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Mission: Lana Vawser's heart is to encourage believers in deeper intimacy with Him, hearing His voice,and deeper revelation of who He is and their inheritance :)

[05/17/20]   Somebody out there this beautiful Sunday!! This week you will arise above every limitation, opposition and over everything that wants to belittle or reduce you to nothing. Those who have written you off will be surprised at what God will do to and for you. The enemy and all forms of evil counsel shall not prevail over that which God has destined for you this month in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen and amen!

[05/15/20]   Someone, out there, I declare and prophesy to you that YOU ARE THE NEXT ON THE LINE. Next in line for a visitation. Next in line for a shift. Next in line for a Miracle. The time for your shifting is NOW. I do not know what it is that you have been trusting the Lord for, all I know is that this is your time for a SHIFT. Align with His will and receive the shift. In this Month of SHIFTING, I see God changing and shifting every impotent area in your life and making it fruitful. In fact, I see a discovery of potential that you had never known existed in you. I call forth uncommon strategies, uncommon ideas, and uncommon potential to spring forth in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and amen.

[05/14/20]   Just a Word from my time with God this morning! The Spirit of God is turning this dark place of the crisis into a NEW SEASON of BLESSINGS! Psalm 4:1 David said God turned my time of distress into a blessing of enlargement! God is doing something very powerful right now as you are preparing to step into your BEST DAYS! You shall see the GOODNESS OF GOD flood your life! Receive and SHARE! Be Blessed!

[05/12/20]   I decree in Jesus Name over your life Divine Favor! The chains of bondage are shattering! You are being elevated and Geaced for this New Season! All rejections of the past are open doors for your BLESSINGS NOW! You shall do exploits and Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE!

[05/11/20]   Just coming from my time with God and praying for you! Psalm 37:37 is your Word to hold tight as you enter the rest of 2020! “The Godly ones will have a PEACEFUL,PROSPEROUS FUTURE with a HAPPY ENDING”! Expect uncommon FAVOR and OPEN DOORS of BLESSINGS! RECEIVE this Word and SHARE IT! 🔥❤️

Happy Mother’s Day world wide!

[05/09/20]   It’s time for you to drop the baggage of your past and LIVE THE BLESSED LIFE! The challenges that you’re facing is becoming a powerful catalyst to catapult you to A GREATER LIFE in the KINGDOM! The VOICE of GOD is calling you into your very BEST DAYS! God is connecting you to great people! It’s time for you to LIVE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥❤️👏

[05/08/20]   God just gave me this WORD concerning you! “YOUR FAITH and PRAISE has silenced the enemy and RELEASED AN OVERFLOW OF BLESSINGS! God has orchestrated your steps into a NEW GREATER BLESSED SEASON! You’re becoming an unstoppable FORCE in God’s Kingdom! Receive and SHARE! Be Blessed! 🔥👏

Lana Vawser Ministries

[05/06/20]   When you decree that GOD promised you ABUNDANT LIFE, Things begin to happen in the Spirit realm! Power is released from Heaven that breaks chains of fear and darkness! Impossibilities become Possible! This is the beginning of great FREEDOM for you! God is going before you and removing enemy traps! YOUR BEST DAYS ARE HERE! RECEIVE AND SHARE!

[05/05/20]   Greetings Beloved!
May every time you see a Beautiful Butterfly, you be reminded that it went through a very dark season just before the miracle of SOARING IN BEAUTY! You are about to SOAR into your BEST DAYS! God has such awesome Blessed plans for you! Something beautiful and blessed is coming out of your DARK SPOT! This is a New Beginning for you! Be Blessed! RECEIVE AND SHARE! 🔥🔥
I’m still being led to tell you to send in your prayer request! God is still going to visit someone’s case today in Jesus name Amen!!!

[05/05/20]   I have a strong God Word for you today!
Keep refusing to allow the pressures that you are going through to stop your BIG DREAM! God is going to restore your losses from this their called the virus 7 times! It’s your BREAKTHROUGH Season now! Something good is about to happen to you! You have an appointment with a BLESSED FUTURE! RECEIVE AND SHARE! 🔥

[05/04/20]   I am hearing God saying to you that your “NO’S” of yesterday are being turned into a “MEGA YES”! Something so BIG and BLESSED is coming to you! This month of MAY is setting MIRACLES into MOTION for you! You are breaking out of past limitations and restrictions and into a blessed New ERA! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE!

[05/03/20]   As a Believer, you are entering a New Era/Season! Your entering a door that is so much BETTER than your past! This will be your greatest year as you are committed to seek the Lord and His Kingdom First! (Matthew 6:33) There is a supernatural flow of God’s power and goodness coming to you! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥🔥🔥

[05/03/20]   Psalm 1:1-3 is so powerful for you as a Believer! Stop what you’re doing and focus and meditate on these three verses! You can be very productive in every season of your life! Hell doesn’t want you to receive this revelation! Stay connected to strong people of Faith! Decree the Word! Stay in Covenant with God! Your BEST DAYS OF PROSPERITY IS COMING! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥❤️👏

I just heard something while in my closet, The Lord spoke to me! ' Lana, pray for those who needs breakthrough, the sick and those needing a new house, cars and many more! "
Please send in your prayer request via private message, I will be praying for you!
God is on it again! A new dawn is coming!

[05/01/20]   Psalm 118:16 MSG us your verse to hold on to as God resets your life and enlarges your future! God says He is turning the tide in your FAVOR! Things are changing quickly and 2020 will be a blessed year of God’s Grace and Blessings! Things that sought to stop your DESTINY are being removed! Step into your BEST DAYS! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! ❤️🔥👏

God is reversing satan’s plans to stop your blessings! You season of just surviving is ending! God is raising you up to Thrive in 2020! There has been a short delay but that is coming to an end! God designed you to live the ABUNDANT LIFE IN THE KINGDOM! (John 10:10) Never accept average again! You will experience uncommon FAVOR and OPEN DOORS OF GREAT OPPORTUNITIES! Receive and SHARE!

God created and designed you for MORE! (Psalm 115:14) But understand that MORE will be challenged by the enemy! KNOW a battle of your FAITH is announcing NEW OPPORTUNITIES! The enemy will bring resistance to try to stop your NEXT BIG! God is opening New Doors that No Person can shut the New Door! (Revelation3:8)
Please feel free to send in your prayer request via private message, I will be interceding for those seeking for breakthrough, healing, open doors and more!!!

[04/28/20]   Job 8:7 “Your latter end shall INCREASE ABUNDANTLY”! God has some very blessed days planned for you in 2020! Divine Favor shall transport you into a blessed Season! Never forget it was God that has blessed you! All things are POSSIBLE to you as a BELIEVER! Something BIGGER and BETTER is coming to you! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

[04/27/20]   The Lord is indeed great! I stood for a while and was meditating when the Lord dropped this verse in my heart as I was praying about the Covid 19 pandemic!!!

New King James Version numbers 31:49
and they said to Moses, “Your servants have taken a count of the men of war who are under our command, and not a man of us is missing.

After the end of this Pandemic, no member of your household shall be missing, they shall all say 'not a man in my family is missing'.
This pandemic shall not see our end but we shall see the end of this pandemic in Jesus name amen!!
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[04/27/20]   There is an unexplainable shift going to happen to you SUDDENLY! I Corinthians 2:9,10 says your eyes, ears and heart will not be able to understand the miracles and blessings that shall happen to you! But verse 10 says the Holy Spirit will be the FORCE behind the BLESSINGS COMING TO YOU! Get you eyes off of the problems and focused on the PROMISES! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥❤️👏

[04/26/20]   I sense such a PROPHETIC TURNAROUND happening in your life! God has such BIG PLANS for you! I know in my heart as I pray for you that something very awesome and BLESSED is coming your direction! God has seen your FAITHFULNESS and He shall reward you ABUNDANTLY! Expect unexpected doors to open that cause a BLESSED ELEVATION in your life! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥❤️👏

[04/26/20]   This is a Rhema God Word from my time with God! This crisis that we all have been conquering is preparation for a MEGA DOOR OF KINGDOM BLESSINGS! God is going to release a HARVEST of SUPERNATURAL BLESSINGS greater than you have ever known! The giant can’t to kill David before the DOOR OPENED of WEALTH and IMPACT! God is opening uncommon doors for His People that no one can shut! Be ready to walk into this New Season! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥🔥🔥

[04/24/20]   A God Shift is beginning! God is going to open BIGGER and BETTER DOORS than the ones that closed! Never accept average! You were designed by God for GREATNESS! Your challenges are becoming a GREAT PLATFORM for God to give you promotions! Don’t allow discouragement to stop your DREAM! God has something very good coming to you! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE!

[04/23/20]   You’re entering a Season of unprecedented opportunities to achieve the impossible! Your troubles are becoming the BRIDGE to much greater days! Psalm 6:10 decrees that you shall see your enemies put to shame! God is for you and fighting for you! Blessed shifts are coming to you! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥

[04/22/20]   God is increasing the GOODNESS and FAVOR upon your life! God is taking you far beyond where you are now! You will see a SUDDEN RESTORATION! God is calling you into a supernatural position in His Kingdom! Keep choosing FAITH over fear! Your future is BRIGHT! This season of struggles is ending! You are chosen to THRIVE! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE!

[04/21/20]   God has equipped you to EXCEED your wildest EXPECTATIONS! This is your beginning of recovery and restoration! Things shall increased faster and better than before for you! Set your focus daily on Psalm 65:11! Expect God’s Goidness and abundance! Be Blessed! 🔥🔥🔥

[04/20/20]   I keep hearing in my Spirit that’s very blessed door of HOPE is opening to you in this crisis! (Hosea 2:15 NLT) God is turning your pain and frustration into a very blessed season! There are uncommon blessings coming to you as you exit this crisis! Expect God to exceed your expectations! Receive and SHARE! Be Blessed! 🔥❤️👏

[04/19/20]   The chaos that we are all facing will SUDDENLY be gone! You are going to flourish again! God is fighting for you! This is transition season for you to enter your BEST DAYS! You’re going to experience uncommon breakthroughs! Keep raising your HOPES and FAITH! Expect blessed open doors! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥🔥🔥

[04/18/20]   Your setback is very temporary! TRANSITION to the BIGGER is happening! God shall restore you DOUBLE! (Isaiah 61:7) You are unstoppable with the FAVOR that God has placed upon your life! Psalm 44 says the FAVOR of God will keep your enemies from conquering you! It’s your comeback season! God has saved the BEST for the last! God is giving you added GRACE to finish STRONG! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥❤️👏

[04/18/20]   God has a MEGA “YES” for you and it doesn’t matter that small thinkers said “NO”! Your greatest days are not behind you! Jeremiah 29:11 is your PROMISE of a very blessed FUTURE! God is your SOURCE! He is your PROVIDER, PROTECTOR, and PEACE! God is going to open doors far beyond your resume! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥🔥❤️❤️👏👏

[04/17/20]   Watch as God honors your faithfulness and shatters all past restrictions and limitations off of your life! God has promised 7 times restoration for all your losses! There is a blessed shift happening in your favor! Your latter shall be greater! God will show you a flood of His Goodness and Grace! Receive and SHARE!

[04/17/20]   Psalm 118:16 MSG “The hand of God has turned the tide”! Things shall turn in your FAVOR! Refocus today on the GOODNESS OF GOD! This is your time to experience an overflow of restoration! God has not changed His plans to bless you abundantly because of the crisis! Your greatest says are just ahead! Be Blessed! Receive and Be Blessed! 🔥❤️👏

[04/16/20]   There is DIVINE MOVEMENT happening for you and your MIRACLES are in MOTION!! God is preparing a table of abundance in the presence of your enemies! (Psalm 23) You are about to experience the GOODNESS of God at a whole New Level that is unexplainable! Don’t allow the negative news to break your focus! God has planted such a Mega Vision in you to impact lives! You carry a TREASURE inside of you that God is about to UNLEASH! Be Blessed! Receive and SHARE! 🔥❤️👏

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