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Santi Forest Monastery


After Prince Siddharta ( known as Buddha) died over 2500 years ago , his words is taught by millions of people calling themselves as ‘ Buddhist Teacher”.

These people mostly monks are learning Buddha’s words from various sources , from so many kind of practices / meditation , scriptures or by lineage .

And they are using what they learned , their skills and their experiences to teach people to know , to understand and to experience Buddha’s words .

Their followers will then created a form of “ referrals” in mind and this referral later turned into a form of beliefs or faith .

Their followers using what they have learned or experienced and strive to be the one they think they should be.

So in short , Buddhist Teacher are using Buddha’s words to shape people into “ SOMEONE” …leading people to ‘ A GOAL “…….

To me , this might be the greatest misleading of mankind .

I have 2 points to highlight to all Buddhist Teacher .


Dear Buddhist Teacher ,

In human culture , human are keeping and holding on knowledge / skills / experience / memories in mind and the mind is like a house full of rubbish and the owner of the house is constantly suffer , struggling to get out from the house but due to his nature , he is constantly collecting and keeping more and more rubbish into the house …….he continue to suffer of his own nature.

Let me ask you a simple question :-

What is left in mind if you take out all that you learned , all your knowledge , all your skills , all your experience , all your faith / beliefs and all your memories from your mind?

The of the left in mind is YOU …… what are you ???

PERHAPS ,YOU are EMOTION , you are desire , you are love , you are anger , you are hate , you are greed , you are will , you are fear , you are ego ….

and the words of Buddha is simply like an arrow pointing at YOU not a guide of who you should be.
You are always HERE and you should be at peace of what you are … you that suffer struggling to be there , trying to be someone .

Awaken to own nature , one no longer holds on to anything in mind .

The mind will be at ease and this will allow realization to occur .

Realization will contract the mind and reduce the growth of emotion .
Wisdom is the ability to forget all including own nature .

But ,
Is apparent that all Buddhist Teacher are teaching people to gain more knowledge , more skills , more faith and this is like collecting more rubbish into mind …
The mind will expand and like an expanded balloon , pressure inside the balloon will increase and pressure resembles suffering …..
So Buddhist Teacher is leading people into a path of greater suffering in the name of Buddhism .


Dear Buddhist Teacher ,

Like all living , emotion have a natural nature to grow and emotion is feeding on “ referral” to grow and travelling in life .

Referrals is a form of knowledge / skills / experience / memories / faith etc .

Emotion using the physical body as a tool to sense and by a process of thinking to generate referral .
Thinking is emotion in action .

We thinking on learning to know , knowing to understand and understand to create referrals .
So in another words , human think , human know and human understand to create referral that they will use it to grow more emotion and to live .

Emotion will constantly hold on to all these referrals in mind.

But !!!

Each moment all nature is naturally changing …so holding anything in mind is like trying to block river water from naturally flowing into sea …that is suffering .

Buddhist Teacher are causing people to creates and holding on referral in mind and that is the basis of human suffering.

What if the words of Buddha is never about knowing or understanding or experiencing?
What if the words of Buddha is about REALIZATION and realization is of opposite nature of knowing / understanding???

So the more you know, the more you understand, the further you will travel away from realization .

So in short , Buddhist Teaching is teaching people to understand and to hold on Buddha’s words but Buddha’s words is about realization and realization is of opposite nature of knowing or understanding .

Realization does not hold anything.
Realization is a factor that lead one to naturally and gradually forgetting what is hold.
Wisdom is ability to forget all including own nature.

So , there is possibility that Buddhist Teacher are like someone giving you muddy water to wash your clothing and let you expect it to be cleaned ……you will suffer of your own nature .

My name is Ee Chuan Seng from Malaysia . I am currently at a mind that claim there is possibility that all Buddhist Teacher regardless their background or nature of teaching, as long as they teach, they are misleading Buddha’s words.
I am here with my real name and a face on my profile. I will be responsible with all my claim .I cordially invites all Buddhist Teacher to debate with me on their reason and nature of teaching Buddhism as to challenge this current mind of me. My email is [email protected]
I miss this place 🦋🌸🦋

Buddhist Monastery Santi Forest Monastery is a Buddhist education and meditation residence for nuns and laypeople (Monks are welcome to stay and practice at Santi only for short periods).

Established by Bhante Sujato in 2003, it is set in the rugged bush ravines of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. Santi offers accommodation, teaching, and support for study and practice in the Forest Tradition, with a special emphasis on the earliest teachings of the Buddha that are shared by all Buddhist traditions. Since 2005, the Sangha of Santi has performed ordinations and has become internationally recognized for its advocacy of full ordination for Buddhist nuns (Bhikkhunis). COMMENTS POLICY
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Operating as usual

[03/18/15]   Ven. Vimalanyani Samaneri will give a Dhamma Talk in Sydney, on Friday 27th of March 2015. Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni will also be present. The talk will be held at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (14 Ridge Street) at 7.30pm. The doors will be open from 7.00pm. All are welcome. Free event.

[03/16/15]   Volunteers Needed!
We are organizing a busy bee this Saturday, 21st March. A few people are required to rake and chop some wood, either morning or afternoon. You are most welcome to join us for lunch dana. What you can do is bring your own axe / hatchet if possible.
Please call us and ask for Ven. Jenti to confirm.


Ayya Vimalanyani spent a day helping out at the stall of the Buddhist student group Unibodhi at Sydney university's open day.


On the 11th and 12th February 2015, Venerables Sukhi, Vajira and Vimalanyani took an inhouse chainsaw course at Santi. Alan Thompson was the very patient and competent trainer.


The Samaneri Ordination (Pabbajja) of Sayalay Vimalanyani took place on Tuesday 17th February 2015 in the Big Cave. Ajahn Sujato performed the ordination. 02/02/2015

Putting an End to Buddhist Patriarchy | Tricycle On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, an African-American woman refused to obey a bus driver’s order to give up her seat to a white passenger. This simple act of defiance became one of the most important symbols of the modern Civil Rights Movement in the United States.


With a thriving community and increasing Sangha members, the capacity of the Santi infrastructure is being stretched. As a result, new building projects are being considered which we will provide further information on in due course; but we need your help now, with funds to finish existing repairs and additions as detailed on our website:


Santi Forest Monastery is happy to announce that the
Samaneri Ordination (Pabbajja) of Sayalay Vimalanyani
will take place on Tuesday 17th February 2015 at 14.00
in the Big Cave.

Ajahn Sujato will perform the ordination.

All are welcome!


Two Santi nuns will give a Dhamma Talk and Guided Meditation in Sydney,on Friday 20th of February 2015. Ven. Vajira Sameneri will speak accompanied by Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni, at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (14 Ridge Street) at 7.30pm. The doors will be open from 7.00pm.
All are welcome. Free event.

This will be part of an on-going series of regular, monthly talks, by Santi nuns, following the successful inaugural talk by Ven. Nirodha on 23 January. 01/02/2015

Santi Forest Monastery Newsletter

Santi Forest Monastery Newsletter Two Santi nuns will give a Dhamma Talk and Guided Meditation in Sydney, on Friday 2oth of February 2015. Ven. Vajira Sameneri will speak accompanied by Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni, at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (14 Ridge Street) at 7.30pm. The doors will be open from 7.00pm. All welcome. F…


Santi Forest Monastery is happy to announce the upcoming Bhikkhuni Ordination (Upasampadā) of Samaneri Jenti and Samaneri Sukhi on 21st June 2015 in Indonesia. Bhikkhuni Santini will act as the Pavatini (preceptor) together with the Bhikkhuni and Bhikkhu Sangha. (For your information, a Bhikkhuni Ordination requires the presence of at least 5 Bhikkhus and 5 Bhikkhunis).

Venerable Santini also came to Dhammasara Monastery for the Bhikkhuni ordinations there.

Bhikkhuni Nirodha and Bhikkhuni Adhimutta are invited to attend and be part of the ceremony. Bhikkhuni Hasapanna from Dhammasara Monastery will also be present.

Santi Forest Monastery hopes that the next Bhikkhuni Ordination will take place in the Big Cave.

This great event will be followed by the Sakyadhitta 14th International Conference on Buddhist women in Indonesia, with Ajahn Brahm and others attending.

It is envisioned that we (then 4 Bhikkhunis) will attend the conference as a sign of growth of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha and also of Santi Forest Monastery.

We are making this information available for anyone who is interested in contributing. The flight costs are around 900 AUD and the participation to the conference is 140 AUD (some contributions have already been received). In case there are any surplus donations received will be used for future travel expenses for the nuns.


On Friday, 23rd January, Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni gave a Dhamma Talk at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (
The talk can be downloaded on our website


Going for alm-rounds (pindpat) is an ancient, traditional practice for Buddhist monastics. Nowadays supporters from near and far do come to the monastery to offer or prepare our meal for the day. This is followed by our blessing chant and meeting with laity and discussions after the meal if required. However from time to time we like to practice this traditional way.

This picture shows Santi monastics and the founding (former) Abbot of Santi, Ajahn Sujato on the way to Bundanoon village. Bhante Sujato made time to visit us during his regular Dhamma teaching program in Sydney. Please see Bhante Sujato's blog for details of his Sydney teaching, or contact [email protected]

This Sunday 11th of January, a group of nuns will be traveling to Sydney to attend Bhante's course “Karma and Rebirth in Early Buddhism”.


The Santi Forest Monastery Community is delighted that Bhante Sujato is staying at the monastery for a few weeks and we anticipate some teachings and guidance.

Bhante Sujato has established Santi Forest Monastery in 2003 and it is successfully growing from strength to strength (next year we will have a total of 16 long-term residents – Sangha and 3 lay-guests) and we are at maximum capacity. Therefore, much needed building works (incl. an additional sewage system) depend on your generosity. In the next few weeks we will post a detailed update of our vision for the future.


We are excited to announce that the 14th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women will be held during the summer of 2015 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Go to for more information. 17/12/2014

มหาเถรสมาคม: To Support Establishing the Bhikkhuni Sangha in Siam (Thailand)

Petition to Support the Emerging Bhikkhuni Sangha in Thailand A Statement to Support Establishing the Bhikkhuni Sangha in Siam (Thailand) By International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) The International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) follows the Buddha’s teaching closely and sincerely. From earliest times the Buddha’s Sasana or teachings have depen…


The Community of Santi Forest Monastery is delighted to welcome Anagarika Thilina.

Her Anagarika Precept Ceremony took place on Saturday 15th November amongst many other visiting senior Sangha members. We are also expecting three more Theravadin nuns to join us shortly. (We are growing …. !!!!!)


Kathina 2014 - The Santi Nun’s community (ever so growing …!) likes to share the happy memories of a very beautiful robe-offering ceremony after completing the Vassa in Santi Forest Monastery.
Once again thank you for your outstanding support during Vassa and also at “Kathina” here.

[10/01/14]   Only about 100 signers short of the goal of 5,000 voices united on this petition. It closes tomorrow - can you help with a few shares today? 07/09/2014

Publication of A Practical Guide to Pali Grammar « Dharma Records When I first started learning Pāli in the 1990s I typed up some tables and notes to act as a guide for my own studies, and over the years as I learned more about the language I made additions, and also some deletions.

[07/19/14]   All of the audio files from Ven Analayo's recent online Perspectives on Bhikkhuni Ordination series are now available here: 19/07/2014

bodhicourses | Beautiful Mind: 5 Faculties Course

Registration is open through the beginning of August for a 10-week course beginning September 16, 2014 with Shaila Catherine.

After you watch the video, head over to!beautiful-mind-/couj for more information.

"The cultivation of five faculties – faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom – produce a healthy and beautiful mind. These faculties offer a complete structure for meditative development and culminate with complete awakening. They are necessary features of meditative progress that can be undertaken as a sequential training or as a finely balanced system of wholesome forces. This fully online course will explore the five spiritual faculties, their placement in Buddhist teachings, and their cultivation in meditation. All levels of participants, from beginning meditators to advanced practitioners are welcome." Beautiful Mind: 5 Faculties Course 27/06/2014

United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV): Present Ajahn Brahm's gender equality paper @ the 2015 UNDV...

Dear Respected Venerables and Friends,

You may have heard of the recent banning of Ajahn Brahm's paper on gender equality at the recent United Nation Day of Vesak in Vietnam. The paper had been approved by the appointed committee, but was then banned about 36 hours before it was to be presented. The paper was on gender equality in Buddhism, which was directly related to the conference theme of the UN Development Goals.

A petition has recently been started to complain to the organisers about this unreasonable case of censorship. To sign this petition please go to the following site:

Please pass this message or link on to whoever you think might be interested in signing.
Thank you for support.

With much metta, We, the undersigned, are astounded and deeply disappointed by the banning of Ajahn Brahm's paper on gender equality at the 2014 United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV) conference in Vietnam. The paper was clearly aligned with the UN’s Millennium Development Goal 3 (Promote Gender Equality and Empower Wom… 08/06/2014

White Robes, Saffron Dreams: A Look at Gender Inequality in Thai Buddhism An interview with filmmaker Teena Gill, whose new documentary challenges Thai Buddhism's discrimination against women.


Downloads - SuttaCentral

FYI: SuttaCentral is proud to offer the full text of I.B. Horner’s translation of the Pali Vinaya in six volumes. This is the first time that this classic of 20th century Buddhist scholarship has been made available in a true digital edition! Thank you to the Pali Text Society who kindly released the text under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 licence. Correspondence tables, references, text, and translations for early Buddhist discourses in all schools of Buddhism 26/05/2014

The Urgency of Recognition: Female Buddhist monastics in Bangladesh : Buddhism in Bangladesh :... 22/05/2014

Call for Articles, 2014 Sakyadhita Newsletter

Call for Articles, 2014 Sakyadhita Newsletter Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women announces a call for articles, news, photos, and art by or about Buddhist women around the world for our 2014 Newsletter.


Come and join us for the Vesak Celebration on Saturday, May 17th.

The program for the day will begin at 10:30am with rice pindapata and offering of dana to the Sangha. After lunch, everyone is invited to offer flowers and candles to the Buddha in the Big Cave. This will be followed by a short meditation, chanting and sharing of merits.


Mitra Conference on 3/4 May 2014 - Group Discount Special Offer. See our website on for details. Or read more about it on

The program includes the following talks:
Mindfulness and the Digital Age - Ven. Sujato
What is this Mind? Know I, No Me, I Know - H.E. Aenpo Kyabgon Rinpoche
Creating Authentic and Compassionate Relationships - Ven. Thubten Chodron
Psychology Meets Buddhism - Ven. Guo Jun
Panel: Spiritual Balance in a Competitive World - Sarah Napthali, Ven. Huifeng, Ven. Dhammadaasa & Ven. Sujato


Bundanoon foodstall fundraiser - On Easter Sunday, Nalini and Ruwini, together with many other supporters of the monastery, organised a foodstall in Bundanoon. All the nuns went for Pindapata to the stall. It was a very successful event and the food was sold-out in no time.



Long-term supporters Gia Hiew and Tam Ngan organised a visit from 150 members from our Vietnamese community at the end of March to see the development of the Buddha Rupa in the big cave. Ayya Patacara has been working on the Buddha Rupa for about five months. It was a beautiful day, with rice-Pindapata on the lawn, chanting in the big cave and a tour of the monastery.


Thubten Chodron will visit Santi Forest Monastery from Wednesday 7th May until Friday 9th May.
She will give a talk on Wednesday-night at 19.00 on "Dealing with Negative Emotions in Relationships and Communities". All are welcome!

More information about Ven. Chodron you can find on her website:

Not to do any wrong;
To bring all good to perfection;
To fully discipline your mind;
This is the Buddha's Teaching.
- Dhammapada, 183
translation by Joshua Cutler


Venerable Dhammadaasa is visiting Santi Forest Monastery for a few days and giving a series of talks and presentations.

Go to our website to download talks and presentations.


Selection of photos from around Santi Forest Monastery Jan-March 2014 can be found here:

~May all beings be happy and well ~





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