will be issuing a separate statement outlining the process to this point, and we encourage you to direct all questions to him. May 2020 be a year of redemption, restoration, and hope for the Body of Christ.

Dr. Joseph Mattera, Overseeing Bishop of Resurrection Church, Brooklyn, NY, and Convener of the US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Dr. James W. Goll, Founder of God Encounters Ministries, Franklin, TN

Dr. Jane Hamon, Co-Pastor, Vision Church @ Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Dr. Harry Jackson, Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church, Beltsville, MD, and Presiding Bishop of the Ambassadors of Hope Fellowship of Churches

Dr. Don Finto, Pastor Emeritus, Belmont Church, Nashville, TN, and President and founder of Caleb Company

Brisbane Prays

Christians in Brisbane meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month to pray across denominations for our city, state and nation. All are welcome

We are part of a wider network begun in 2011. Christians unite annually in different locations around Australia to fast and pray during the National Day/40 Days of Prayer & Fasting in Feb or March and

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