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Videos by Stone Ministries in Brisbane. This is the official Stone Ministries page...receive a fresh revelation of the fullness of God's love for us and humanity on earth as it is in Heaven. We look forward to connecting with you as we experience God together. Love, Andrew, Alison and Isaiah

Stop. Breathe. Receive and have a Merry Christmas!!

The Story of Christmas is a revolutionary movement - that God would want to join our story in order for us to join His...

Lots of Love,

The Stones :)


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From all of us at Stop Breathe Receive we wish you a safe and reflective Easter weekend as we celebrate the ultimate story of Love, Life and Leadership🔥 Be Blessed, Team SBR

✨Merry Christmas from the Stones ✨ [2min Video] The Christmas Story is far more than some 'cosmic band-aid' but a PRESENT-CONTINUOUS REVOLUTION 💥 that is open to the whole world inviting humanity to take part in a celebration of Love, Life and Hope. There is always room for Restoration, Reconciliation and Redemption. Merry Christmas. See you in 2017. If this encouraged you, share it 👍🏽 and be a blessing to others with the Ultimate Story of Love and Hope ✨ Andrew, Alison, Isaiah and Elizabeth

Good Morning Thursday!! Here's a Morning Meditation - take 2 mins and be encouraged :) Have a Bold and Fun day! Boldness releases a Grace over your life that allows you to live in the exceeding and abundant life!! [Hebrews 4:16] Blessings, Andrew

Three Days of HOPE: Part 3 of 3 [FINAL: VIDEO] -Resurrection Reality - Resurrection is not some spiritual position that carries no practical application, but rather resurrection is a state where the natural order is disrupted... According to Writer and Journalist Nick Page 'Resurrection is a political message. The early church preached resurrection. That is what Peter and John are saying to the temple powers: the man you killed came back from the dead. Resurrection is a potent destabilising message. Resurrection gives hope... In the Roman Empire death was the ultimate deterrent. It was the fear of death which kept nations subdued and slaves obedient. But if people are going to come back from the dead, what happens, then, to power? What happens when he ultimate deterrent just doesn't deter people?' - Kingdom of Fools: Nick Page Meaning that the glow in the dark, float in the air with white robes kind of picture is not really the ultimate manifestation of the Resurrection Life. Simply put - Resurrection is bringing life in the midst of death, here and now. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday Andrew and Alison

Three Days of HOPE: Part 2 of 3 [VIDEO] -The Dark Space of DOUBT- How did the followers of Jesus feel 'the day after?' Doubtful. Fearful. Confused. Angry. Because everything they'd hoped for, and what they thought should've happened... Didn't. But the paradox to faith is that it begins in the dark space of doubt. Without questions. Without doubt. Without pain. We end up sticking to our 'normal' accepting the status quo and never living in the fullness of exceedingly, abundantly, more than we could think or ask for reality. (Ephesians 3:20) Resurrection should lead us to more questions than answers... But are we ready for those kind of questions... As the answers may take us out of our comfort zone... Have a blessed Easter, Andrew and Alison **TOMORROW Part 3 - Resurrection with Flesh on** To experience this full teaching we would love for you to join us at 10am - Resurrection Sunday at Lifeplace Church Brisbane.

Three Days of HOPE: Part 1 of 3 [VIDEO] The cross was NEVER the end of the was the catalyst of a new day of, Joy. Love. Peace. Death doesn't have the final word, because God never gives up on us... Hope always rises...and the future is always bright. Who for the JOY that was set before Him ENDURED the cross... Hebrews 12:2 NKJV Have a blessed Easter, Andrew and Alison **TOMORROW Part 2 - The Dark Space of DOUBT**

DAY 7 of 7: SBR De-Clutter Detox FINAL!! Think Clean in Twenty Sixteen! Whatever we AGREE with becomes our REALITY! And 9 years ago I made one of the greatest agreements ever when I said 'I Do' to the amazing Alison. Happy Anniversary! It has been an absolute pleasure for Alison and Myself to go on this De-Cluttering journey - it's been refreshing for us too!! Be Blessed with Thinking Clean in 2016!! In Purpose and Prosperity, Andrew and the SBR team. #thinkcleanin2016 #7daydeclutter #SBR2016 LIKE:

The Importance of Self-Care DAY 4 of 7: SBR De-Clutter Detox You cannot invest in someone's else's life if you are RUNNING on EMPTY. Yes - you can be MOVING but not REALLY MOVING... Just ask the hamster stuck on his wheel :) Time to get off the: Stressed out Tired Busy Treadmill... We were never DESIGNED to LIVE from worry to worry. These 4 minutes today will help keep the 'stress out' away! Enjoy, Andrew, Alison and the SBR Team. #thinkcleanin2016 #7daydeclutter #SBR2016 LIKE:

Stop. Breathe. Receive and Multiply! Minimise to Multiply! Get ready for a year of multiplication and acceleration as you live with a fresh CLARITY and INTENTIONALITY!! Time for a Destiny De-Clutter in 2016! And it would be our privilege to partner with you on that journey and reveal your Divine Design!! Blessings and Love, Andrew and Alison #7daydeclutter #SBR2016

Stop. Breathe. Receive and Leap into 2016... Sacrificing your PURPOSE on the altar of your PRIDE is not worth it... So take a moment and receive this short encouragement as you LEAP into 2016. Happy New Year from the Stones. Lots of love and blessing, Andrew and Alison P.S. I'm going to apologise in advance to my Mum (Juliana Stone) for only hearing this story here first - 25 years after the event. Love you mum. I hope that this doesn't disqualify me from potential presents from your overseas holiday.

Stop. Breathe. Receive and have a Merry Christmas!! The Story of Christmas is a revolutionary movement - that God would want to join our story in order for us to join His... Lots of Love, The Stones :) #Godisforus #Godiswithus

Stop. Breathe. Receive and have a great weekend!! Take some time to Reflect and Re- equalise yourself to who you really are! Blessings and Love, Andrew and Alison :)

Stop. Breathe. Receive. Have you ever lost your keys? #youhavethekeys #declutter #livethedreamintwentyfifteen

Stop. Breathe. Receive. Living ON Purpose WITH Clarity gives you a Guilt Free 'Yes' and 'No'. So Stop. Breathe. Receive and De-clutter... Love y'all, Andrew and Alison :)

Stop. Breathe. Receive. 'You are fearfully and wonderfully made' Celebrate your uniqueness :) Have a blessed Monday! Lots of love, Andrew and Alison

Stop. Breathe. Receive. 'Don't let the inferior become your normal'. Happy Friday Peeps. Love, A

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