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Greetings, I am Daniel Yang from the Good News Mission Church. During these hard times that we are going through due to the COVID-19, we are in an unfortunate situation of a shut down all over the world, which means the gathering of all religion services are closed for the time being. A lot of people are going through pain and depression, thirsting for hope. Our mission wishes to spread the biggest hope that the world can afford, which is inside the word of God. Only through the bible we can obtain a brighter tomorrow and receive new strength to be able to do all things. We want to unite all Christians and not only, for the biggest bible seminar this time with over 3 million people participating from nearly 100 different countries. Happiness is NOWHERE? It's a matter of how you read it. Happiness is nowhere? Or happiness is now here! Let us unite our hearts and find happiness and deliver the greatest happiness that we can obtain through Christ. We invite you to the Grand Bible Seminar online, from Sunday (10th of May) to Wednesday (13th of May) 11:30am and 08:30pm. Would you be able to share the invitation below to the church leaders and brethren’s in your community? In the future, we can unite our churches together and work powerfully for the Gospel! {REV. OCK SOO PARK (ONLINE) BIBLE SEMINAR - with 94 Countries} "He has washed away all our sins perfectly, and was resurrected to witness it. It is God who has justified us. Jesus absolutely did not fail." – Reverend Ock Soo Park. ▪ Date. May 10(Sun)~13(Wed), 2020 ▪ Time. 8:30PM, 11:30AM (Australia Eastern Standard Time) ▪ Youtube Live - Search, "GoodNewsTV Global" ▪ Facebook Live - Search, "Goodnews" ▪ Host. Korea Christian Association(KCA) ▪ Organised by. Good News Mission ❗ Inquiries. 0416-853-632, 0490-247-421 & 0405-526-332 GoodNewsTV Global (Youtube): Goodnews (Facebook): For more details, please visit the official event page:
Good morning everyone! Unfortunately we are having some technical difficulties this morning so we won’t be live but we will be posting the service when we can. Thanks for your understanding Ps Jackie
After Ben preaching this morning about prayers that can take yrs to happen etc it reminded me that many yrs ago i had someone pray over me about loosing weight i was very depressed at 135kg plus kilos had so much fat around my neck that during the night or when i laid down i couldnt breathe was very scarey ive now lost around 45kgs so thank u for answered prayers i did have weightloss surgery but the surgery usually costs 10,000 to $25,000 God came threw for me and i got it for under $1000 from a great surgeon in 2015 it hasnt been easy and ive had to change my diet i try to walk about 6ks a day plus house work etc ive had weight gains over the yrs with having babies etc ( u pretty much get the 1st yr to loose weight before it ends then its on your own) ive lost 7kgs since loosing my beautiful baby Aleah Rose last mth i had taken up some unhealthy habits again and have blamed myself for my baby dying .so back on my health goals . So thank u for those prayers all those yrs ago as im now officially at my smallest weight since having kids . And believe for what u are praying for it wont happen over night but it will/can happen
Sharing The Love Homeless Backpack Winter Relief Appeal 2019 To whom it may concern, I am writing to you in hopes of gaining your amazing support for our 2019 backpack homeless winter relief appeal as yet again this year there will be thousands of homeless sleeping on the streets this winter without suitable food, shelter or clothing. Sadly some of our local homeless neighbours in Brisbane and logan areas will die before winter ends because of simple food and clothing items most of us take for granted. So this year we would love for you to be a part of our sharing the love winter relief appeal by supporting our fundraising efforts of putting together 500 backpack winter relief care packages to give out to the homeless in late May right before the cooler weather hits this year. In each backpack winter relief care package we hope to include Non perishable food, hi protein snacks, lunch or coffee vouchers Winter clothing Hats, socks, beanies, gloves, scarves and shoes Hooded waterproof poncho Towell and facewasher 1 man tent, swag, yoga mat, blanket or sleeping bag Set of plastic dinnerware and cutlery for 1 including a plastic plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork, spoon and a can opener Personal care items including soap or medicated body wash, shampoo, conditioner, brush or comb, disposable razors, feminine hygiene sanitary products, roll on deoderant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitisers, sun screen, chapsticks, baby or cleansing wipes, tissues, bandaids, disinfectant cream, talcum powder, cough drops or barley sugar A letter of kindness letting the received know someone cares with a list of local free welfare and community groups, soup kitchens, free homeless food and clothing, free legal and mental health support, emergency housing and shelters etc.. Together we can share the love and make this winter less cold and miserable for those who need it most. Please show you amazing support by donation of products, samples, discontinued lines etc suitable for our homeless backpacks or by in store gift card so we may purchase the items required to warm some hearts this winter In appreciation for your amazing support your business will be recognised as a valued supporter of our backpack winter relief appeal through all social media and advertising efforts. Thank you so very much for your time and hope to hear from you in the near future Sheena Douthie Sharing the love backpack winter relief appeal 2019 Donation Collection Point 19 Barcrest Court Crestmead 4132 QLD We also have collection points in Mount Gravatt, Jimboomba, Brassall, Tambourine Mountain and Flagstone [email protected]
I would like to say a big thank you from our family for all the prayers, well wishes and texts since Simon's accident. Knowing we have such a wonderful network of support means so much and has helped us greatly. Our family and friends have stood by us and we cannot thank you all enough. Thank you to those who prepared meals, I can truly say your meals tasted amazing and ensured our family ate well when I know I did not have the strength to cook, thank you to Kami Lindsay, Fiona Griffiths, Ludmyla Serdiuk, Joanne Rickards, Sandii Gabel, Nicole Baggen. Thank you also to the following for thoughtful gifts Michelle Smith and Nigel, Joel & Michaela Rutherford & family and Life Church (Geoff and Lee) The Marsden's
On behalf of the Maher clan, thank you for the love and support for my son Ethan. The presents are very much appreciated.
Yep. You heard right. We loved last week so much we are doing it again this week! TN - with the amazing Ps Sacha Williams. Hot chocolates + marshmallows in the foyer from 6:45pm #bettertogether #TN

Reaching people by building a large, bible-based church where the presence of God is seen and felt, empowering people to lead in every area of life.

Mission: Reaching people with the love, grace and power of the Gospel By building a large, bible based church where the presence of God is seen and felt Empowering people to lead in every area of life

With Mother’s Day upon us we have prepared something special for all our incredible mums! Here’s a teaser... Can’t wait to catch up tomorrow! #MothersDay #lifeathome #tenthings

Looking forward to connecting with you online! Join us Sunday for an awesome service and say hi in the chat. Can’t wait!

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Special weekend coming up! It’s Mothers Day this Sunday, so be sure to do something nice for mum. Don’t forget our church online service. Some special shout-outs would be mentioned too! 9:30am and 5:30pm on Sunday

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Even if you’ve never been to church before it’s a place where you can belong, get connected and feel welcome! We would love for you to check us out...

If you're looking for a community to connect with, or just curious about church, we'd love to invite you to join our Life Church community!

To find out more, head to

Trust rests in His faithfulness
Trust stands in confident hope
Trust sows for the next season

How awesome were our weekend services!

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Happy Long Weekend!

Catching up may still look different but our life groups have been finding creative ways to meet!

Living in different states? 🗺 All good!
Want exercise or a dose of nature? 🏞 No problem!

There’s something for us all - if you haven’t yet, find YOUR group to hang out with mid week via our website and get connected! 💻 Our life group leaders will be in contact with you!

#lifegroup #bettertogether #zoom #lifeathome

When you’re not worried because you trust in the Lord! Our awesome new series on Trust will have you keeping your cool while in the hallway. We are so looking forward to church online this Sunday

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Check out our first Single from our upcoming LIVE album.
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“Surely” by LIFE UNLTD, recorded live in Brisbane, Australia on the 15th March, 2020. From the new live album, releasing soon. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more!

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The day has arrived!!!! ‘Surely’ the first single from our @life.unltd live album is now out! You can find it on all major platforms!! #surely #livealbum #lifeunltd

The wilderness is a place of growth, a place of change and a place of preparation. We can be expectant as we negotiate the wilderness seasons!

Run out of ideas to keep the family occupied after another weekend at home? 🤔

Already mastered that new skill you challenged yourself with last month? ✅

Why not jump in a zoom call with your life group and share some fun ideas for this weekend coming!? 🤩

If you want to find a life group to be a part of, go to our website and click ‘find a life group’ and join the adventure! 😎

#lifeathome #lifegroups #bettertogether @ Life Church South

See you at our 5:30pm service tonight!
This mornings service was so awesome, and we can’t wait to connect with you later. Be sure to pop in early at 5pm for our pre-service hangout with awesome hosts, and say hi in the chat box!


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The weekend is here and you know what that means? Life at Home church services! We are so looking forward to connecting online with you and getting into God’s word together.

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Tonight we get to spend some quality time over a cup of tea with Geoff & Lee once again! Tune in from 7pm at @lifechurch_aus live! We have some fun additions to our chat tonight so be sure grab your favourite hot beverage and join our awesome lead pastors! #teawithgeoffandlee #7pm #live #catchup

Leadership Academy announcement!!! A special term 2 enrolment option is available NOW! All fully accessible online with INCREDIBLE leadership input! Why now take this opportunity while at home to prepare for your next season!? More information @ #leadershipacademy2020 #lifeathome #internship

New @kids_life episodes for the kids are up! Head over to the page and subscribe to the kids life you tube channel for even more fun content! #kidslifeathome #happyeaster

Before our Good Friday service we were introduced to Rona Milo Williams! Who knows what could happen tomorrow at our 9.30 & 5.30 Easter Sunday services! Tune in to Life at Home from half an hour before each service for more Easter fun! #heisrisen #happyeaster #sundayfunday #lifeathome

Church Online

Tune in this morning for our Good Friday communion service from 9am! Church Online is a place for you to experience God and connect with others.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting together online for our Good Friday service @ 9.30am... let’s be inviting everyone, everywhere as we share in communion during the service! Can’t wait! #goodfriday #hopeofall🤍’s #easter2020

With Easter weekend approaching we would love to invite you to celebrate together this weekend!

We have 3 unique, creative and inspiring services you can connect in to online, Plus we have kids services your children will love too!

Gather the family together and tune in to Life at Home to celebrate Easter.
Good Friday - 9:30am
Easter Sunday - 9:30am & 5:30pm

Our hosts will be online half an hour before every service to welcome you and catch up before the service.
We can't wait to connect with you!

Here’s a sneak peak into how everything comes together to put on our weekend services for life at home!!


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Hey Parents! Our brand NEW Kids Life curriculum launches tomorrow morning! This video series is designed to empower you as a parent and your children! Head to our website and follow the links to ‘Kids Life at Home’

A message from our incredible lead pastors! We are blessed with the best and we get to navigate this season together! If you need anything right now reach out to your life group leader or visit our website. #standingtogether #bettertogether #lifeathome

Check our Story to screenshot your own copy of Life Group Bingo!
Play along with your online Life Group this week and tag us in your victory. Life is SO much better together!

Life at Home is live! We can't wait to connect with you this morning at

Life at Home!
Connect online today for our 9:30am or 5:30pm services at
We love gathering together with you!

[03/21/20]   We can’t wait to gather together tomorrow! Connect through
Make sure you message us if you need a hand getting online.

[03/19/20]   How to Connect to Life at Home from your Computer

How to Connect to Life at Home

Hey Church! Here’s a quick video from Ps JB to help you connect online this weekend with Life at Home.

We are so excited for tonight as we record our live album together!
We’ve been blessed with the ability to still gather tonight to worship, and pray over our nation. For further information of Life Church’s response to the current health crisis, visit

We are SUPER excited to say that our new car park and entrance is open from THIS Sunday!!
Our Impressions team will be out and about to help you find the new entry that is now at 63 Fairlie Terrace.
See you Sunday!

Tell everyone, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbours, tell your local cafe, tell your dog that our album recording is only 4 days away!!!

#livealbumrecording #telleveryone #everyoneeverywhere

[03/11/20]   You can join us online from wherever you may be. Say hi in the comments section, we'd love to connect with you!

Be present in the moment for tomorrow has its own issues. Receive Gods Grace for today!

Awesome stuff shared yesterday. If you missed it be sure to watch it on our Facebook live videos.

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We’re counting down the days! Just over a week until we record our first live album together!
It wouldn’t be the same without you... 15th March at 5:30pm.
Also, if you haven’t already heard the sneaky preview tracks, DM us and we’ll send you a link.

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How to Connect to Life at Home




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