Bianca Faith Girven's Memorial Tree

On 30th March 2010, the wonderful Bianca Faith Girven had her life cut short, murdered by someone sh A place where family and friends remember the beautiful Bianca Faith Girven.

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Photos from Bianca Faith Girven's Memorial Tree's post 08/07/2021

Some of the art near Bianca’s tree 🌳 💜

Photos from Bianca Faith Girven's Memorial Tree's post 30/03/2021

Remembering the beautiful, young life of Bianca, tragically stolen from our world 11 years ago.


Bianca Faith Girven
21 December 1987 to 30/31 March 2010.
Why 2 days for her date of death? Bianca was strangled at night on 30th March. Without going into so much detail, the paramedics were able to eventually get a pulse and Bianca was taken to hospital. I received a phone call at 12:04am on the 31st and was with Bianca within minutes. What we didn't officially know then was that Bianca was brain dead. Bianca was put on life support, but was unable to continue. At 12:12pm on the 31st, Bianca stopped breathing. The Doctor called time at 12:15pm as he wasn't in the room at 12:12pm. My first reaction to Bianca's last breath was to sing Pearl Jams 'Last Kiss' to her.
When I first saw Bianca, I knew my baby wasn't there, but as her mother kept up the fight hoping she was able to come back to me. I sang her Christmas Carols, which I know sounds very odd. But as she was born 4 days before Christmas, that's what I did when she was born. I guess the brain can act in mysterious ways, as that is what I reverted to that night.


10 years ago the sun dimmed as Bianca Faith Girven left our world. Bianca spent her teens and young adult life caring about others, working to assist those subjected to homelessness and violence. Her desire to help others ultimately was what killed her. Rhys Austin was desperate to spend time with Bianca that day, and under a full moon he decided to murder her. He is still housed at The Park mental health facility in Brisbane, so you can feel safe when you do go to Bianca's tree. If you are aware of the book written by a Psychiatrist, where highly confidential information about Bianca's murder (and 9 others in Queensland) were published, please know my fight continues. In the Mental Health Court of Qld, it was proven that the public can not have access to the information that the Psychiatrist published. My complaint is still before the Office of the Health Ombudsman, and I have great faith in the work they are doing. I expect an outcome this year. Bianca's son Ziggy is doing very well, Bianca would be so proud of the gorgeous young man that he is. My love to everyone, thank you for your support.


10 years ago today, Bianca innocently went out with the man she was trying to help. His response? He strangled her to death. Bianca’s anniversary is today and tomorrow, and while we can not meet to remember Bianca, I ask you to light a candle tonight at home. Thank you 🙏

[01/29/20]   Sadly, sometime between Tuesday morning and this morning, Bianca’s memorial tree has been vandalised. Items have been broken and thrown around. We will find time soon to tidy up. 😭


Gifts for Bianca found under her tree


Welcome to 2020, in 3 months it will be shockingly 10 years since Bianca Faith walked amongst us. With love and happiness she continues to be remembered ❤️


Decorated for Birthday and Christmas for Bianca


Bianca’s boy Ziggy, visiting his Special Mummy’s memorial tree


Watching a koala high in the tree right near Bianca’s tree and purple seat.


Found on Bianca’s chair today, this share book from Bookworm Local Library. What a great and fun idea. #lookforabook


Here it is, the start of Bianca’s beautiful chair near her Memorial tree, thanks to Cr Krista Adams. We are searching for someone artistic to help decorate the cement underneath with fancy Bianca tiles or mosaic. Purple is the perfect colour. I’ve enjoyed sitting and reflecting on this chair.


Bianca, on her 21st birthday with Ziggy. The family spent the weekend on the Gold Coast together to celebrate 🎉 ❤️

[07/10/18]   Just 5 days until Bianca's little Ziggy turns 10. Double digits!! He only got to spend his 1st day with his special mummy. We know Bianca is watching over her super cute baby man. 26/06/2018

Sign the Petition

Please join our urgent Petition on Have a read, sign it and share, share, share. Thank you! Melbourne University Press: For Melbourne University Press to withdraw sales of “Killer Instinct”. 14/02/2018

Bianca Girven Memorial

Looks like we will be staying, look out for an update on Friday The mother of a deceased ­Brisbane woman said her daughter’s Mt Gravatt ­Central memorial site must be retained next to a tree where she was killed in 2010.

[02/05/18]   I am pleased to tell you that Cr Krista Adams said the yarn bombing stays. We have to discuss how to secure the trinkets, and make a permanent memorial as well. This isn’t just about Bianca, rather all those lives lost to domestic homicide


Please write to Cr Krista Adams if you support keeping Bianca’s memorial tree. She wants Bianca’s items removed 😒 Email to:
[email protected]
Thank you for your support and love, especially for little Ziggy


Looking stunning ❤️


Red Rose Foundation Australia

A wonderful morning this morning as Red Rose Foundation hosted a “Meet the Minister”to welcome Di Farmer as the new Minister for Child Safety, Youth & Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic & Family Violence. Di has a genuine and heartfelt passion for working to end domestic violence and we couldnt ask for a better person for this position. Fabulous to also have Kay McGrath, Chair of the Domestic Violence Implementation Council join us...her presence is always welcome. Thank you to all who came to support our event and special thanks to Yasmin Khan and Eidfest for their hosting and providing such a lavish morning tea. Together we can #changetheending


Red Rose Foundation Australia

At Christmas time, often people choose to support a cause or charity. Please support us, as we work to stop deaths in the home. Please watch our short video and donate. Thank you.

The Red Rose Foundation (, are producing a short video on identifying the deadly pattern of domestic violence.

Click here

On average, 2 women are murdered each week in Australia as a result of domestic violence. These deaths are described as the most predictable of all homicides.

We hope the short video will provide increased awareness on recognising the signs of increased harm and risk. By learning and understanding the dynamics frequently present in abusive relationships, we as friends, family, community and service personnel, can support women and children to be safe.

Ultimately we aim to help change the ending for victims of domestic violence.

We are pleased to have the support of award winning Australian producer and director Megan Doneman.
Australian singer-songwriter Katie Noonan, and Channel 7 veteran journalist and newsreader, Kay McGrath.

The 5-7 minute video will feature various people (including victims of domestic violence as well as those who assist victims of domestic violence), discussing the patterns leading up to and the possible preventions of domestic violence related deaths. This will be intercut with a classical ballet dance sequence depicting the various stages of a domestic violence relationship, from romance to the possible tragic end. It’s the ending we hope to change.

We would greatly appreciate any support…

thank you


Bianca Faith Girven National Institute for Strangulation Prevention

Click on the GOFUNDME link below, then view our appeal video

Please share our post - let's work together to raise funds for a powerful video aimed at ending domestic violence.

This is a lovely way to give at Christmas time. Donate and help us stop deaths in the home. Watch our short video. Thank you.


Red Rose Foundation Australia

The Red Rose Foundation is specifically focused on the prevention of lethal domestic violence: homicide, su***de, premature death from violence and serious injury. We aim to do this through prevention, community awareness, research and training. In the past year, our efforts to raise awareness and provide training on strangulation has made a huge difference across Queensland. Early next year we will be taking this across other parts of Australia. If you wish to join our mailing list for updates please send your details to [email protected] 16/06/2017

An open letter to the public from a homicide detective - Queensland Police News As part of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month, a homicide detective has written an open letter to the public. To the Queensland public, As a detective with the Queensland Police Homicide Investigation Unit I’ve attended too many domestic violence… Read Post

[05/24/17]   In Bianca's name, many positive changes will be made in Australia. All are aimed to keep our community safe.


Cyclone Debbie has torn through the mountain, but Bianca's tree stands strong on her 7 year Heaven anniversary 🌺🌹❤️

[03/30/17]   Today's flooding rain has cancelled Bintangs at Bianca's tree, 7 years after the worst night ever. You are loved Bianca 🌹🌺

[02/19/17]   Bianca turns 30 this year, it will be a day of love and celebration for family and friends

[04/25/16]   Two Buddha's have been stolen from Bianca's tree. To the thieves, these Buddha's won't bring you peace, tranquility and happiness. You stole them from a murder victims memorial. I pity you.


Ziggy and Bianca, painted by Ziggy


6 years ago today


Timeline Photos


28 in our hearts today, only 22 in life. Happy Birthday Bianca #########

[12/01/15]   Thanks to the Qld Government, non lethal strangulation will now be a crime. (hard to believe it wasn't) If this was in place earlier, Bianca may still be alive. Her murderer had strangled another person who had survived, we found this out after the Police Investigations. At the time, it should have been reportable, it should have been a crime, he should have been punished, Bianca should be alive.



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