You're listening to triple j, haha

basically, yeah.

[04/20/20]   birdees is wrapped up in scaffolding, i can only hope they’re finally getting rid of it

[04/19/20]   why is it so cold so f**kign f**kinh cold

[04/19/20]   now that it’s actually a reasonable temperature to wear long pants out, we can’t go out

[04/19/20]   I will die one day; still not knowing how to correctly use a semi-colon

Who would what

I love the Jonas Brothers

[04/18/20]   on all levels except physical, i am a wolf

[04/18/20]   it looks like it’s f**kin night time in brisbane right now can we just address that

[04/17/20]   well bugger me i’m up early

[04/17/20]   admin 2 reckons smith street new album hits hard and now admin 1 agrees

[04/16/20]   if u aren’t a broken person by the end of the first song in the new smith street record do you even feel things??

[04/16/20]   oh you think you’re indie jennifer? let me guess what you have in your room:

a disposable camera, a surfboard but don’t know how to surf, a psychedelic tapestry sort of thing, fairy lights, a wooden shelf above your bed with some books but you’re illiterate, a record player, and sticky fingers and gang of youths records, and a guitar 🙂
also you respect your body but abuse drugs

[04/16/20]   must be constipated cos i don’t give a sh*t

[04/15/20]   5k likes thank you! 🍇🥖🌽🥥🍒🥯🧄🧅

[04/15/20]   uni do be feeling sorta optional tho

funny how they know i have to use 4g at home anyway

BuzzFeed UK

in a time of international distress and general chaos, buzzfeed once again is going above and beyond to provide us with content that touches our hearts and gets us through.

We trusted you trees, what the hell are you doing?

[04/14/20]   mums on facebook: share some sh*t from christian hull

[04/14/20]   can’t convince me. that it. didn’t happen.

[04/14/20]   nothing more australian than swearing at a fly

[04/14/20]   i find it hard to feel bad for carole baskin now thag everyone hates her, considering she killed her husband WHACKED him

[04/14/20]   deary deary time for a beery

[04/13/20]   cooking bacon be like:



[04/12/20]   some of you never got ripped into in a modern warfare 3 lobby and it shows

[04/11/20]   tonight i had my first cruiser, literally zero regrets

me reacting to people who share posts from this page

[04/11/20]   keeping track of who runs which sh*tposting page is a talent

[04/11/20]   i’m sooo sick of quarantine i miss birdees soooo much can’t wait to go back to fridays oh what about the viccccc 😤😤😤 i just want $4 basics at the RE pleeaaaseeee 😳😳😞

[04/10/20]   is having muscles a symptom of coronavirus having small muscles?? i’m sage as

who remembers this little bro

Just wanna get sauced as this king with the boys 👑

[04/10/20]   how haven’t rat hammock got 1 million+ monthly listeners

[04/10/20]   @j is a simp

The Good, the Bad and the Sh*tposter

Mate: “get up to much during isolation?”

Me: “oh yea nah just made retarded noises with my mates on zoom.”

[04/09/20]   ok actually donate that’d be pretty unreal

sh*t businesses: oh yeah just on the side there mate

Cocoa Butter


Jason De--WHO???

jjj haha

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[04/09/20]   2020’s name must start with a J

[04/08/20]   NEW SMITH STREET SLAPS 👏👏👏👏


100% stolen from F**k me if I'm wrong

[04/08/20]   remember when people used to say ‘q’ instead of thank you, what kind of dumb f**king trend was that

[04/07/20]   any1 want page merch, bc i definitely want money

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