St Paul's Anglican Church, East Brisbane

St Paul's Anglican Church, East Brisbane


For a different approach, from a different land with a very special member of the household try this. You can hear a family member from bout 4 minutes in. When the Archbishop says "listening", there's a resounding "amen" in the background.
CHAF,,,, Christmas Holiday Art Fun School holiday parents and children's creative workshops.... We've changed the Workshops to include parents. Monday Thursday Fridays.... 8 more to go... come along and have some art fun.... At St Paul's Church Hall. pH Tracy 0400386481
Book before Friday the 13th and get a free workshop day...
Hi everyone, I'm trying to use recycled things for the CHAF (Christmas Holiday Art Fun) Workshops. If anyone has ice-cream container's with lids I am using them over the program in the hall. Many thanks Tracy. Happy Holidays.....
Hello everyone I'm Tracy, I'll be running Art workshops at the hall over the school holidays... I'm so excited to be involved with our community, bringing some creative fun and joy to all the kids that wish to participate. At 3.30pm I invite parents and community to become part of the audience for the "Odd Sock puppet show", on stage at each workshop. Happy and safe holidays to one and all.
A nice invitation Mark. I will be attending Xmas church in my own parish, namely at All Saints, Tamrookum with family lunch later in Toowoomba to follow. Will be a busy day.
Going through family photos and discovered this. There is no date or names on it so I can't help you with that but thought you'd like to see it.

Welcome to St Paul’s Anglican Christian community, East Brisbane... A small Church with a big heart. You're welcome to our Sunday worship at 8am.

Reminder to all. Tomorrow night’s (virtual) Clayton’s Fellowship Dinner (The Fellowship Dinner when you are not having a Fellowship Dinner) will be via Barra Boys. 1007 Stanley St East. Ph 3391 3487. They generously supported our most recent raffle to raise funds to provide Christmas hampers for families affected by drought and fires out west so let’s get behind this local business folks just as we did with Neesh Bar. Bon appetite.

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Well done Miljenka. The congregation at St Paul’s has really got behind our friends at Neesh Bar on Stanley Street. So important that we support local businesses. Did you know that more than 60% of Jesus parables involve business? As the Joni Mitchell song goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” So stay safe, stay local.

From empty hall to congested church. Hall renovations start next week. If it wasn’t for Coronavirus and the church being closed, finding somewhere to store everything would have been an absolute nightmare!

Good news folks! Let’s support Katie and Dale as and when we can.

Starting this Tuesday we will be opening from 8am to serve you our delicious @coffee_supreme_bne everyday plus some of your breakky favourites ☕️🥐
Our Grab n Go meals will still be made fresh daily & available to take home! 🙌🏽
#supportsmallbusiness #brekky #brunch #coffee #brisbane #woolloongabba

Happy Easter

Kiwi vicars walking on sunshine. Bit of a hoot. Obviously suffering from ALS - Acute Lockdown Syndrome.

Just a bunch of Anglican Clergy from the Diocese of Auckland wishing you a Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Easter Service.mp4

Something happened, something BIG happened!
A happy Easter from St Paul's Anglican Church, East Brisbane.
With thanks to the Rev’d Mark Vincent and to Bart Seaton-Said on the harp.

Anglican Church Southern Queensland

Good Friday service.mp4

A Good Friday reflection from Rev'd Mark Vincent, priest at St Paul's Anglican Church, East Brisbane

Anglican Church Southern Queensland

The “feet of the parish” in lieu of our normal foot washing service - thanks to the many feet which went into compiling this collage. Incidentally no toe was injured in the filming of these feet.

God of goodness bless these feet
Even though we cannot meet
Keep us safe this Easter tide
May our eyes and ears be opened wide
To hear the message and take Jesus' cue
'To love one another as I have loved you'.
Rev'd Mark & Julie

The Touch of the Towel, a poem based on John 13:1-17, the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet

by Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia 2011

Jesus, you kneel before me
You remove my shoes and I am exposed
My feet are grimy
full of calluses and cracks
pungent with sweat and toe jam
I’m embarrassed by them
I pull back but you reassure
You’re not offended
I feel welcome in your hands
vulnerable, yet safe

The cleansing begins
I see your reflection in the ripples
I see me, too
Your water brings truth and life
Who I am and who I can be

I am whole and home in the touch of the towel
You look at my neighbour and hand it to me.


Rev'd Mark

The crew getting ready for Easter messages. What a blessing to have Elliot, a graduate of Griffith Uni Film School, in our congregation. Thanks Elliot and Bart for all your hard work this morning.

Thank you Mike for such a thoughtful piece.

Palm Sunday Reflection by Michael Willis

Matthew 21:8-9

A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road. The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted, "Hosanna to the Son of David!"
Matthew 27:22-23
Pilate said to them, ‘Then what should I do with Jesus who is called the Messiah?’ All of them said, ‘Let him be crucified!’ Then he asked, ‘Why, what evil has he done?’ But they shouted all the more, ‘Let him be crucified!’

Ironic, isn’t it?
That on a Sunday we cannot gather together, our gospel readings are about LARGE CROWDS.
The wisdom of the crowd can be dubious:
− At its best, it can reflect community discernment, the vox populi.
As Churchill said, democracy is a terrible form of government, except for the others we’ve tried.
− But at its worst, collective decision-making can easily fall into the problems of “groupthink”, where we go along with the mob, or “confirmation bias” (where we only hear what we want to hear.
We often see it in our workplaces, in government, in families!
My favourite is the story of the tragic Space Shuttle Challenger explosion in 1986, the result of groupthink among engineers about an O-Ring in the engines.
It is worth watching the short videoclip…

It is easy to look with disdain on the fickleness of the Jerusalem crowd in these two Gospel stories:
− At one point, welcoming their Prophet and Messiah, imposing all their optimistic expectations on him (confirmation bias) – their hopes to be free of Roman political and economic oppression, and for the revival of the Jewish people and their political power;
− Yet soon after, when their misguided expectations are dashed, dropping this “failed Messiah” like the proverbial hot potato.

With hindsight, we can easily mock their sudden switch, from “Hosanna” to “Crucify him”.
WE would never do that, would we?

And yet, do we not turn in the same way? How have we had to change in the last few weeks, on understanding the scale of this Coronavirus? On how our politicians should deal with it, and with the economic impact of the isolation? Who among us, a month ago, had all the wisdom to handle this?
Yes, we can be just as fickle as the “Palms and Hosanna” crowd too, it seems.

We cannot gather this week, to celebrate and reflect on the journey of Jesus, from the palm branches, to His breaking of bread and His washing of feet, to His trial and execution, and to the hope in Him that we celebrate in the empty tomb.

So let’s use this time apart wisely?
Ben Folds, the American singer/songwriter has resolved to write a new album of music while he is quarantined in Australia…
Let’s use this quarantine, what’s left of our forty days of solitude and prayer, well too? We might start by reflecting on how WE get caught up in the crowd.
Let’s test our faith a little? Some questions we might ask of ourselves in coming days…

− Are we just going along for the ride with our faith, joining the palm procession and imposing our expectations and plans onto God? Are we just happy to be part of the crowd?
− Could we spend some time in our own Garden of Gethsemane, asking God what challenge or expectation is in store for us, if we listen in silent prayer?
− What will God ask us to drink in the days ahead, that we will want to say “Take this cup away from me?”
− Will our little denial “I don’t know that man” be our response - a discrete but still loud call to “Crucify Him”?
− Or will we respond with “Not my will, but yours”?

Like Ben Folds, we have the potential to write a whole new symphony in this week of solitude, if we are open to the voice of God and the heart of Jesus.
Whose feet will we be asked to wash? Whom will we be asked to feed? When will we have to resist the opportunity to betray the Gospel?
If we can use this time in solitude, we will be ready to truly understand the empty tomb, to see in that rolled stone a new hope for our world.

As our friend Karl Vaters reminded us, it isn’t all about being a big church. Our little churches of ONE can be both vital and transforming this Holy Week.
May your week be truly HOLY!

A beautiful idea for Palm Sunday

Here’s something we might consider. How can we publicly acknowledge this important day on our calendar when so many of us will be behind closed doors? The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit posted this idea on their page: What if everyone on Sunday April 5 in the morning, puts a branch on the door of their house or on the

Business on Purpose - Faith & Co

An old school friend of mine is one of the ‘brains’ behind this course beginning April 6. It is an initiative of Seattle Pacific University where he is a Professor of Accounting. The course is FREE! Would be good if we formed a bit of an online group to hold discussions in relation to topics. Let me know if you’d be interested. Faith & Co: Business on Purpose introduces the idea that the purpose of business, under God, is to serve. In this eight-week course you’ll explore more deeply the themes of the Season 1 films as well as hear from various thought leaders including Bill Pollard, Jeff Van Duzer, Denise Daniels, and S...

Pray Daily: April 2020 - anglican focus

While we have no services, one way we can uphold our community and church in prayer is through the Diocese's PRAY DAILY roster.
This will be on our page for April, for your daily use... Friday20 March 2020 Advertisement Today's top stories Good advice for taking your church online ‘Caremongering’ in our communities Sunday Devotion: 29 March 2020, Fifth Sunday in Lent Message from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall re COVID-19 Parishes providing live streaming or recorded services Pray...

Read: Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi address on coronavirus and Jesus calming the storm

Some great reflections on our Covid-19 crisis in the Urbi et Orbi sermon of Pope Francis...
“Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?” Pope Francis delivered an extraordinary Urbi et Orbi address to pray for the end of the coronavirus.

Our church featured on ABC television news and on the online news tonight. Not that you can see much of it for all the signage!

Christe qui lux es et dies

For those who love our ancient church’s heritage, this hymn is a beautiful plea for peace and protection through the “dark watches of the night” - apt for this time?
with thanks to Dr Eleanor Parker, @ClerkOfOxford English and Latin versions of this hymn in an Anglo-Saxon hymnal ( BL Cotton Vespasian D XII, f. 13 ) 'O Christ who art the light and day' ...

Sunday Devotion: 29 March 2020, Fifth Sunday in Lent - anglican focus

A Sunday devotion for this week from our friends at Anglican Church Southern Queensland Monday23 March 2020 Advertisement Today's top stories Good advice for taking your church online ‘Caremongering’ in our communities Message from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall re COVID-19 Parishes providing live streaming or recorded services The Five Marks of Mission: Three – to respond to human ...

Slogan now outside St Paul’s (actually thought up by Fr Merv) - “God and humanity: we’re all in this together.” Great theological insight.


Our virtual Fellowship Meal tomorrow night

Our banquets are OUT OF THIS WORLD and on $39pp 😱😱
#brisbanebanquet #brisbane #dinner #banquet #ribs #friedchicken

Not sure that we at St Paul’s quite measure up to the media technology available for online streaming at St Bart’s in Toowoomba. But good on them. Doing a great job.

March 15, 2020: Sunday Sermon by The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

For all of you who will miss our Sunday worship, and especially our sermons, apparently this bloke’s sermons are even better than ours at St Paul's Anglican Church, East Brisbane (according to one of our members)!...
Just don’t tell our preachers, please! 😱

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop & Primate of the Episcopal Church delivers the Sunday Sermon at Washington National Cathedral.

A prayer for a Pandemic, with thanks to Cameron Bellm

A Mothering Sunday Reflection

A reflection for Mothering Sunday... This Sunday is going to be the fourth Sunday in Lent, traditionally known as “Laetare Sunday”, which means Joyful Sunday , when the Chu...

St Margaret’s students pledge to support UQ COVID-19 vaccine research - anglican focus

What a great story. More importantly, the fact that Prof Paul Young, as busy as he is, took the time to respond to the girls says a lot about the man. Thank you Michelle McDonald for publishing these good news stories. To quote Michelle,
“ I really need more ‘good news’ story leads. If the media publishes more ‘good stories’ rather than ‘selfish panic buyer’ and ‘mean price gauging online seller’ stories, we can help change behaviours.” Spot on! Friday20 March 2020 Advertisement Today's top stories Message from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall re COVID-19 Parishes providing live streaming or recorded services The Five Marks of Mission: Three – to respond to human need by loving service Easter start date planned for reinstatement of New Zealand...

ACSQ church services suspended from Monday 23 March - anglican focus

St Paul's Anglican Church, East Brisbane will be holding our normal service on Sunday, but after that???
Watch this space... Thursday19 March 2020 Today's top stories Message from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall re COVID-19 Parishes providing live streaming or recorded services The Five Marks of Mission: Three – to respond to human need by loving service Easter start date planned for reinstatement of New Zealand’s ChristC...

Quarantined? 17 Ideas To Keep Your Body, Mind And Spirit Strong

Some good advice from our friend @KarlVaters on what to do in our CoronaVirus seclusion... This is a serious and difficult time. Quarantines are hard. But we can do more than endure, we can step up and be strong.

Sunday Devotion: 22 March 2020, Fourth Sunday in Lent - anglican focus

Lenten reflection for this Sunday, from Anglican Church Southern Queensland... Monday16 March 2020 Advertisement Today's top stories Christchurch mosque massacres: first anniversary Dark Waters I Still Believe Exploring the Gospels February 2020 Album Sunday Devotion: 22 March 2020, Fourth Sunday in Lent Sunday Devotions Seeing with the heart The Rev'd Kathrin Koning Monday 16...

Church Canceled? 6 Ways To Respond – And 5 Ways Not To The church is always at our best, not when things are going well, but when we respond in a Christ-like manner to a difficult circumstance.

Our Sunday sermon, from the Reverend Dr Mervyn Lander..


Today’s Gospel story from John, is varyingly known as
• The story of the Samaritan women
• The story of the woman at the well
• The story of the woman with a past

Jesus, avoiding a confrontation with the Pharisees when Jesus’ disciples baptised more disciples than John, left Judea and started back to Galilee in the North. The shortest route was via Samaria. Jesus was tired and exhausted from the travel. Having sent his disciples off to the village to do the shopping. It was about noon.
A Samaritan woman came to draw water at Jacob’s Well, in the heat of the day, as her history labelled her as unclean. The Samaritans had been vehement enemies of the Jews.
• They were not permitted to worship in Jerusalem
• They only recognised the first five books of their scripture (the Torah)
• They were considered racially impure
The woman’s marital history was outlined by Jesus.
• She had been married five times
• And at the time was in a common law relationship with yet another.
But Jesus said to her “give me a drink”. Jesus asked this woman who was despised in the community…
• She was a woman
• She was a Samaritan
• She was a serial divorcee
And Jesus also had religious constraints. Rabbinic law decreed: “He who talks with women in public brings evil upon himself”. And the oral law taught “Let the words of the law be burned rather brought to women.”
What a drama?
The disciples were astounded that he was talking with a woman, and more so, they were having a “deep and meaningful”.
• Jesus completely revealed the woman’s history to her. The woman said, when she went into to the city “Come and see a man who told me everything I have ever done.”
• He taught about the worship of the Father.
• He confessed his own messianic identity: “I am He.”
• The woman experienced conversion.
• She went into the city as an apostle of Jesus.

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