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Mark Coleridge is the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane in Australia. Code of Conduct:

Second Sunday of Easter - Dcn Mike Jones

Nice to see Deacon Mike Jones as the homilist again, and out at St Peter's Church at Rochedale. I was fortunate enough to celebrate Mass in his more usual setting at the St Vincent's Hospital Chapel recently: "The doubting Thomas’ of our world, those who doubt life, need us. They need us to tell them about Jesus Christ with our lives as well as with our words. They need us to explain how this presence in our lives makes life so beautiful, so worthwhile.

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Easter Sunday - Archbishop Mark Coleridge

In keeping with the public health authorities requests to stay at home we filmed this two minute homily in Wynberg's chapel. It may seem a bit of an underscore to be talking about a good news story as big as the Resurrection in a constricted space like this. Then again Jesus' emergence from the tomb was the perfect antidote to the big round stone that confined Him, a stone which had seemed like a cosmic full-stop.
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The end of an extraordinary Holy Week - like nothing we've known in our lives. Here's the homily from today's Mass of the Lord's Resurrection. Thanks to the many who followed our livestreams:

We went to the chapel of St Vincent's Hospital last night for Mass of the Lord's Supper. Here's the homily and a pic taken by the AAP news agency. My thanks to all from St Vincent's for enabling us to spend time there last night:

Palm Sunday - Fr Adrian Sharp

As we enter Holy Week Fr Adrian Sharp reminds us that an attitude of gratitude and humility, hopefully fostered by the season of Lent, will be a great help for the momentous events about to unfold: "In these coming days we can be humbled by Christ’s example, and we can be moved to feel and to show gratitude for His humility and goodness. How could we be unmoved when we see how Christ toiled in all His sufferings for us?"

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Fifth Sunday of Lent - Fr John Panamthottam CMI

There is some real resonance in Fr John Panamthottham's two minute homily for the week, with us, Lazarus like, almost being entombed by the pandemic. Fortunately we know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel: "Today’s Gospel Jesus invites Lazarus: “Lazarus, come forth." It's an invitation from mortality to immortality, from darkness to light and from untruth to truth. It is the voice of God who is the creator of all life and wants all of us have life in abundance."

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Archbishop Coleridge during praying of the Rosary 28 March 2020

During our praying of the Rosary today I encouraged people to stay engaged spiritually in creative ways. One means might be to access the Pope's Urbi et Orbi blessing from overnight. Please keep in your prayer's also the late Bishop Michael Putney, who passed away 6 years ago today on this date.

[03/28/20]   During our praying of the Rosary today I encouraged people to stay engaged spiritually in creative ways. One means might be to access the Pope's Urbi et Orbi blessing from overnight. Please keep in your prayer's also the late Bishop Michael Putney, who passed away 6 years ago today on this date.

Fourth Sunday of Lent - Fr Mauro Conte

These two minute homilies might take on an added importance now the Coronavirus has impacted Sunday Masses in Brisbane Archdiocese. Fr Mauro is right when he reflects that difficult circumstances may sometimes be turned into a blessing when viewed in the long run: "Jesus doesn’t necessarily give us what we want or desire, but He always gives us what we need because He's our Father...Even if we don’t always recognise it."

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COVID-19 Update - Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Archdiocese of Brisbane introduced some new precautions to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Weekday masses will continue, while all the faithful are dispensed from the Sunday obligation and the celebration of Mass on Sunday (including the Saturday vigil) will be suspended with immediate effect and until further notice. Priests will continue to celebrate Sunday Mass, without a congregation, and Mass will be live-streamed from St. Stephen’s Cathedral Sunday through to Friday at

Information on these, and other new precautions can be found

Third Sunday of Lent - Fr Dan Redhead

Good to see Fr Dan Redhead as this week's two minute homilist, and with such a rich set of readings to draw from: "As we approach the midpoint of this Lenten Season, let us pray for a deepening of our faith. So that, like the deepening faith of the Samaritan woman, we might become more effective instruments in leading others to the Lord."

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Second Sunday of Lent - Fr Mark Franklin

We are off to Kenmore for this week's two minute homily, where Fr Mark Franklin reflects on the Transfiguration: "Whenever we listen to Jesus in the silence of our being His first words to us are always "stand up; don't be afraid." Without that experience of knowing Jesus in a personal way it's not possible to know his peace or his power for it encourages and sustains our lives."
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Archbishop Mark Coleridge's Lenten Pastoral Letter 2020

I have been on a long hiatus in this space but hopefully the Lenten Pastoral Message 2020 won't seem a like a fish out of water in this two-minute homily slot.

Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time - Fr Damien Everitt

This week's two minute homilist Fr Damien Everitt has some interesting readings to dwell upon, with Leviticus and the Gospel of Matthew amongst them. How apt, as we are soon to set foot on the Lenten journey to Calvary, that he reflects as follows: "It is only God who knows the inner human heart, and who can transform pain into wellness, fear into courage and unhappiness into lasting joy..."
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Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time - Fr Lucius Edomobi

I'm sure Nigeria endures some heavy downpours but this protacted period of rain over the past week must have been an eye opener even for Fr Lucius Edomobi. We are thankful for it but our prayers also go out to those who are now confronted by flooding. Here is a homily for the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time 2020.
"The more we conform our hearts with God and the experience of His love, the more our ways and actions will reflect His goodness, mercy and wisdom"

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Here’s an image of Church and State...not fighting each other but working together for the good of all. This week we had the Prayer Service for the opening of the Law Year. It’s always ecumenical and this year was held at the Presbyterian Church in St Paul’s Terrace. I’m on the far right, with the new Greek Bishop Iakovos on the far left. In between from the left there are the Chief Justice, Catherine Holmes, the Governor (himself a former Chief Justice) Paul de Jersey, and the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Gary Millar, who gave a fine address. Behind us are the Anglican Assistant Bishop and one of the Ministers from St Andrew’s Uniting Church in the city. We should’ve had a prize for best costume. This is always a good occasion that sets the law in the larger context that prayer evokes. The singing was led by the Law Society Choir, which goes to show that lawyers can sing as well as they speak.

Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time - Fr Anthony Mellor

I'm pleased to find Fr Anthony here as this week's homilist, because in spite of our proximity at work in the Cathedral precinct, I don't see him nearly often enough: "We are called to be light for the world and salt for the earth. We don't so much see light; we see what the light illuminates. We can't see the salt in our food but we taste its flavour..."

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On the weekend I joined the Chinese Catholic community in Brisbane for a celebration of the Lunar New Year. It had everything - singers, dancers, prizes of every kind, a very long and loud Lion Dance and a magnificent banquet. It’s the Year of the Rat, and because I was born in the Year of the Rat (optimistic, energetic, smart, adaptable) I got a special mention and went home with a very amiable-looking stuffed rat. It left me feeling that we rats often get a bad press. The threat of the coronavirus tempered the celebration and we prayed that all may be kept safe from its scourge. So...good health and happiness, peace and prosperity to all in this Year of the Rat.

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Presentation of the Lord - Fr Adrian Farrelly

The bar is being set high when I see props are now being used in these two-minute homilies! Thankfully the rich nuggets of information remain, as Fr Adrian Farrelly ably displays in this homily for the Presentation of the Lord: "St Luke wrote beautiful Greek. He was also amazing at ferreting out information he decided would help the members of his community and the countless millions who would, in time, read what he wrote and know how well founded was the faith that they had in Jesus."

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[01/27/20]   A heartfelt farewell to Aunty Joan Hendriks at the end of her long and beautiful life. Aunty Joan showed forth the depth and the richness of the Indigenous culture which gave her life and in ways both generous and gracious shared all of that with the rest of us. She was a friend, a teacher and an unforgettable companion on the way. Thanks for everything, Aunty Joan. May you rest in peace and rise in the glory of God’s Dreamtime.

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time - Fr Josekutty Vadakkel CMI

I'm so pleased to see Fr Josekutty Vadakkel CMI as the homilist for the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time 2020. Our nation and our church are greatly enriched by people and perspectives from near and far:
"As we celebrate Australia Day today, let us give thanks for our nation and our church, and recognise our responsibilities in working with God to build a just and fair society, and a renewed church alive with the ever-young power of the gospel..."
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Second Sunday of Ordinary Time - Fr Dan Ryan

The Sunnybank Parish's Fr Dan Ryan is entirely at home in this week's two minute homily, with a message that truly resonates: "Jesus' approach to people is always a gentle one. He didn't impose His will on people - He respected their freedom. He also invited rather than commanded them..."

(Sunday's readings available:

Baptism of the Lord - Fr Dominic Orih

I know it's a new year and people have had a time to recharge but Fr Dominic Orih is always this energetic. Please enjoy this week's two-minute homily for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord: "Because even Jesus had to hear it with his ears that he is beloved and now he's unstoppable and has Good News for the world."

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Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord - Dcn Andrew O'Brien

The franchise is spreading and that is a good thing. Here is Dcn Andrew O'Brien with a two minute homily for the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord: "In a world full of answers, what's the question?....As we come to the end of the Christmas season the wise men from the East are suggesting the universal question is 'where is the infant King of the Jews?'"

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Feast of the Holy Family - Fr Tom Elich

It's quite possible for the Feast of the Holy Family to be 'lost in the mix', coming so hard on the heels of the Nativity of the Lord, but all due credit to Fr Tom Elich for giving the day its proper context within the Liturgical year: "After the hurly burly of Christmas today is a quiet day....a day for reflection...a day for sharing together...a day to be lead by God more deeply into family, harmony and joy...."
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Archdiocese of Brisbane

Here is the text of Archbishop Mark Coleridge's Christmas homily from Mass at The Cathedral of St Stephen:

Fourth Sunday of Advent - Fr Leonard Uzuegbu

Fr Leonard Uzuegbu provides a wonderful homily on hope - the one thing the human heart truly cannot live without: "The word of God from the angels - do not be afraid - is a message of hope that the light will still shine through, even from the heart of darkness and fear."
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Third Sunday of Advent - Fr Wrex Woolnough

The Toowong parish's Fr Wrex Woolnough is this week's two minute homilist and continues our theme of preparedness and making room for the Lord with a series of simple questions: "If you were accused of being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict..., and if so, what would it be?"
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I’ve been in Perth at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival with about 6000 others, including quite a mob from the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Here I am with Bishop Ken and a group from Kenmore with their Parish Priest Fr Mark Franklin and with a smaller group (again with Bishop Ken) including Hayden from Thomas More College, Aylee from Hervey Bay and Georgina from Ipswich. The music and dance have been extraordinary, even if not all of it has been quite my style (especially the dancing!). The talks and sharing sessions have also been exceptional. So all of that combined with the energy of the big crowd and the impeccable Perth hospitality and organisation has made for a memorable moment on the journey of the Plenary Council which has framed the Festival.

Second Sunday of Advent - Fr Paul Eloagu

On this second Sunday of Advent we hear from Fr Paul Eloagu of the Noosa District Parish. He picks up correctly on the time of testing and preparation that Advent is: "Today..we hear of Isaiah's dream of a new Kingdom...It is the Kingdom we must try to enter every day..."
(Sunday's readings available:

Facebook LIVE: The importance of hope with Archbishop Mark Coleridge

First Sunday of Advent - Bishop Ken Howell

I'm resting easy knowing my brother Bishop Ken has the reigns and delivering a homily for the First Sunday of Advent: "We live our lives anticipating important events...similarly Advent is also a season of preparation. However before we get to the day of Christmas the Church leads us into a time of taking seriously the great call to stay awake, and to be ready for the call of Christ whenever it comes..."
(Sunday's readings available:

An important and deeply encouraging moment this morning for the Archdiocese as we ordained four new (permanent)deacons on the feast of St Andrew and the last day of the liturgical year - Adam Walk, Chad Hargrave, Ivan Ortiz and Peter Pellicaan (who has been Director of the Archbishop’s Office and my Private Secretary and is now Executive Director of Evangelisation Brisbane). They are four very different men from very different backgrounds and each is a strong performer in professional life. They were accompanied (in many ways) by their spouses Megan, Cathy, Liliana and Leone who weren’t ordained but who have been very much part of the story and will be in the future. Whatever their differences, each man has sensed the call of Jesus just as St Andrew did on the shore of Lake Galilee. Today they were commissioned to live the mystery of the Lord’s Cross and to help the Church understand more of what diaconal leadership might be.

Feast of Christ the King - Fr Bob Harwood

As a new liturgical year draws near we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King; with Fr Bob Harwood from the Redcliffe City parish as our homilist: "Jesus Christ is before, above and beyond any frail attempts at human power because His kingdom is not of this world."
(Sunday's readings available:

Thirty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time - Fr Joseph Vu SVD

It's great to see the two minute homily franchise being shared with religious order clergy as well. Fr Joseph VU SVD grapples successfully with what aren't easy readings on a day we are observing here in the Brisbane Archdiocese as "Dying Peacefully-No Euthanasia" Sunday. The links are there nonetheless: "We should have the attitude of thankfulness and trust in God...For God is our Father, and is always loving and caring for our lives...Through this love and trust in God’s goodness our present life continues to be meaningful and worth living. Jesus, we trust in you. Amen."

(Sunday's readings available:

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