Mary Immaculate Catholic Church

Mary Immaculate Catholic Church


I’m a mum. Up until last month we were very active in the church. Saturday afternoon Mass was a standard. I volunteer with a local charity that helps the local homeless. A unit owned by the Church became available in Early December, and it still remains vacant. I approached the Priest, after I was advised by the Committee that the homeless man “had to apply, like everyone else”.... and applications didn’t close for another 3 weeks. The charity has verified his circumstances, and to add to it, the man is terminally ill, and has been given less than 2 years to live. So I decided to speak to the Priest, and he repeatedly kept asking me; “What’s your benefit “ “What does he look like” “What’s your benefit” “What’s his name” “What’s your benefit” - this question I was repeatedly asked. I left deflated, but I provided the direct mobile number of the Charity, the name of the Woman in charge.... everything that was needed for the Church to make contact. TOTAL SILENCE it turns out that because the man had a dog he couldn’t move in, and that I don’t have an issue with, as the no-animal rule applies to everyone. However, when I saw the unit vacant today, it broke my heart, cause there are hundreds of homeless in our area. By writing this post, I’m sure to have the Committee on my arse from this point onwards, but I’m past caring. We are suppose to be caring Catholics, helping those less fortunate, and I have met some amazing people through the church who do amazing work, helping those less fortunate. The units are owned by the Church, and they are suppose to be made available to those less fortunate, and as a hand-up to help people get back on their feet. One guy who supposedly qualified, bought himself a brand new Ute, whilst also buying a car for his “ex”!!!!! Within months of him moving in, he clearly knew the right people. Cause he has a cat, but nothing seems to be done about it. If the man couldn’t move in having had a dog, why is a tenant allowed to have a cat? So I’m perplexed, you mean to tell me, that this individual qualified over others who don’t have a roof over their heads??? Also, the people who previously resided in that unit, left through the night, and got the unit cause “no one else applied”. How could anyone else apply, if they don’t know that these units exist. My daughters are very sad, particularly my youngest daughter who says “but mummy, I don’t understand, isn’t the church suppose to help the homeless, and help people who don’t have a home”. By putting up this post I’m putting a bulls eye on me, but I’m beyond caring because the hypocrisy is soul destroying. Our last Priest had his final sermon about Social Justice, and the importance of speaking up, but what’s the point when the Priest thinks you have motives, when the only thing I was motivated by, was a desire to help someone have a roof over their head during Christmas. So in response to the Priest’s questions about my motivation, here is my response. I don’t know him. I don’t know what he looks like I have zero to gain, and wouldn’t know him, if I walked passed him on the street and my attendance upon the Priest was clearly disregarded and dismissed cause he didn’t even bother calling the Charity. So I sit here, thinking about those souls on the street, who haven’t had a proper meal, in God knows how long, frustrated as f**k, because a 2 bedroom unit remains vacant. I’m half expecting this post to be deleted. I’ve kept silent for over a month, but seeing that unit still vacant today made me cry. The worst thing out of this whole situation, is that I have 2 children who keep wanting answers as to why, “why doesn’t the church help mummy “. “Mummy, why don’t you go to the charity and go with them to the committee and DEMAND that they help those poor people” and as a consequence the eldest now refuses to go to church “cause mummy the church lies”. Just venting, but seriously expecting a letter from the committee, telling me that I have done something wrong, cause I’ve dared speak out. I just pray that by some miracle that unit will be given to someone in genuine need. I bet if I reached out to our Pope he would sort things out real quick, cause he has shown himself to be someone who corrects wrongs. I stand corrected, this isn’t a vent, but a cry for help. K
Hello, could anyone tell me a contact email for administration?
Here is the schedule for Aneel Aranha's 2017 Queensland, Australia mission. Please share this post with your friends living in this beautiful Australian state.
Here is the schedule for Aneel Aranha's 2017 Queensland, Australia mission. Please share this post with your friends living in this beautiful Australian state.
Hi. My friend, an Annerley resident who is in a wheelchair, has posted a photograph of cars parking across the footpath outside of Mary Immaculate Church this morning. He says this happens regularly, that the footpath is blocked by cars parking across it. You will understand that it is very dangerous, especially for people in wheelchairs or with prams, and is illegal. Can you please tell your parishioners to NOT block the footpath? And can you please check that they do not? (Signage might have to be installed and a note in the newsletter.) I'm sure you do not want to be responsible for a terrible injury that could occur because of dangerous parking. Thanks.
Please ask your congregation to not restrict disabled access on the footpaths. Not very Christian behaviour.

Mary Immaculate Church is part of Annerley Ekibin Catholic Parish.

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