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Its a shame that for the Christmas Festival that you can't hear the Choirs or Soloists for the noise in the foyer.Perhaps the concertina glass doors could be partly closed.
Are you open next weekend
Do you have list of what entertainment is on each night please?
Hi there. What time is church tomorrow please?
Hi, many in the community have been wondering why your Xmas decorations have been up since the middle of October? If you could help us understand, that would be great :0)
Hi, This is just a short note to let you know that we have been asked by a concerned local to ask you not to hand out balloon to children during this year's Christmas celebrations or at any other time. It seems that balloons were handed out last year and many balloons, or their remains, were then found on the ground inside and the surrounding area of your premises. Please do not use balloons for celebratory, commemorative or promotional purposes. They kill our birds and turtles and other wildlife, pets and farm animals.They are not biodegradable! There are so many alternatives available.
LOST! DEAGON, BRISBANE. Male Russian Blue x cat. Desexed and microchipped. 3 years old. He ran away Saturday night after we moved house. Phone 0405934174
"A TRUE SENSE OF PRIDE" by Rev. Dr. Shane Andersen DD (Hon): We live in fickled times, which can be truly magnificent and wonderful, we have experienced not too long ago (November 2017 in fact) here in Australia. i,e, With a recent Plebiscite, conducted by the Australian Government into what some refer to as GAY WEDDINGS, and/or MARRIAGE EQUALITY, etc. Two notable things came out of this activity... (1) It showed that the Prime Minister and others in his party, where somewhat skeptical as to whether it would be SAFE for them to VOTE for Marriage Equality, and possibly face the wrath of those who were/are anti-Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered or Intersexed (GLBTI), and possibly kicked out of government, even though they seemed to have the mandate to do so. And with a Mistrust by the Prime Minister of his ministers to make the right desition for human rights and equality, OR to spend a fortune (over a million dollars to sent out to the electorate, a vote (plebiscite) form, for the voting population, the right to have their say (Yes/NO). I know it was a huge sigh of relief that our Prime Minister would have felt, with the end result being voted with a huge majority by the public of Australia, for the YES vote. plus, a very large majority of the Australian Political Party members also voted YES. With Rainbow flags being waved, out in the street, and in Parliament House, and kisses all around, a new sense of pride had his Australians like a tidal wave, or in fact a tsunami of JOY and well being. This left the Anti Human Rights Church Ministers and many of their congregations saying to themselves... "WHAT THE...," and fearing the Devil had taken control of the masses, and that God would be totally miffed. I believe that the opposite would in fact be the case. For the millions of LGBTI people of every age, flowed a sigh of relief and happiness, in the knowledge that actually, as opposed to what many closeted folks thought, they were/are truly accepted, loved by much more than half the Australian public, and rightly so. I believe that it's truly right to say that not only God (Their/Our creator also had a sigh of relief, but spearheaded what eventuated, and unbeknown to many, God had spoken to a large number of individuals, Ministers, Priests, Pastors, in their dreams/sleep, and their daily lives to work within unique churches globally, especially here in Australia, and other countries who now, and in the future would be facing the same triumphant successes for equality. But what is the major problem with the Catholic Churches and others who are fighting the inevitable? It is (1) Those who are ignorant of the truth of human sexual expression, and their own dislike for the thoughts about sexual ACTIVITIES?!? of the LGBTI community and (2) those supposedly few Bible texts of anti-gay commentary, when there are so many more idiosyncrasies and failures expressed, condemned within the pages of the Bible, and admonished by Christ himself for doing acts which is far worse than the other. And while I am on this subject, let me remind those of condemning, any individual, that Jesus spoke nothing about the LGBTIQ Community, but *taught LOVE & RESPECT, and *rebuked those who sought to judge others, with strong words (Read the references on our website: www.OutreachMinistriesAu.Wix.Com/OMA-HQ God bless you all, and may 2018 be a year of so many blessings to all. and remember, what goes around often comes around. God LOVES YOU so much, that he gave his only begotten Son for you so you could enjoy the riches of care for one another, and for his/her love to us.with abundant life Yours in Christ. SHANE (Moderator Outreach Ministries Australia,) and Pastoral support teams in Sweden, UK, India, Pakistan, Africa, also in the Philippines
Bit of a tradition for our family, it's our final stop for coffee and Christmas cake. We go every year. Been doing it now since our daughter was 5 or 6 I think. She drove us for the first time this year. Lovely the people and great place to rest while listening to the music.
Looks like a really great evening and Christmas period coming up- well done folks.😇😇😇🎉🎉🎉

MISSION STATEMENT : The mission of our church is to know Jesus and help others come to know Jesus. Worship each Sunday 9 am & 6.30 pm. On 4th Sun of month (Feb - Nov) we have Messy Church 4.30 pm. Active family-friendly. Christmas Lights in Dec.

SANDGATE UNITING CHURCH – 2017 to 2021 VISION STATEMENT : Growing A Christ-Like Community MISSION STATEMENT : The mission of our church is to know Jesus and help others come to know Jesus. CORE VALUES : • Consistently prayerful • Enriching worship • Deepening faith • Adventurous discipleship • Empowering leadership • Compassionate community • Joyful service • Embracing hospitality

Mission: The mission of our church is to know Jesus and help others come to know Jesus.

[04/20/20]   Join us for prayer at noon each day. The power of prayer cannot be underestimated.

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Sunday 19th will be Easter + 1 - otherwise known as Easter 2! Morning service will be streamed from

Sandgate Uniting Church

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Easter Sunday morning service will be streamed at 9.00 am from…/UCuSmdcu7qnraxJTqe_f70YQ/live

Sandgate Uniting Church

Good Friday service will be streamed at 8.00 am from Our Vision: Is to grow a Christ-like community Our Mission: Is to know Jesus and help others come to know Jesus. During this time while we are not able to ga...

Sandgate Uniting Church

[04/07/20]   UCA Qld "Journey" Magazine. If you are passing the Church, please pop in and get your copy. This may be the last printed one for some time. If not, catch up via Journey online.

You will see that the feature article, Jesus, light of the World, is the UCA theme for this Easter. A pull quote from this article says "There is no dark place you will ever go where Jesus is not present." This is a comforting thought in light of the present Covid-19 pandemic.

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Just a reminder that tomorrow morning's service will be streamed at 9 am, from the same link as last week: viz:

[04/01/20]   Just getting in early - Easter services will be streamed this year, at 8 am on Good Friday and 9 am on Easter Sunday.

[03/28/20]   Thanks to all those who made this morning's service happen, via YouTube.

Sandgate Uniting Church

Sandgate Uniting Church now has a YouTube page and we will be streaming from that page now onwards. The following is the link for this new page: Our Vision: Is to grow a Christ-like community Our Mission: Is to know Jesus and help others come to know Jesus. During this time while we are not able to ga...

Michael Ridgway Live Stream - YouTube

If you missed SUC's first ever live stream service on Sunday, it will be repeated Wednesday at 4 pm. This is the link:

[03/23/20]   People will have realised that most of our activities have been suspended, so no Monday Melodies for the next two months.

For smaller groups, the leader will advise what they are doing.

[03/21/20]   A big thank you to Michael and Cliff for today's first live stream.

Watch for details for next Sunday later in the week.

Michael Ridgway Live Stream - YouTube

We will be live streaming part of our Sunday morning service on 22nd March.

The link to see Sunday's service live is

To open the live stream on Sunday click on the link from your computer, pad/tablet or phone and type or click the link.

Allow the YouTube page to load and once loaded wait until the start time for the live stream, as indicated below.

When ready, click on the red oval with the play symbol that will be in the middle of the YouTube play window. The live stream to your device will have been initiated but allow up to a couple of minutes for it to start and display on your device.

The live stream should started by 8:50 am but if there is no response by 9:15 it may indicate technical difficulties. This is the first time we have done this, so please be patient.

[03/20/20]   VERY IMPORTANT: The Uniting Church has decided that, due to the Covid 19 virus, there will be no face-to-face Church services at the present time. However, we will be streaming via Youtube on Sunday morning. A link will be provided on Saturday afternoon.

[03/15/20]   On 22nd March the Youth Group theme is "Climb Every Mountain". This week will only be one! People who live here should not throw stones! Finishing off with BBQ and swim. Further details from Jason.

[03/08/20]   Youth Group on Sunday 15th is The Brain Strain - sounds like more thinking - with tricks, riddles, illusions, etc. Jason and Lee will assure everyone that it is no illusion that God loves them.

[03/08/20]   Sandgate Youth Group will be joining other youth groups in the Moreton Rivers Presbytery 7-9 pm on Friday 13th. Jason will give details of where and how to get there.

[03/02/20]   The Chaser is the theme for Youth Group on Sunday 8th March. There could be some thinking involved here whilst having fun with the Bible and each other.

[02/23/20]   Youth Group on Sunday 1st March will feature "Ropes and Walls" - maybe getting in practice for another activity later in the month.

[02/19/20]   World Day of Prayer 2020 - featuring Pray for ZIMBABWE - will be on Friday 6th March 2020 at St Margaret’s Anglican Church, Rainbow Street, Sandgate (next to primary school) at 10:00am.

[02/18/20]   Youth Group will be Oooey-Gooey on Sunday afternoon (23rd). Young people of all ages love messy games, so come prepared for lots of mess - and even more laughter.

[02/11/20]   Youth Group will be rolling out the red carpet on Sunday 16th - going to the movies. Contact Jason or Lee for details.

[02/10/20]   Lenten Studies

1st and 3rd March

This year's six Lenten Studies will be held at 10.45 am on Sundays (from 1st March) or 1.30 pm on Tuesdays (from 3rd March).

Always With You is the title of this year's Lenten Studies, using the study guide by Rev Dr Robert Bos. Books are available from Rev Anne at $10 each. Please put your name on the sheet on the greeters' table, or ring the Church Office on 3869 0277.

[02/06/20]   Youth Group have "Marvel JC" as their theme on Sunday 9th. 4.30 pm.

[02/02/20]   Messy Church will start again on 9th February from 4.30 - 6.30 pm. All family members welcome to attend.

[01/29/20]   Free Christian Meditation sessions have resumed. They are on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month 3-4 pm in the Chapel. Next one will be on 11th Feb.

[01/26/20]   Monday Melodies kicks off again on Monday 3rd Feb. We start the year with champion piano accordionist, Robert Grant. He will get our feet tapping as his fingers do the dancing across the keyboard. He will welcome us to his multicultural music world of French, Italian, Gypsy, Irish and Australian Bush Music. Starts at 9.30, followed by morning tea at 10.30 am. Inclusive cost is $12. Book in with Cathy on 0419 014 725.

[01/26/20]   So - the Youth Group will be at it again starting next Sunday afternoon with "Time's Up" - a minute to win it. Various games and time-limits. Contact Jason or Lee for further info.

Youth Group

Some of the Youth Group activities from term 4 2019

Some of the Youth Group activities from term 4 2019

Dodecagons for Youth Ministry - A Dodecagon is a 12 sided shape just like our 50 cent piece. Over February and March we would like you (including our Youth Group) to donate these odd shaped coins to Youth & Families Ministry. Your donations will provide i) a base fund for the future Youth & Families Pastor and ii) aid with upcoming Synod, Presbytery and Family camps and activities. Feel free to donate by including your 50c coins in an envelope marked Youth Dodecagons during the offering. Alternatively you can store your 50c coins in jar/s over the two months and then drop your collection into the Church Office during office hours, or contact Jason Grimsey (Youth Ministry Worker) on 0412 542 697 who will arrange to pick up your 50c dodecagon coins

[01/17/20]   Position vacant (Half time permanent position)

Youth and families pastor – Sandgate Uniting Church

Sandgate Uniting Church is seeking a person with a heart for ministry with youth, young people and families, to help encourage them in their faith through the various activities, initiatives and opportunities offered by the church.

Please contact Rev Anne Hulbert on 0407 584 208 for more details and a copy of the position description.

Sandgate Uniting Church's cover photo

Sandgate Uniting Church

[01/16/20]   This Sunday we will have our Thank You Celebration Meal and Service to thank everyone who helped with our Christmas Lights. Bring salad, slice or fruit. Other food provided. 5.30 pm. Bring voice to sing also! (Or pretend with a smile.)

[12/23/19]   It's our last night of Christmas Lights activities (stalls and entertainment). Going out with a bang Brisbane Citizen's Concert Band will play for us and we will sing along with some carols. After the break Alfresco a capella group will entertain us with their singing harmonies and sign us off for another year.

But don't forget the lights will still be on tomorrow evening and we have our Christmas Eve Service (see events).

[12/20/19]   Tonight we will have two very talented and fun groups: first the Freud Squad - they often manage to get people up dancing to their special brand of jazz.
After the break we will have the Multitude Community Choir - they take musical fun to another level and you will be hard-pushed not to want to join in.

[12/20/19]   Our free entertainment tonight features the Ormiston Pipe band. They will be playing inside this year so you can sing-along.

After the break the wonderful Second Wind Big Band with a good variety of music. Come along and join in the fun.

[12/20/19]   Have you forgotten a gift? Lots of last minute things here in our craft range, including handmade children's clothes, tea cloths, coat hangers plus a few more unusual items.

[12/20/19]   Lots to eat: sausage (with onions, sauce, etc.) on bread; yummy doughnuts, or Christmas cake; ice creams. Drinks include tea, coffee, water, assorted softdrinks.

Take home some fudge - some different flavours this year - if not sold out. Jams and pickles always popular.

[12/20/19]   Hope you have seen the magnificent lights, portraying "Peace to You".

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General information

Sandgate Uniting Church in Australia meets for worship services each Sunday at 9 am and 6.30 pm. On 4th Sunday of the month (Feb - Nov) we have Messy Church at 4.30 pm (instead of 6.30 pm) where family activities include, craft, worship and meal. Ladies and Men meet monthly for fellowship and Kids Club meet each Friday afternoon during term times. We have a full time minister and half time Children's and Families' Pastor. Other pastors within the Congregation help out with services and pastoral care. It is a very active Church will lots of outreach activities, including our award-winning Christmas Lights.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 12:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 12:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 12:00
Thursday 09:00 - 12:00
Friday 09:00 - 12:00
Sunday 18:30 - 19:45
Sunday 09:00 - 10:30
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Sandgate Seventh-day Adventist Facebook Located in idyllic North East of Brisbane, this small & friendly church feels like home. Come visit. All Welcomed!