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shares.yesheis.com What is genius? The dictionary would say: Someone with exceptional, intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. Have you experienced the existence of true genius?


Falling Plates

shares.yesheis.com If you've always thought that the story of God is a story of rules, judgment and condemnation, here is some great news: You've been hearing the story wrong. [TAGS • Gospel, Jesus, Sin, Pain, Suffering]

Vision Christian Radio

“For about half an hour I just prayed everything that I knew – into fear, into anxiety, into trauma. I prayed into his spirit, into his soul, into his body.”

“Suddenly there’s all these people getting this healing and three years on we’re getting testimonies all the time from parents and adults,” David Tensen from LeaderHeart shared on Vision Christian Radio.


Stirring thoughts.

Some personal reflections, concerns, and encouragement on where we Australians are in our formation.
~ David Tensen


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To the ones that have experienced heartache, pain, and rejection because of a church and had to leave the community but refused to give up on God... We salute you.

To the ones who stuck around month after month with the hope that things may change and worked harder than anyone to keep a contrite heart before God - but eventually ran out of second-chance cards.... We bless you.

To the Pastors and leaders who did their best to meet the demands of church communities amidst personal trials and family challenges, but couldn't find the balance so leant towards saving their own homes... We thank you.

To the children and spouses who screamed and shouted 'Just quit, we are more important!' at their driven spouse or parent who was volunteering beyond normality at the cost of their family.... Well done.

And to those that want to share this or tag a friend you are proud of.... Please do.

~David Tensen
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P.s. Last year I taught on healing from church wounds. It's called 'Out of the Tombs.' Find it on my blog.



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Something else to consider.

This year, just prior to Easter weekend, news broke out of an innocent 69 year old physician who was violently dragged from a United Airline plane by a security officer for not giving up his seat for a staff member.

He suffered a concussion and a broken nose. The event was caught on video and went viral. News reports said that the airline stocks immediately dropped $1bn in share price value. In the midst of this; A news frenzy. CEO apologies. Jokes. Public Protesting. Boycott demands.

Thousands came together in their own way against the airline. Thousands of people who have never had a reason to rally or unite where brought together in their hatred and disgust against United Airline’s management and service system. No doubt, a system that let many [read the rest via the link and image below]

http://www.davidtensen.com/dragging-the-innocent-healer-down-the-aisle/ #LeaderHeart #UnitedAirlines


I heard His voice.
I know what He said.
And this was my dilemma.
I was now hearing and understanding but what I heard was a verb.

Run. Come. Walk. Quit. Jump. Love. Give. Forgive. Forfeit. Do. Don't. Stop. Go. Repent. Bless.
When He speaks nouns my heart leaps, melts and transforms.
But verbs... verbs require participation.

My hands and feet freeze at the best of times.
Truth be known, I am like St Peter in many soul-ways.
Not in the ways of water walking but pensive hesitation.
'Who me?' 'Now?’

Choice; I have.
Most of my heart-parts know this well.
But not all.
'Do You offer a pain-free outcome Rabbi?'
'Will I stay dry Jesus?'
'Is there another cup to drink from Father?'

There is always another cup.
There is always the option to stay in the boat.
There is always the wide road.
'But it's not where You walk or drink is it?', I enquire.
The Commander Companion replies, 'No. So let's go together, as friends.'

~ David Tensen Feb'17
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The ‘fear of man’ has many faces. One of those, I think, is manifest when we are overly concerned with our own reputation, especially when it comes to being associated with certain people. Some social identity theorists think part of this concern is due to something they call Group Identity and in some cases BIRGing – Basking in Reflected Glory. (think, name dropping)

Reading the Gospels, it’s not something that seemed to concern Jesus. It seemed He loved relentlessly across differences.
Interestingly, it was the religious people of the day that were most concerned about and for Him. They judged Him based on the company He kept.

I believe it’s very possible to build an idol of our public persona (reputation) by selectively associating with certain people, ministries and movements at the cost of genuinely loving people God has called us to. Perhaps like St Peter we will deny certain people we love in order to save our own necks.

In short, if you fear the opinion of man, you’ll serve it. And the Kingdom of God doesn’t advance on the currency of fear. May we be a people whom rejoice first and foremost that our names are written in heaven (Lk10:20). And may the Fear of God rule our hearts abundantly more than that of man.
~ David Tensen
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6 Reasons this Aussie dad isn’t doing Halloween

Some intimate reasons why I'm not answering the door, handing out lollies, getting dressed up or supporting Halloween in any way. #parenting #HSP #faith #spirituality #LeaderHeart #halloween
Feel free to SHARE. http://www.davidtensen.com/6-reasons-this-aussie-dad-isnt-doing-halloween/

davidtensen.com I’m not looking forward to Halloween night. I know for a fact that I’m not the only person who feels this way. Halloween has only been a ‘thing’ in Australia for the last few years. We live in the suburbs on the Sunshine Coast and every year the streets fill up with more costumed kids on a sugar h...


When Jealousy Springs Forth


davidtensen.com It has just turned Spring here in Australia. I don’t know why it is, but this change of seasons carries with it a sense of heaviness in my spirit.


Bankrupt, broken, limping and transformed.

While many family and friends my age were getting homes (mortgages), upgrading cars and furniture, Natalie and I were getting ruthless calls from banks demanding repayments whilst wondering how we were going to afford basic meals and rent.

As a father of 3 young children this was tough. In a culture where success is largely measured by material possession it was made even tougher. But the toughest battle I faced was with my faith.... Read the rest here: http://www.davidtensen.com/bankrupt-broken-limping-and-transformed/

davidtensen.com If you’ve listened to my Heart of Provision album, you’ll be familiar with our journey through deep financial struggle which ended in voluntary bankruptcy in December 2013. It was confronting, hard and humiliating.


A Father's Blessing Story - David Tensen



Interview with Carol Brown – Life as a Burden Bearer – Highly Sensitive People & The Spirit Realm

Life get to heavy for you sometimes? Feel things in your body that you are picking up from others? Not sure what to do with it?

Get all the info here: http://www.davidtensen.com/interview-with-carol-brown-life-as-a-burden-bearer-highly-sensitive-people-the-spirit-realm/


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