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Riverlife Baptist Church


When will the mid week chat with David Wagner be available. i really want to hear what he has to say.
Nice to see a glimpse of Riverlife Palm Sunday worship on Channel 7!
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Something just came to me today that totally blew my socks off. I was reading John 8:58: "Before Abraham Was, I AM" (Jn.8:58) I had never understood this but suddenly tonight I believe the meaning came to me. Why did Jesus say I AM? Why didn't he just say I was? I think the answer is that God inhabits eternity. He cannot say I was, or I will be as God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. God is outside time!
hi riverlife worshipe team is luke how ar yougoing so on ths sunday night I am com to prayer with you so get redy
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There is More - Global Awakening with Randy Clark Birmingham, Alabama, Conference, including Heidi Baker and Paul Martini - 10 am EST Australia, Today to Sunday Share to inform and bless others.
Soooooooo excited about the Live to Love conference starting tonight!!!❤️✝️ Lord I pray for your protection over everyone joining in this special conference. I ask for your blessing on our homes and families so we have peace and good health leading into tonight. Holy Spirit I pray you cleanse us and remove anything that is not of God that tries to stop anyone coming to this event. May we all stand strong in your grace. Because Lord, we hungry and we are expectant and we can't wait to encounter your glorious presence!!

www.riverlifechurch.org.au We are a vibrant Christian community in Brisbane's Western Suburbs, formerly Kenmore Baptist Church.

www.riverlifechurch.org.au We are a vibrant Christian community in Brisbane's Western Suburbs, formerly Kenmore Baptist Church.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much our world needs fixing?

Now, more than ever, we need to pray and ask God for revival in our land. We need His peace and His deep healing to restore our world. Please join us this week as we unite and pray for revival in our State. Qld Baptists is holding their annual Week of Prayer and you can find a daily prayer guide on their website here: https://buff.ly/2XnIYAL

Compelled by Love Week 5 Sermon Wrap

In a world that seems wrong-side up at the moment, people are actually keen to hear about why we have a hope and a purpose for our lives!

Pastor Robyn reminds us that it's God's Holy Spirit that empowers us to share and we don't have to do it in our own strength!

It's Pentecost Sunday!

We can't wait to celebrate with you today at 9am and 5pm via our online services. Riverlife.online.church



Gehrke Family // Church at Home

What does church at home look like for you?

When you're used to having your little ones in Kids Church each week, transitioning to ’family church’ during Covid-19 may have had its challenges!

We caught up with the Gehrke’s recently to hear how they have navigated home church over the past few years with four kids in tow. Their advice was really encouraging and a great reminder that helping our kids grow in their faith isn’t just limited to a few hours each Sunday - we need to be on the lookout for ’God moments’ all throughout the week!


All the way from Thailand, the Gehrke's give us a bit of an insight and some tips on doing church at home

What does it look like to be a full-time doctor AND a full-time pastor?

Find out tomorrow morning on our Mid-Week Chat as Pastor Lee chats with our dear friend, Pastor Philip Lyn, from Skyline Church in Malaysia. As a bi-vocational pastor and founder of Skyline Church, Ps Lyn is passionate about bringing God's Kingdom into the workplace. With a heart to help Christians engage, influence and transform their places of work, he is currently writing his third book on Christians in the Workplace.

Ps Lyn has been a great friend of the Riverlife family for many years and even prayer walked the land at Riverlife in faith before our building began! We can't wait to chat with him tomorrow and know you'll be blessed!

Thursday 28 May 8am AEST Instagram Live

We love our school Chappies!

Did you know school Chaplains have been ministering to our kids for 30 years? In Qld alone, Chappies reach more than 400,000 school kids each year and as they provide a listening ear and a caring presence for children and young people in crisis, and those who just need a friend. They also provide support for staff and parents in school communities and we are fortunate to have several Riverlifers who are Chappies - thank you for all you do for our community!

During this season of Covid-19, Chappies have played a vital role in supporting our school communities and helping when things have been tough. If you know a Chappy or have one at your school, make sure you reach out and say thanks for all their hard work!

What has been the most transformational aspect of the Compelled by Love series for you?

Compelled By Love Week 4 Wrap with Ps Jo Leutton

How many of you woke up this morning and asked "God, what do you want to do today?"

What a thought - we don't have to share our faith alone, because God has promised that His Holy Spirit will be with us wherever we go!

As Pastor Jo reminded us yesterday, "Explaining the 'what' and the 'why' of God-activity comes from words empowered by the Holy Spirit".

Did you know online church chat is open half an hour prior to each service?

It may not be quite the same as the bustling foyer on a Sunday, but think of it like an 'online foyer' where you can take time to connect and chat with your friends!

Simply logon to https://riverlife.online.church from 8.30am and 4.30pm on Sundays prior to the service.

BYO coffee!


How to make Playdough with Becky

There's something incredible about setting aside our to-do lists and taking the time to just create and play with our little people - even if it does mean a bit of mess!

Did you know our Tuesday playgroup, KidsPlay, has their own page? While we've been unable to meet in person during Covid-19, they've been posting fun videos each Tuesday to entertain kiddos at home.

If you've got little ones at home or know a friend who does, why not follow along and check it out? A massive shout-out to Grammy Becky for her creative and whacky bursts of entertainment - we think you'd be perfect on PlaySchool!

Becky teaches us how to make playdough at home!


Unveiled - Autumn 2020 - Released

Wasn't it great chatting to the Gehrke's this morning and hearing more about what's happening on the frontline in Thailand?

Thailand has been at the core of our heart to reach the nations for Jesus over the years and we are fortunate to have built strong relationships with several Thai organisations. A team were able to spend time in Thailand just prior to Christmas (when you could still travel overseas!) and shared their story in our recent Unveiled magazine. They realised, more than ever, that language, borders or international barriers couldn't separate family and were able to reflect with enormous gratitude on just how good God has been over the years.

Click here to read their story:

issuu.com An important part of Riverlife's culture is to celebrate the testimony of what God is doing among us. Unveiled is a quarterly digital magazine designed to share testimony and give glory to God. It is our prayer that as you read through the pages, you will be inspired to give thanks for God's presenc...

Can you believe it's been three years since the Gehrkes left for Thailand?

Tune in tomorrow morning at 8am on Instagram Live as Pastor Robyn chats to them about all things 'frontline'. Having swapped normal life in Brisbane's western suburbs for the challenge of being full-time missionaries in Thailand, Grant, Kel and the kids have some great stories to share about what it looks like to minister to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Grab your cuppa and join us tomorrow for our mid-week chat!

Compelled By Love Devotion Week 3, Day 3

Pastor Lee Ng leads us through the Compelled By Love Week 3, Day 3 Devotion 'Be Prepared'.

Do you take time to journal regularly and record your prayers and testimonies? It can be a great source of encouragement when times are tough to remind yourself of what God has done before! Ps Lee reminded us that we are 'experts at what God has done in our own lives'!

It's Worship Room night!

Did you know several of our talented worship team members have recently released their own albums? How blessed are we to have such great musicians lead us each week to worship our Heavenly Father?!

Whether it's while you're cooking dinner or instead of your normal Netflix watching, make Tuesday night a time to fill your house with worship as you give God the glory!

Oh, and make sure you head over to Spotify to check out these great songs from @sanctuary_co @aysheerichards and @scottandanniemckinnon. You can read all about the 'Sounds of the House' in our latest edition of Unveiled magazine here https://issuu.com/riverlifebaptistchurch/docs/200043_unveiled_autumn_2020_final/38

Worship Room ✺ 6-8pm Tuesdays // riverlife.online.church

Compelled By Love Week 3 Wrap: Anyone/Anywhere/Anytime

Pastor Ryan Vallee encourages us that each one of us has a frontline! Who is on your heart this week to pray for? What it would mean for God's love to be made known to them this week?

As you step out in faith this week, be encouraged that God will meet you where you're at and not let you do it on your own!

How has the love of God shaped your life?

In the second episode of our Going Deeper podcast series on 'Compelled by Love', Scott and Jo talk to our very own Claire Kelly about the love of God that has radically transformed her life.

As a palliative care nurse, Claire's frontline involves working with people in some of the darkest times of their lives. Her own transformation by love has shifted her perspective on how God can love others through her and bring incredible purpose into what she does each day.

Whether you're out for a walk this weekend or just at home, download this episode and have a listen to Claire's story!



Why is there brokenness?

With so much to focus on at present, it can be easy to forget that our little people are going through big changes too. Their normal lives and routines have been turned upside down and what may seem like small things to us, can be big things for them.

In today's family video, Pastor Emily chats to kids about why there is brokenness in our world and what God thinks about it. Why not play it for your kids and use it to check in with them about how they're going? How do they feel about going back to school after such a long time at home? Are they worried about anything? What have they missed during this season? Taking time to connect with your kids in a meaningful way goes a long way in helping them feel loved and understood.

Pastor Emily gives us a description of why there is brokenness in our world and what God thinks of it all.

Who better to chat about a love encounter with Father God than our dear friend, Papa Leif?!

Join us tomorrow morning at 8am AEST via Instagram Live as Pastor John chats with Leif Hetland about the love we've received from God and how that motivates us to love others.

We hope to see you there!


What does it mean to be compelled by love? What does the Bible say about it? Let's begin our day together asking God to fill us with His love that compels us! Join us as Ps Jo leads our weekly devotion,

"It may look like I'm surrounded, but I'm surrounded by you".

Worship has an incredible ability to transform our perspectives as we lift our eyes off our circumstances and onto God's promises! Whatever has happened today, God can still speak to you and bring peace, hope and joy into your situation!

Join us tonight from 6-8pm for Worship Room via riverlife.online.church as we fix our eyes on Jesus and fill our homes with worship.

Compelled By Love Wrap Week 2: A Love Encounter

Pastor John gives a quick wrap-up of our second message, 'A Love Encounter', in the Compelled By Love series. This week, we'd love you to dig deep into your daily devotions and receive the love God wants to pour into your lives!

Mothers. Whether near or far, separated by glass walls, restrictions, time or space, we carry a little piece of them wherever we go.

We’re thankful for our mothers. We’re thankful for the women in our lives who step in to help us be better mothers, who step in to mother us when our own mothers can’t or who step in to simply offer a motherly hug or word of advice.

Thank you, mums, for knowing us better than we know ourselves, for always cheering us on, for always turning up at exactly the right time and for simply just being you.

We love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Church may be online, but do you know we still have Pastors available each week to pray with you via our online chat?

Ready with a word of encouragement or prayer, our team are here to help in whatever way they can! Simply select 'live prayer' via the link at the bottom of the screen and you'll be taken into a private online chat room with one of our Pastors.

If you would like prayer during the week, don't forget you can fill out an online prayer request here https://buff.ly/3bfiaGC.

We're praying for you church family - we might be physically apart but we're still connected!

[05/08/20]   To all the mothers, Happy Mother's Day. You are loved and adored by friends, family and especially by God. We pray you all have a blessed weekend as you spend time at home, close with the ones you love.

Music licence ID: MB01S9JWHDQUQZD

We're talking all things Gospel tomorrow morning with our mate Richie Seltzer on Instagram Live at 8am!

Pastor Dylan will be chatting with Richie about why God is good news and how we go about sharing Him in our daily lives. Richie definitely lives out his faith in practical, everyday steps and we're sure he'll have some great tips and insights on how we can do the same. We'd love to hear why Jesus is good news to you - let us know in the comments below 👍

Make sure you tune in at 8am on Thursday via Instagram, you won't want to miss it!

Compelled by Love Devotion: Week 1, Day 3

Join us as we reflect on today's devotion in our Compelled By Love series 'Freely Received' with Pastor Ryan Vallee.

How are you going with the Compelled By Love devotions at the moment?

Setting time aside each day to get into God's Word can be tricky at first, but is always time well spent! We all know the incredible difference it makes when we start the day with our eyes fixed on God and His truths in our lives.

We'd love you to jump online this morning at 7.30am for our Wednesday devotion via Facebook Live! We'll be doing Day 3 of this week's devotions together, so make a cuppa and join us - PJs are definitely welcome!


Compelled By Love

What a unique moment in time. One thing's for sure in this time where things have paused and been stripped away, we've all come face-to-face with the question of what ultimately matters? What really matters in this life? Who am I? What does my life stand for? What does this faith I possess count for? There's no greater time to be released with word and deed and with power in His name. To go as one, compelled by Love.


What a unique moment in time. One thing's for sure in this time where things have paused and been stripped away we've all come face-to-face with the question...

Compelled By Love Week 1 Wrap: Good News God

Pastor John Robertson recaps on the first week of our Compelled By Love series, looking at why God is indeed, good news!

Rise and shine; it’s church time!

Now, more than ever, Sunday church is all about family getting together to worship our great God - even our furry family members get to join in on the action!

We can't wait to see you online today as we start our Compelled By Love series.

9am + 5pm


Spending time with God as a Family

Parents! Hands up if you've been doing lots of craft in your house at present? 🙌 🎨

Why not take art and turn it into a special time with God for your kids instead? In this video, our awesome Taylor family shows us how to set up a soaking time for kids and give us some handy hints.


Petrea gives some ideas on how your family can spend time with God together and hear from Him.

"I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done" Psalm 143:5

Giving glory to God for the things He's done is so important, which is why we've released a special Riverlife Prayer and Praise Journal. Particularly in the hard times, it's so important to look back over the things He's said to us before and remind ourselves of all the prayers He has answered in the past!

This beautifully-designed hardcover journal includes space for your daily quiet time, sermon and life group notes as well as an opportunity to record answers to prayer.

To order your copy, simply head to the web store via https://riverlifechurch.org.au/product/prayer-praise-journal/. There's pick-up and postage options available.

Waiting Well

Join us for a short devotion with Pastor Eric Whitley as we reflect on what it looks like to wait well in this season.


Compelled by Love - Riverlife Baptist Church

Why is Jesus good news for you?

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is the natural overflow of experiencing His love, but sometimes we get stuck in fear, self-doubt, or even self-reliance. From this Sunday 3 May, we want to spend time as a church encouraging and equipping our family to be able to share the love of Jesus naturally in our daily lives, with the people we know and the people we are yet to meet!

'Compelled by Love' is a six-week series that we'll be journeying through together from 3 May to 7 June. Complete with sermons, daily devotions and weekly studies for your Life Group, it's set to be a significant time as we unify and encourage one another in the vision God has for our church!

To download all the resources and find out more, simply head to the website

riverlifechurch.org.au Find resources for Riverlife’s church-wide alignment series, Compelled by Love. The series runs 3 May – 7 June, 2020. Personal Devotion Resources Daily Devotions – PDF format Sign up for our Daily Devotion (and What’s On) emails – for new subscribers only. *Please note: gmail and hotmail c...

Our Story

www.riverlifechurch.org.au We are a church that loves Jesus and loves our community! We are a family who embraces the Father’s presence, releasing empowered people who declare and demonstrate Christ’s Kingdom.

We meet each Sunday at 9am and 5pm and have a wide range of activities each week including Kids Church, Youth programs, Girls’ Brigade, English Conversation Classes, Kidsplay Playgroup, Know Your Bible classes, Keep Active, Counselling and more.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact the church office on 3378 3595, email [email protected] or visit our website www.riverlifechurch.org.au

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Compelled by Love Week 5 Sermon Wrap
What has been the most transformational aspect of the Compelled by Love series for you?
Compelled By Love Week 4 Wrap with Ps Jo Leutton
Compelled By Love Devotion Week 3, Day 3
Compelled By Love Week 3 Wrap: Anyone/Anywhere/Anytime
Compelled By Love Wrap Week 2: A Love Encounter
Compelled by Love Devotion: Week 1, Day 3
Compelled By Love Week 1 Wrap: Good News God
Waiting Well
"It's Not Working" Message - Sunday Wrap
ANZAC Day Devotion with Senior Pastor John Robertson




47 Jennifer Street
Brisbane, QLD

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Service times: Sundays 9am and 5pm

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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